A Vietnamese barber shop right next to Trump and Kim Jong Un's next summit is offering free Trump and Kim-style haircuts

A Vietnamese barber shop right next to Trump and Kim Jong Un’s next summit is offering free Trump and Kim-style haircuts

Made in NYC Stock quotes by A Vietnamese barbershop near Trump and Kim Jong Un’s next summit is offering free Trump- and Kim-style haircuts Sinéad Baker Feb. 20, 2019, 6:44 AM Le Phuc Hai, 66, left, and To Gia Huy, 9, got haircuts in the styles of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Tuesday. AP Photo/Hau Dinh A barbershop in Hanoi, Vietnam, is offering free haircuts in the styles of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the city prepares for their summit in the city next week. The shop owner said he started offering the cuts for fun but was taken aback by their popularity. He said that Kim’s hairstyle showed youth and Trump’s displayed power and that “Kim’s style is a lot more popular among customers.” One 9-year-old customer said he liked his haircut “because people will think I look like the leader of North Korea.” A barbershop in the Vietnamese city set to host US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s summit next week is offering free haircuts to those looking to copy the world leaders’ distinctive hairstyles. Tuan Duong Beauty Academy in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is offering the haircuts until February 28 — the end of the scheduled two-day summit intended to improve peace and relations between the two countries and to advance the nuclear disarmament of North Korea. “I feel happy with this haircut because people will think I look like the leader of North Korea,” 9-year-old To Gia Huy told Reuters after his Kim haircut on Tuesday. He also told the Associated Press: “Many people say that I look like Kim Jong Un, especially when I have this hairstyle.” Le Phuc Hai and To Gia Huy during their haircuts. AP Photo/Hau Dinh Le Phuc Hai, 66, got his hair dyed, cut, and styled like Trump on Tuesday. He told Reuters he was relaxing by a nearby lake when Le Tuan Duong, the salon owner, asked him whether he would like to get the treatment. He said he agreed out of curiosity. “I like Donald Trump’s haircut,” Le Phuc Hai said. “It looks great and it fits my age.” Le Tuan Duong told the Associated Press that Kim’s hairstyle showed youth and Trump’s displayed power. “But Kim’s style is a lot more popular among customers,” he said. He added that he started doing the haircuts “for fun only but was surprised at how people have responded.” He told Reuters that he lost two uncles during the Vietnam War and supported the summit. “I love peace,” he said. “I hate war so much. So many people in my family have died, so I support this summit very much.” Le Phuc Hai and To Gia Huy after getting their Trump and Kim haircuts on Tuesday. AP Photo/Hau Dinh The summit is set to be the leaders’ second after their June meeting in Singapore. It has not been announced where in Hanoi they will meet. Trump announced the details for this year’s summit during his February State of the Union address. “As part of a bold new diplomacy, we continue our historic push for peace on the Korean Peninsula,” he said, adding: “Our hostages have come home, nuclear testing has stopped, and there has not been a missile launch in 15 months.” Trump and Kim in Singapore in June during their first summit. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Trump said Tuesday that he was in “no rush” to see North Korea end its nuclear program, as long as it did not test its nuclear and missile capabilities. “I’m in no rush,” he told reporters at the White House, according to Reuters . “There’s no testing. As long as there is no testing, I’m in no rush. If there’s testing, that’s another deal.” “I’d just like to see ultimately denuclearization of North Korea,” he said, adding that US sanctions against North Korea would remain in place in the meantime. US intelligence and North Korea experts have warned that Pyongyang is unlikely to give up its nuclear arms. An intelligence report published last month said the country’s leaders viewed nuclear arms as “critical to regime survival.”

Hairstyle Hints and tips

by Selina Hudgins Are you looking out for the best sort of hairstyle that can match your face shape? Then you can get some interesting tips here to help you decide on the most effective hairstyle that will dramatically transform your overall appearance. Deciding on a good hairstyle requires careful consideration of numerous factors, otherwise you will discover high chances of spoiling your physical beauty. The main purpose of an excellent hairstyle is to accentuate certain physical features by hiding the flaws to enhance your beauty to attract more attention. All of us have imperfections like a round face, high forehead, large nose, square chin that may at times get distracting and annoying. In contrast, it really is possible to conceal such small flaws and look much younger and beautiful, using some smart hairstyles that may go well with your face shape. Very often, even the best dress and make up may fail to live upto the expectations that will hamper all your party plans. When this happens, it is best to seek advice from a qualified hairdresser that can suggest the proper hairstyle suited to your kind of face. Many individuals don’t understand that the shape of their face does matter while picking the right hairstyle. You have to keep in mind that styles, which might be in vogue, may not make necessarily make the individual look gorgeous. Good hairstyles that suit one’s face will help in giving a far more balanced look to the face and cover up minor flaws with little adjustments. Here are a few tips, that can help you in deciding the proper sort of hairstyle to blend with your face: Occasionally, those that have round faces can pick up hairstyles that can lend a slim and longer look to the face. It’s preferable to have shoulder length hair to give more length so that the face appears more proportionate. Side fringes might also help in reducing width of the face and make the chin look more sleek and slender. As far as possible, attempt to avoid hairstyles like blunt cuts, bobs that may add more volume to the face. If you have a square and angular appearance, then it is best to select a hairstyle to add more soft layers to the face. Choose hairstyles that lend more volume to your forehead and it is best to keep away from short and cropped look. Individuals with heart shaped faces can select a hairstyle to add additional width to their narrow chin as well as can use lot of layering and even bob cuts that can work to their advantage. Oval shaped faces can try out different hairstyles as you can find lots of unique ones, which could match this kind of face shape. It really is necessary to take some of these small tips into account while selecting the most appropriate hairstyle. Furthermore, the texture and color of your hair along with your physique could make a great deal of difference while deciding on the best hairstyle fashion – visit the next website ,. Professional consultation with a good hairstylist can be valuable in picking the hairstyle which best suits your kind of face.

Ten Underrated Australian Cities to Visit in 2019

Ten Underrated Australian Cities to Visit in 2019 17 February 2019 Twitter 0 #GoLikeALocal and Explore These Underrated Australian Cities
Almost a decade ago now, I tried to highlight some of Australia’s lesser-known spots in a two-part article, Australia’s Best Kept Secrets (Part One) and Australia’s Best Kept Secrets (Part Two) .
With regional carriers like Tiger Air making it easier than ever to jet around Australia’s vastness, I thought it was high time I highlighted some more off the beaten path Australian destinations that will give you a glimpse into that elusive “real Australia”.
Obviously, any Australian trip worth its salt is going to include Sydney and Melbourne. Perth, Cairns, and the Gold Coast probably make appearances too.
You don’t need me to tell you how great these places are, so I’ve gone for cities (or regions, in two cases) that tend to go under the radar when people are plotting their tour of Australia.
Some of the below are far from unknown, while others just might have you flicking frantically through Google Maps muttering: “Such a place cannot be!”
As Seinfeld once said, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular” Image courtesy of yours truly on my trusty iPhone 6. #10 – Coffs Harbour & Bellingen, NSW
Two for the price of one to get the ball rolling!
It’s no secret that Adventures Around Asia and I love the Coffs Harbour region. Not only did I go to university there, but also we’re getting married there this October!
Bellingen , a rapidly developing tourism hotspot full of trendy eateries and boutiques, still retains a lot of the hippie charm that has drawn people to it for decades now.
My favorite spot in Bellingen? Either the delicious pub food at Cedar Bar (where we’ll tie the knot) or the little-known swimming holes of the aptly named Promised Lands.
If beaches, shopping, and international cuisine are more your speed, the larger city of Coffs Harbour is just a short drive away.
Jumping off the titular jetty at Jetty Beach, having a delicious beachside brunch at Cafe Treeo , or paying homage at the famous Big Banana are all worth a look while you’re on the road between Sydney and Byron Bay.
Getting There : TigerAir has daily flights from Sydney. You can also take a train from Sydney. Image courtesy of Mariusz Kluzniak. #9 – Hobart, Tasmania
Tasmania is getting itself on more and more radars when it comes to touring Australia, but it’s criminal how few people make the trek across the Bass Strait to Australia’s most beautiful state.
Myself included.
The quirky Museum of Old & New Art ( MONA ) was recently included in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List in the Top 20, beating out the likes of Yosemite National Park, Myanmar’s Bagan, Victoria Falls, and the freaking Pyramids! High praise indeed.
Hobart is a city with a small town feel and the perfect place to launch into exploring Tasmania’s many national parks and beaches.
Planning an extended visit to Tasmania? I’ve got you covered with an exhaustive list of things to do in Tasmania .
Getting There : Multiple domestic carriers including TigerAir fly to Hobart from multiple cities. You could also take the ferry from Victoria as part of an extended Australian bucket list tour. Image courtesy of Australian Alps. #8 – High Country, Victoria
So underrated that I hadn’t heard of it until a friend mentioned it, Victoria’s High Country gives you a third reason to visit Victoria after Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.
Like the Southern Highlands in NSW, High Country is a great place for a romantic getaway with its vineyards and quaint country towns laden with Australian frontier history.
For me, though, it’s the prospect of exploring Alpine National Park and taking the Great Alpine Road that really has me interested. The alpine and sub-alpine aren’t often associated with Australia, so it’s something you won’t find in many other places.
Between that and a little Australian colonial history, it sounds like it’s well worth a visit.
Getting There : The High Country is a three-hour drive from Melbourne. Image courtesy of Simon Yeo. #7 – Broken Hill, NSW
Set against the kind of backdrop that made it a perfect filming location for Mad Max 2 , Broken Hill is the Australian outback epitomized.
An old mining town whose boom days are behind it, Broken Hill is surrounded by isolated little country towns and even a few ghost towns.
I spent a few of my formative years growing up on the shores of nearby Lake Menindee, and have fond memories of visiting the ghost town of Silverton as a kid before stopping in at some local cafe for what I called a ‘dippy cheese’ but what full-grown humans call ‘grilled cheese’.
While Broken Hill is literally ‘Beyond Burke’ (and if you don’t understand that, you need to brush up on your Aussie lingo ), it’s accessible by a train from Sydney for just $100 AUD.
Getting There : Broken Hill is best reached by taking a train from Sydney or driving on an Outback road trip , but you can also fly there from Adelaide, Sydney, or Melbourne. Image courtesy of Lenny K Photography. #6 – Brisbane, Queensland
You’d think that Queensland’s capital and Australia’s third largest city wouldn’t warrant a mention – but many visitors to Australia tend to skip over Brisbane on their pilgrimage from the Gold Coast to Cairns.
While Brisbane may not have the cosmopolitan charm of Melbourne or the laundry list of ‘must see’ sights that Sydney can boast, it’s a city not without considerable appeal of its own.
Whether it’s abseiling off Story Bridge, wandering the kooky hipster streets of West End, ducking across to Moreton Island for a bit of whale watching, catching a Brisbane Broncos game, or hanging out amidst the eateries along the man-made Southbank Beach, Brisbane has something for everybody.
Getting There : Brisbane is serviced by its own international airport, with countless domestic flights also landing every day. Win Big with Tiger Air!
Want to check out one of these underrated gems for yourself?
Tiger Air is giving you the chance to win a $250 TigerAir gift voucher for use on your next Australian adventure! How to Win Share a picture of your favorite underrated Australian spot on Instagram. Use the #GoLikeALocal hashtag. Tell us why this is your favorite underrated gem.
I’ll choose the most creative entry on March 14th. Boring T&Cs Only people aged 18+ can enter. I will choose the most creative entry. This is not a random draw. Entries close at 11:590pm (AEST) on March 13th. I will contact the winner via Instagram to get their best contact details. TigerAir will organise the delivery of the prize to the winner. #5 – Sunshine Coast, Queensland
North of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast is a popular tourist destination with locals but seems to be criminally overlooked by international tourists.
With gorgeous beaches, a variety of family-friendly local attractions such as Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, and the immense beauty of the nearby hinterlands, the Sunshine Coast is a perfect stop for a young family or for those looking for a more leisurely pace.
I grew up holidaying in Mooloolaba every spring, so have fond memories of sunrise beach sessions and dragging my parents to the tragically dull Nostalgia Town. Don’t worry, intrepid readers, the park is closed and can’t hurt anybody anymore.
If you’re making the lengthy road trip from Melbourne to Cairns, don’t forget to swing through the relaxed towns of the Sunshine Coast. It’s a breath of fresh air after the crowds on the Gold Coast.
Getting There : Sunshine Coast Airport is not only serviced by a number of domestic carriers from major Australian cities, but also has seasonal international flights to and from New Zealand. Image courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson. #4 – Broome, Western Australia
Perth is rapidly becoming a popular stop for tourists, especially British and South African expats.
Broome is hardly unknown, mind you, as both Cable Beach and nearby Ningaloo Beach are already on the tourism radar, but Broome itself doesn’t get nearly as much play as its laid-back, beachy charm warrants.
While beach towns may be a dime a dozen in Australia, very few can offer the same access to the vast Australian outback. You can be on the beach one day and out in Australia’s red center the next.
Getting There : Broome Airport has regular flights from Darwin and Perth, while it also has flights from larger cities during the holiday season. Image courtesy of OzInOH #3 – Newcastle, NSW
I’ve harped on about Newcastle’s unfulfilled potential before, and I’m not the only blogger who has sung its praises – with the likes of Caroline in the City & Drink Tea Travel also being aware of this beach city’s immense charm.
One of Australia’s oldest cities, Newcastle’s industrial background and reputation for being a little backward have always kept it in Sydney’s shadow, but its world-class beaches, proximity to the famous Hunter Valley wine region , and emerging arts & entertainment scene are fast turning it into a spot worth visiting.
A short train ride from Sydney, “Newie” is where I spent every summer as a kid, and a city I still hold a great deal of affection for.
Getting There : It’s easiest to reach Newcastle by car or train from Sydney, but it is also serviced by an international airport with connections to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and farther-flung Auckland, New Zealand. Image courtesy of Geoff Whalan. #2 – Darwin, Northern Territory
Darwin isn’t exactly a secret these days. More and more people are headed north to visit Australia’s northernmost capital.
It’s where modern Australia meets Australia as it was before Europe swept in, with the nearby Tiwi Islands being a great place to learn more about indigenous culture.
Nature lovers will be drawn to the nearby Litchfield National Park with its amazing landscapes, while families can enjoy its market culture and laid back vibe.
There’s so much to see in “En Tee”, so I’ve saved you some legwork by writing a post about things to do in the Northern Territory .
Getting There : Darwin is accessible with a huge number of domestic and international carriers. Headed to Bali, Malaysia, or the Philippines after your Australian trip? Darwin offers the shortest flights to these destinations. Image courtesy of Kyle Taylor. #1 – Adelaide, South Australia
While I’m quick to dismiss Australia’s City of Churches as SADelaide or BADelaide, more and more people are starting to call it by the name locals have for it: RADelaide.
It pains me to admit it, but the more I research the South Australian capital, the more I want to check it out.
Where do I begin? The city’s uncrowded but beautiful beaches? Its proximity to the world-famous Barossa Valley wine region? The presence of the popular Monarto Zoo with its safari-style enclosures? Historic architecture? The fact it has more bars and live music venues per capita than any other Aussie city? Its abundance of parklands?
Adelaide has shrugged off its reputation as a stuffy country town. It’s just a matter of time before everyone else figures it out.
Getting There : Adelaide is serviced by an international airport and has connections to all major Australian cities. Your Say
What do you think are some of Australia’s underrated gems?
What are some underrated cities in your own country?
Check out TigerAir’s Go Like a Local for more underrated Aussie gems! Want an Aussie in your inbox?
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Trade hopes lift Hong Hong market

The Hang Seng Index rose 446.17 points or 1.6 percent to 28,347 yesterday after the United States and China cited progres Close
The Hang Seng Index rose 446.17 points or 1.6 percent to 28,347 yesterday after the United States and China cited progress in trade talks in Beijing last week, as investors hope that the countries may be able to reach an agreement before a March 1 deadline.
Index heavyweight Tencent (0700) rose 1.8 percent to HK$339.8 while AIA (1299) climbed 1.64 percent to HK$74.4.
Energy stocks rose as oil prices hit their highest levels since November last year, PetroChina (0857) gained 4.62 percent to HK$5.21, becoming the biggest winner among blue chips.
Andrew Wong Wai-hong, chairman and chief executive of Anli Securities, said while he expected Sino-US trade negotiators to reach a deal, China might come out worse off from the negotiations. He also did not think that rescue measures would solve the mainland’debts issue.
Meanwhile, local medical beauty provider Miricor Enterprises (1827) transferred listing from the growth enterprise market to the main board yesterday but its share fell 2.46 percent to HK$1.98.

Several Useful Benefits Of Wrinkle Reduction

By Betty Cook
Since reaching your prime is just around the corner, then it will only be right for you to be more self conscious. This is where wrinkle reduction Portland will come in. There are actually a lot of options to choose from in here. In that situation, you will never run out of benefits to experience and that is the real deal.
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You can easily control the artificial element which shall be placed on your face. In that scenario, you can proudly say that you are still yourself. You may be a little bit enhanced but this is all for your welfare. Bring back the confidence which you have lost over the years and you shall be fine. Your outlook in life will totally change.
You can go for fillers if you are not that comfortable with the whole elimination thing. Thus, simply get down to the changes which you need right now. Do your assignment and allow your face to be checked in every corner. Do not settle for anything less and go for the center which seems to be an all in one package.
There shall be long lasting effects but be sure that you are willing to go all out on skin care. You cannot go back to your old ways. So, be prepared to make quite an investment and lead as the perfect example to other mature men and women. Everyone needs to start looking out for themselves.
Allow your face to be lifted and gain back a few years. This is essential when you really want to be more appreciated even by mere strangers. As you can see, beauty can be manageable.
Just make sure that you are fine with removing a layer of your skin to achieve greater results. Besides, most of the packages come off as non evasive. Be glad of where technology is taking you and serve as a light for those who have always wanted to do the same thing. Influence them in the best way possible.
About the Author:
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