Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare'

Trump warns conservatives against ‘socialist nightmare’

National Harbor (United States) (AFP) – President Donald Trump rallied right-wing activists Saturday with a speech offering conservative red meat on immigration, trade and the threat of “socialism” as he sought to move on from a bruising week in domestic and international politics. “We believe in the American dream, not in the socialist nightmare,” he said to boisterous applause from hundreds of supporters at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington.
“America will never be a socialist country,” Trump added in a mammoth two-hour speech that seemed to draw energy from the fervent reception offered by some of his influential supporters in the room.
It was his first public appearance since coming home empty-handed, and to criticism from all sides, after a nuclear-disarmament summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. He told CPAC the meeting was “very productive” — but that he would not “make a deal just for the sake of doing it.”
The White House is also smarting from explosive testimony on Capitol Hill by Trump’s former lawyer and fixer on Wednesday that branded him a cheat and a racist.
Trump, often speaking in mocking tones, portrayed the Green New Deal climate strategy touted by the left of the Democratic party as a socialist plan that will devastate the fossil fuel and automotive industries.
He said progressive healthcare policies would “lead to colossal tax increases” — and accused the Democrats of having “totally abandoned the American mainstream” on issue such as immigration and abortion.
– ‘These people are sick’ –
With the federal investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia reportedly approaching its conclusion, Trump again berated Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team as partisan hacks out to get him, adding that “these people are sick.”
His voice dripping with sarcasm, he suggested that his call in summer of 2016 for Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton’s emails was a joke that had been obtusely taken at face value by the media.
On the foreign front, Trump repeated his claim that the last Islamic State group fighters in Syria would be captured or killed imminently — “as of tomorrow” — after on Thursday telling US troops “we just took over” 100 percent of the caliphate. Two weeks earlier Trump had declared the fall of the so-called caliphate would be announced “over the next 24 hours.”
He railed against Chinese tariffs on American goods and said the US loses $500 billion a year to the world’s second biggest economy — “such a disaster.”
Trump regularly ignores the dominant US services sector to focus only on goods, when in 2017 the US trade deficit with China was actually $337 billion — not $500 billion.
Trump last year initiated a tariff war with Beijing, which has taken a nasty bite out of US growth. Although both sides say they are now close to resolving the dispute Trump insisted he’s “fine with it” and told his supporters: “The beauty is this. I have $250 billion more to put tariffs on.”
The word “socialism” has been in heavy rotation since some Democratic candidates began openly embracing liberal platforms including the Green New Deal and a Medicare for All.
On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the four-day conference in National Harbor, Maryland, to warn that Democrats are taking a “hard left turn” ahead of 2020.
“Under the guise of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, Democrats are embracing the same tired economic theories that have impoverished nations and stifled the liberties of millions over the last century. That system is socialism,” he said.
Trump’s speech came at the same time Senator Bernie Sanders, who has embraced the label of “democratic socialist,” spoke at a rally in New York, assailing Trump as “the most dangerous president in modern American history.”
– ‘Freedom’ or ‘socialism’ –
It was Sanders’ first major speech since announcing he will again seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.
Republicans hoped Trump’s address would serve as a diversion from the Mueller investigation and to the testimony this week on Capitol Hill by the president’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen implicating him in crimes.
In December a court sentenced Cohen to three years in prison for hush-money payments to two women and for lies to Congress — both of which he said were to protect Trump — and tax evasion.
During Cohen’s testimony the president was in Vietnam where a high-stakes second summit between Trump and Kim broke up in disarray Thursday, without even a joint statement. The pair failed to reach an agreement on curbing Pyongyang’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Women’s Fashion Beauty February 28, 2019 at 10:02PM

Feb 28, February 28, 2019 at 10:02PM I was hesitant to order clothes from Amazon especially since there were no reviews. but it was such a good deal I figured I’d give it a shot. The dress is perfect! Exactly what I expected in the fit. The fabric doesn’t feel cheap and it hangs really nicely! Posted by

Apps Like Wish: 11 Cheap Shopping Apps like Wish

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Looking for the best alternatives to Wish app? We have got you covered with 11 best shopping apps like Wish. We’ll also provide the download link for each of these Wish alternatives.
So no matter whether you looking for a cheap shopping app like Wish on iOS or Android phone, here, you’ll certainly find some cheap shopping apps similar to Wish. 1. AliExpress
AliExpress is one of the hottest shopping apps for almost any type of stuff that you want to purchase. For me, it will be about all things tech, for obvious reasons.
You get insane cheap deals and some good alternatives to branded items as well. Fret not, the shopping experience using this app is secure and can be trusted with. However, you have to keep the customs in mind – depending on what country you live in, your order might never get to you.
But, then again, they offer refunds and buyer protection as well.
Download: Play Store / App Store 2. Overstock
Overstock is yet another cheap alternative to the Wish app. It offers upto 70% discount and also ships to a wide range of countries. You will find flash sales and clearance sales to be the MVP of the service.
In addition to those, the normal deals end up pretty cheap as well. However, you will find the best deals for furniture, and decor items. It isn’t the best place for tech – but you can search for them if you would like.
Zulily is yet another cheap shopping apps like Wish, however, it’s a popular trend among women for the latest fashion in store. We would recommend you only for women clothing, kids, and beauty products.
They’ve also got a wide range of shoes to choose from – that goes with your outfit. In addition to these, you will also find essential home and office items listed at affordable prices.
Not every product is cheap here – but the deals are quite interesting, so you should look out for them.
Download: Play Store / App Store 4. Joom
Yet another interesting wish alternative that claims for the cheapest deals ever. I haven’t personally used it – but with what I get to hear from the people who have used it (and the online forums), they’ve got a good experience with them while offering big discounts as well.
You will encounter deals with discounts up to 80% every week and they offer free shipping as well. Unlike some other cheap shopping alternatives to Wish, you can expect products from almost every type of category there is.
Download: Play Store / App Store 5. Banggood
A less known alternative but it is slowly being a popular shopping app for customers looking for the cheapest deals online. The items range from furniture to tech accessories and what not. You will also get rewards for your orders and later redeem them for some coupons or discounts as applicable.
It is well-known for electronic items and gadgets, so look for them first when you get it installed. In addition to the deals, it also supports paying over Google Pay (if it is supported in your Country).
Download: Play Store / App Store 6. Geek
use anything else than Wish’s app but want a tailored experience for gadgets and electronic items, Geek is the way to go.
Geek isn’t technically a separate alternative but Wish’s app-focused only for geeks looking to try new tech at dirt cheap prices.
Of course, enthusiasts do not care about the brand but hop on to try new tech available. So, considering that and Wish’s trust scale – Geek is a great app.
Download : Play Store / App Store 7. Hollar
Also, popularly known as the dollar store. So, you can expect $1 deals regularly without any shady offers or conditions.
It does not have the largest product listing compared to the others – but if you keep browsing it, you will find some real steal deals.
You’d never image what you would get for around a dollar. You must check it out!
Download: Play Store / App Store 8. Cute
No, we’re not saying that you are cute. Maybe, who knows? But, this app “Cute” is an amazing alternative to Wish app where it focuses only on beauty products.
You will also find some insane discounts up to 95% which sells like a hot cake. If you are someone in Europe or North America, we will recommend having this installed.
Download : Play Store / App Store 9. LightInTheBox
LightInTheBox may not be the most popular alternative there is – but its huge product database, insane discounts, and features like Group Buy makes it something worth checking out.
They even support wire transfer and western union in case you have no other options for payment. You will get 10% off for being a new customer, what more do you want? Check it out!
Download : Play Store / App Store 10. YoShop
Something similar to the ones we mentioned above. Even though you probably did not know about this – it is one of the decent alternatives there is.
Everything ranging from clothes, fashion picks to gadgets and electronic accessories. It offers free shipping to anywhere in the world as well.
You won’t find dollar deals here – but great discounts coming your way after you install it. Try out this cheap shopping app!
Download : Play Store / App Store 11. Mama
Mama is focused on Kids products, trending maternity items, and similar things. 50-90% off on the products for your loved ones. Similar to Cute, if you live in Europe or North America, we will recommend having it installed if you require these products at insane discounts.
You will find flash sales as well – and as you browse through, expect personalized recommendations for all your shopping needs.
Download: Play Store / App Store Wrapping Up
Of course, cheap shopping apps like wish exist – but depending on what you like to shop for and considering where you live, you should definitely inquire about the customs and extra charges – if any – before ordering something valuable.
Do you still prefer to use Wish after knowing about the alternatives? If not, what do you use the most for your shopping needs?
Let us know in the comments below. Related Resources:

Am I pretty? Or am I not?

Photo by Isabell Winter on Unsplash It’s true, as I’m writing this, I don’t even know. I’ve been told many things, so if people (dare to) ask, I’d answer “Idk, mixed reviews”, treating my look as if it is a movie or a restaurant, or other things that actually garner reviews. I always tell people that I have insecurities. You know, about body image and all that stuff. It’s an ongoing situation with no end in sight. If some of you who happens to read this had been a victim of my insecurity in the past, yes, you know it. But do I? Growing up, I was never the pretty one. I was always the smart one. About being beautiful, I really never put so much thought about it. I was never bullied anyway nor people thought of me as ugly. And I secretly liked it that I was under the radar of these lame teenage boys whom I’d rather not deal with. When a group of female students walked in front of a group of male students, imagine the usual teasing. But when I walked in front of them, these group of boys went dead silent. I smiled inside. I took pride in being feared than being liked. I was a scary, uptight student organization member girl who’s 24-hours studying and I was so comfortable with it. Then came college, I wasn’t as scary but being with mostly male classmates, I had to say goodbye to my femininity for a few more years. I indulged myself in boyish crime such as staying all night at the lab (gaming) then went to class the next day without showering. What a time with my bros. Fast forward… Mulan’s father (in that Disney movie) said that the most beautiful flower blossom lasts I don’t remember when exactly I began to aware of beauty stuff. A guy called me beautiful, and I said, do I? Then I looked at the mirror and at first, believing what he said. However, as I looked at the mirror more and more, I began noticing things I never noticed earlier, good and bad. Getting aware of my feminity quite late has its own consequences, if not many. I got puberty problems very very late. Imagine being a teenager at 25, freaking out at every sign of imperfection and constantly need validations. While being 15 gets you a pass for acting stupid, the same can’t be said when you’re a full grown adult. People would call you irrational and they have the right to do so. Why the fuck I got all this problem very late? And now it gets intertwined with another problem: aging. One day I would wake up, looking better than when I was younger and I would glow. But on another day I would wake up and feeling that my mother looks even younger than that reflection on my mirror. I then would freak out. Guess I get the b̶e̶s̶t̶ worst of both worlds. The Great Question of Life The question of “Am I pretty” is for me as haunting as the question of life, the universe, and everything (Stoicism? 42? A certain religion?). It is because I am yet to find the answer. It also does not help that I’m quite a skeptic. I question a millennia-old belief system, what stops me from questioning my own fallible brain? I question everything. In the search for an answer, I also consistently seek other people input. Although I don’t know what it serves me anyway, because, in the end, it’s hard for me to believe. A “yes you are” from someone, I would take it as him being nice or him being not completely honest. At least it’s still nice to hear something positive. I constantly need affirmation for I don’t know what. I need others to believe in me, probably. Perhaps there isn’t an answer to both of the questions above. Who knows? Comparing As I notice about my beauty (or non-beauty), I started paying attention more in others. I appreciate beauty and do not shy to express it which may sound shallow and lookist (is this even a word? from Lookism btw). I justify that because I never pay attention to such thing and it’s like a new world for me. Beautiful men and women, I started to pay attention to them. I admire and enjoy, but never really compare myself to them. I simply can’t imagine myself being someone else, however beautiful he/she is. However, I would compare myself to myself, or, a more inflated better version of myself who only exists in my imagination. I would compare myself to my supposed self. I still like being me, but a better me. This is the worst comparison and the most destructive one. Because it means I would never accept my present self and would constantly strive for unhealthy perfection. Hot = Crazy? I often entertain the idea of “maybe I’m hot, therefore I’m crazy” which is amusing just to think about it (I like to think that I’m a bit crazy). They say the most beautiful are the most insecure and I was like, OMG! Does this mean I’m beautiful? If this logic works, then I must be gorgeous. Yeay! I love such reasoning when it applies to my situation in a sweet possible way. Verdict While I still haven’t found an answer yet (They say in age 30s you will no longer need to feel sexy because you’ll feel secure and fully mature. Looking at myself, which started to blossom at mid-twenties, I’d probably get to that phase when I’m 40s. OMG no!), I came with several quick fixes and beliefs: At least I’m healthy (so far). Looking at the mirror repeating to myself I’m gorgeous does not work for me. Instead, I’d rather have others tell me. Like it or not, having people believe in you does help. A sincere compliment from people whose opinions I regard highly will surely make my day. A belief that mixed reviews are always better than bad reviews. A loss-aversion approach. Perhaps it’s true, beauty is on the eye of the beholder. At least, for growing up never paying attention to prettiness, I actually focused on other things that can’t just fade with age, like my sense of humor (haha! *sarcastic laugh*), therefore my beauty now is a bonus. Sleep. Or I got more pressing stuff to worry about. And sleep is actually healthy. For real now: I create several habits to exude the best of me, the good quality I already have. Good habits are the power of self-growth. Oh, or maybe please someone just tell me I’m pretty. *kissing emoji*

Anthem Review: BioWare’s Unfulfilled Destiny | AIB

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We finally got to get our hands on one of the most anticipated games of the year, Anthem. The last huge effort of BioWare after the not really memorable Mass Effect Andromeda is finally available for everyone. The Canadian software house has bet a great deal on Anthem, a game that should – according to what was previously stated by EA itself – involve the players for months, if not for years. This forecast seems somewhat optimistic, considering how the world of ” games as service ” is changing in shorter times.
Anthem offers you a world that is apparently beautiful and almost hypnotic. I must admit that my first contact with Bastion, the planet that serves as the setting for the game, amazed me. It has tremendous views of lush jungles, frozen mountains, ancient ruins to explore, lakes full of color and life, creatures with a bizarre and fascinating appearance. The first moments on Bastion is incredible: fly through waterfalls, immerse yourself in unknown channels, facing enemy along with other friends.
The world of Anthem was created by a vanished civilization, to which we refer simply by the enigmatic and evocative name of “creators.” These alien architects have failed to terminal the work on the planet, which has remained an unfinished work. The disappearance of the creators, however, had a heavy legacy: terraforming machines are so advanced as to be almost incomprehensible, but they still work: the hymn of creation generates mountains, reverses gravity, gives life to incredible monsters. All this happens practically without control.
In Anthem, we will take on the role of a specialist, a “freelance” defender of the cities of men able to pilot the Javelin, a sort of enhanced armor that is so reminiscent of the iconic Iron Man. The Javelin will be our most trusted companion, the medium on which Anthem builds all the gameplay and consequently the fun that the gaming experience can offer.
Although non-player characters and history, in general, are often an example of how much BioWare is talented in creating convincing stories, something does not turn out as it should. Non-player characters sometimes do not react as they should to the flow of events, asserting phrases out of place or irrelevant for the time being. Needless to deny it, this often jars heavily with the story itself (which remains however enjoyable).
Also, the secondary characters generally gave me a good impression; the illusion of their credibility has been brutally broken by what appear to be real MMO mechanics. Let me explain: when you do not wear the Javelin, you will be in a place called Fort Tarsis, a sort of game hub where you can accept quests and access the forge to improve your armor. In this place, the visual will be in the first person, and you will find many NPCs that often will always remain in the same places: none of them will follow you on a mission, remaining anchored to that place as if from an invisible chain. Fort Tarsis and the wild bastions of Bastion are two virtually separate parts of Anthem that fail to keep the player glued to events.
The gameplay is instead a rollercoaster of emotions: despite being incredibly exciting to fly, shoot, plunge into this lush and credible world, there is always something that holds back its potential. The flight itself, so well made and pleasant, is linked to an unpleasant mechanics of overheating of the reactors that will prevent you from flying as much as you want, forcing you to land more or less abruptly after a while ‘time (which varies depending on your equipment ).
All the missions I took were short but intense, and all needed matchmaking, lengthening the loading time a bit. You will end up with three other friends (or three strangers) for the jungles of Bastion, breaking down horrible, traitorous or metamorphic people. However, after the first exciting hours, this feature tends to repetitive: I found myself doing so many similar quests (knock down an enemy, silence an artifact, fetch ) that at a certain point I was not even listening to the NPCs that they talked to me in the helmet during the mission. My only goal was to keep knocking down and killing enemies, hoping to find a decent loot for my goal and in short, grinding in its pure state.
The true beauty of Anthem lies in the four available Javelins, very different in terms of characteristics and appearance. The Guardian, perhaps the most balanced of all, is the one I used the most. But I found a lot of fun Interceptor and Storm, leaving last the slow colossus. Obviously, it is clear that not having a PvP section (for now, even if BioWare could implement it in the future), Anthem is all about relying on its own and looking for new weapons, equipment, and skins around the vast gaming world.
Needless to say that (as in many EA games) there is a cosmetic shop from which to buy these aesthetic elements to the sound of game coins (many) or through the dear old credit card. It is not even possible to change the weapons of play: if a rifle is not at our height, we must return to the field to look for another. There is no other way. Conclusion
Anthem is a divided game. On the one hand, we find a beautiful world, made with care, in which to move, fly, fight and win. On the other hand, MMO mechanics strongly linked to the grinding and non-memorable non-player characters go to undermine a good story and some excellent narrative cues. An exciting audio sector crowns it all but fails to bring Anthem to levels of excellence.
In short, there is a lot of potential in the latest work of BioWare: after all, the Canadian software house has already unveiled a roadmap that seems full of events and expansions for the future. Support for the game is there, and it is also undeniable that Anthem will enjoy a lot if played with friends. Too bad for those non-player characters really flat and for the Fort Tarsis section, which often seems to be part of another game. But if you want to fly in the skies of Bastion, you do this and more. Review overview

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