How to Avoid Distraction as a Marketer : Social Media Examiner

How to Avoid Distraction as a Marketer : Social Media Examiner

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Does social media distract you from work and life? Wondering how to stay focused despite online interruptions?
To explore how to avoid distraction as a marketer and as a human, I interview Brian Solis . Brian is a digital analyst and futurist at the Altimeter Group, and author of the book Engage! His latest book is Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life .
Learn how a digital lifestyle and social media lead to distraction, and discover resources and exercises to help refocus your attention on what matters.
Read a summary of the interview below. To listen to the interview, scroll to the end of this article. Understanding and Overcoming Digital Distraction
While Brian was attempting to write a book on innovation and how to make it a much more approachable phenomenon, he found himself writing and writing and writing—essentially spinning in a vicious cycle that wasn’t getting him any closer to where he needed to be.
That experience, as well as having the opportunity to present at Social Media Marketing World 2018, prompted him to revisit his relationship with social media and technology. He started to explore the depths of why these things were so immersive.
Eventually, he discovered that technology and social media were actually designed not just to be distracting, but addictive.
When he googled what to do about the distraction and addiction, he was greeted with platitudes and inspirational quotes, plus suggestions to take up yoga, meditation, or mindfulness, or to download apps such as Calm and Headspace.
These things could help with the symptoms of distraction, but didn’t help him solve the underlying problem. That’s why he began the research that became Lifescale . The Underlying Problems Marketers and Consumers Face Today
Consuming content online or posting about your best life and experiences—whether you’re a marketer or not—isn’t simply living a digital lifestyle. We become caught up in this constant cycle of sharing and consuming and liking and getting liked and following and being followed.
This cycle becomes a way of life that takes up the time we would otherwise use to dive deeper into other projects because we’re constantly notified of updates or we’re thinking about whether we even have notifications or updates.
As a marketer trying to reach an audience and attract their attention, you have to become increasingly aggressive, more ambitious, more entertaining, and more bombastic. When you do manage to get their attention, you only have it for a moment. What are you going to do to create some kind of metric that matters?
As a consumer, how are you supposed to focus on a single brand or something of relevance when everything is vying for your attention on social media and your mobile device?
This cycle creates an attention crisis that we have to think about more holistically. Being louder and more bombastic isn’t the answer. Access to Multiple Media Channels
Brian and I both remember a time when there weren’t a lot of channels to distract us. There was one local newspaper and maybe a couple of radio stations. The media landscape wasn’t as distracting or as pervasive as it is now, and we had guides (parents, teachers, managers) who navigated the media landscape for us.
Now, of course, there are unlimited options, and the mass adoption of smartphones and social media has led to media’s democratization. Brian used to joke that the good thing was that this gave us all a voice, and the bad thing was that this gave us all a voice.
While the game has changed, Brian thinks the impact is relative because every generation learns in its own way how to manage multiple media.
The challenge, though, is that we may not even realize that we’re distracted or recognize the consequences of that distraction: anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, loss of creative motivation or inspiration, and so on. Built-In Addiction
When Brian was researching what was happening behind the scenes of social media, he discovered the work of Tristan Harris. Tristan was a designer for some big names, and he’s revealed a lot of tips and tricks used to keep people engaged with and coming back to apps and platforms.
To illustrate, if you open any one of your apps, whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, you’ll notice a millisecond delay between when the app opens and when the number of notifications you’ve had since the last time you opened is updated. That delay is meant to build your anxiety or anticipation, so that you’re relieved when you see that there’s a number. And your brain wants more of the chemical that’s released when you’re relieved.
The feeling that you need to post an update because you’ve built an audience or the validation you feel when someone likes or responds to your post also unlock chemicals your brain will crave more of.
It’s called intermittent responsive design , and it’s intentional. It’s not unlike the type of strategies that go into designing slot machines, and it’s part of what makes it so difficult for people to step away.
Quitting Facebook, for instance, is similar to quitting cigarettes or alcohol. Your body has become used to the chemicals released every time you use the platform. The more you participate, the more often you unlock those chemicals, and the more addictive it is.
It becomes a vicious cycle and now some of the biggest leaders in the digital space—including Roger McNamee, one of Facebook’s earliest investors, and Salesforce founder Marc Benioff—are trying to get people to pay attention. Digital Wellness Initiatives
Brian says a number of digital wellness practices and technologies are emerging because there’s some recognition that we’re giving too much of ourselves to our devices in some ways.
There are detox camps or dinners where you have to check your device at the door—the whole premise being that you have to talk to people. Ironically, there are also apps that aim to focus you on the matter at hand or the moment you’re in.
Android and Google and Apple have all introduced digital wellness platforms or dashboards on devices to help you understand how much time you’re spending on them and where you’re spending that time.
Some people look at the time-spent metric as a badge of honor, rather than wondering how that time could be used toward something more productive or lucrative.
Brian, however, considered that it doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. These technologies can distract us, but they can also empower us to be productive and far more effective.
Part of Brian’s research journey was focused on finding a way to make these things work for us instead of against us. He spent a lot of time trying to understand the psychology, emotions, and neuroplasticity associated with our brains rewiring when we use this tech, and to find ways to rewire again so we can each become more productive. The Journey Back From Distraction
The journey from distraction back to purposeful use of social media and technology begins with a personal and introspective process. Each of us has to determine, for ourselves, what’s valuable to us. What are we trying to do? Are we trying to live a best life based on what we see others living, or have we actually thought about our best life as something different and incredible? Are these tools (social media and technology) helping us get closer to that best life or are they taking us further away from it?
We’re losing touch with ourselves because we’re pulled in so many directions every minute of the day. You basically need to execute a control-alt-delete to reimagine what your life should be in this era of distraction.
Then you can rebuild everything using the tools, devices, and networks to work for you to get you where you need to be. To help you rebuild, Lifescale walks you through a series of exercises that build upon each other. They’re very easy at first and help you think about things in a different way.
The idea is to find the things that engage you and be more intentional about putting more of that into your life. The more you do that, the more you build discipline and sharpen your focus. Without even knowing it, you get better and stronger and more creative over time. Starts March 20th! Discover the latest tactics and improve your marketing know-how! EVENT STARTS March 20th! REGISTER NOW!
I share that when I sit in front of my computer, I have a sticky note in front of me that lists all of the things I need to get done that day. If it’s not a long list on that sticky note, then I’ll let everything distract me. I’ll check my email, social platforms, Messenger, and Instagram. I’ll do everything I can just to make sure all of that stuff is gone before I start what I really need to do.
Brian recognizes that we all do that, and it’s part of the challenge. What we don’t recognize, though, is that as we’re checking social platforms and email, we’re confusing those items (distractions) for things that are important.
Each day, we only have so much fuel that can go into whatever it is we have to accomplish, whether that’s writing or phone calls or teaching. When that creative fuel is exhausted, we don’t necessarily do our best work when we come out of distraction. Giving into distractions affects the output and the outcome.
I recall reading The Road Less Traveled by Dr. M. Scott Peck—a book that talks about the concept of delayed gratification—and acknowledge that I hear Brian echoing a similar behavioral philosophy. When I’m putting time into social and email and other distractions, I’m seeking instant gratification instead of doing the work, which is going to be more gratifying for me later.
Brian agrees and expands on this by explaining that this behavior builds up into an unnamed and unidentified blob of stress and anxiety within each of us. We feel gratified as we explore all of these distractions—but at the end of the day, we’ve been fooled into believing that the distractions were more important than they really are.
This is why Brian uses creativity as his muse in the book. When you create and give something to yourself or to anyone around you, that’s a better moment for a community, conversation, or engagement. It shifts us from a consumption mentality to a creation mentality where we start to feel gratified as we go. How the Allure of Fame Plays Into Distraction
There is this desire held by many of us to be famous. Maybe as kids we wanted to be like our favorite sports star, musician, actor, or radio personality. Social media gave us a little bit of that and all of a sudden told us that feeling was the most important thing.
Brian has studied and written research on this topic since the late ’90s, and he believes this is also part of the distraction challenge. Whether we’re famous or micro-famous, we’re lured into being present online so we don’t disappoint or lose relevance among our followers.
What’s more, when you get a taste of social attention, fame, or influence, you want more. You crave more. You start to push the boundaries of what you’ll do for it. Before you know it, you’ve moved your center of reference so far away from what it used to be that you’re living a life that isn’t rooted in your core values, aspirations, beliefs, or conventions.
Lifescale is a guide and instruction manual to help us deal with that instant micro-fame and online attention. An Ethical Path Forward for Digital Marketers
When Brian was studying digital influence and how technology can influence us for better or for worse, he came up with a saying: “There are two ways to change behavior. One is to inspire it and the other is to manipulate it.”
He believes a lot of what’s happening today is the result of manipulation. We don’t see it as manipulation because we get instant gratification and it feels good—until it doesn’t.
When it comes to business and engagement, the game of relevance matters. The question is, how do you go about gaining attention?
If you’re manipulating attention through stunts and trends, that’s what your brand becomes. But if you’re a brand or a marketer that produces content that’s there when I need it—when I go through my research process or my discovery process—that wealth of information will guide me on a journey from where I was directly to you.
It’s time to explore or reimagine the customer journey. Rather than marketing to or manipulating people, use the advanced technological platforms such as AI and machine learning to tailor and scale your messages to meet people where they are on their journeys.
For example, people today go to their smartphones because it’s the device we always have on and with us. We go to mobile devices to make decisions about whatever it is that we need to buy or research. If 90% of those decisions start on the smartphone, 78% of us go with the company we feel is most useful in those moments.
This is a big deal because it resets our idea of what brand value is. Consumers used to go into the journey with X amount of brands already in mind due to preexisting marketing. Now, people want to see immediately what’s best for them, what’s most useful for them. It’s a game-changer.
Listen to the show to hear what happened when a global beauty brand studied the effects of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facetune on a woman’s definition of “beauty.” Discovery of the Week
SCRL is a mobile app for Instagram that slices landscape images into easy-to-swipe segments so viewers can flip through them with ease.
Users can also add in different photos, text, or backgrounds. This app directly retrieves photos from the phone’s camera roll, allowing you to drop them into a unique order. Video options are also available.
SCRL is a free mobile app currently available for iOS.
Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how SCRL works for you. Key Takeaways in This Episode Follow Brian on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , and LinkedIn . Learn more about Brian on , and his work at Altimeter Group . Explore the website.

Best gaming mouse 2019: the best gaming mice we’ve tested

If you’ve already own one of the best gaming PCs , it can be easy to just pick up the cheapest mouse you find at your local big box store. But, we really don’t think this is wise. Instead, you should pick up the best gaming mouse you can find – everything attached to your rig should be of comparable quality, right? While you’re at it, you may want to pick up one of the best gaming mouse pads , too.
You should keep your eyes open for a mouse that manages to balance price and performance, while packing some unique features. Don’t fall for that age old trap that the best mouse is the most expensive one on the shelf. Just look at the SteelSeries Rival 600, our number one pick: at the price of a new AAA game, it has all the high-end features and supreme performance you could ask for.
So, we gathered together the best gaming mice reviewed and tested by us. No matter what kind of games you’re into, you’ll find the best gaming mouse for your needs right here on this list.
SteelSeries Rival 600
1. SteelSeries Rival 600 The best affordable gaming mouse we’ve reviewed
DPI: 12,000 | Features: Lift off distance detection, customizable weight, 60-million click mechanical switches
Customizable weight Depth sensor A little bit expensive Easily the best affordable gaming mouse you can buy, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 takes things to a new level. The low cost of admission keeps it on the same level that you’d expect to pay for a new game, while its out of this world TrueMove 3 sensor makes it one of the most performant and sensitive gaming mice on the market today. You can even pick up the SteelSeries Rival 310 if you want comparable performance, but focused more on right-handed users. Otherwise, the Sensei 310’s ambidextrous shape and low price makes it the perfect gaming mouse for anyone to grab.
Read the full review: SteelSeries Rival 600
SteelSeries Sensei 310
2. SteelSeries Sensei 310 The best gaming mouse we’ve reviewed
DPI: Up to 12,000 | Features: Ambidextrous design, one-to-one tracking up to 3,500 CPI, 50-million click life span
$39.99 View at Amazon $49.90 View at Walmart $49.99 View at SteelSeries See all prices (15 found) ? 342 Reasonably priced Comfortable for claw and palm grips No braided cable Lacks sensor calibration support The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a gaming mouse like no other, both in terms of price and performance. The low cost of admission keeps it on the same level that you’d expect to pay for a new game, while its out-of-this-world TrueMove 3 optical sensor makes it almost impossible to compete with. This mouse, with no preference when it comes to dexterity, is unparalleled when it comes to real-world sensitivity. You can even pick up the SteelSeries Rival 310 if you want similar performance, but a more right-handed approach to dexterity.
Read the full review: SteelSeries Sensei 310
Corsair Dark Core RGB SE
3. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Wireless, for a bargain
DPI: Up to 10,000 | Features: Wireless, RGB lighting, Omron switches
Check Walmart Check Amazon
See all prices (2 found) ? Affordable High performance Right handers only In our minds, the best gaming mice are always going to be the ones that deliver excellent performance at a price that doesn’t break the bank. And, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is the poster child for price-to-performance ratios. At less than 50 bucks, you’re getting a wireless mouse that doesn’t suck, has RGB lighting and long battery life. The ergonomics are specifically for right-handed users, but at this price, with this level of performance, there’s little to complain about.
Read the full review: Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
4. Logitech G502 Hero It comes in peace
DPI: Up to 16,000 | Features: RGB lighting, programmable buttons, adjustable weights, 1ms latency
$69.36 View at Amazon $72.99 $104.35 View at Walmart See all prices (9 found) ? 28 Affordable Amazing sensor Uncomfortable for larger hands In the world of the best gaming mice, you generally have two main options: you can get a mouse that performs well, but looks like something that would fit in the office, or you can pick a mouse that performs well and looks like something out of a Sci-Fi film . The Logitech G502 fits firmly into that latter category – it looks like a gaming mouse. But, don’t let that dissuade you. With adjustable weights and a jaw-dropping 16,000 DPI sensor, this gaming mouse backs up its otherworldly looks. It’s not perfect for users with big hands, but beyond that, it’s easily one of the best gaming mice out there today.
G502 Hero
Logitech G903
5. Logitech G903 A G900 makeover with an electrifying mouse pad
DPI: 12,000 | Features: Wireless charging via Logitech PowerPlay mouse mat, up to 24 hours of battery life (up to 32 with LEDs turned off), PMW3366 optical sensor, LightSpeed Wireless technology
Solid build quality Accurate and reliable wireless Exorbitantly expensive Undeterred by years of ridicule for their comparatively higher latency, the Logitech G900 of yesteryear proved once and for all that wireless gaming mice don’t have to suck. Though it’s merely a slight upgrade to that model, the Logitech G903 only reassures us of that conviction. Gracing a slightly altered G900 design with Logitech’s on PowerPlay mouse pad that doubles as a wireless charger, the Logitech G903 is a pricey, yet rewarding investment.
Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520
6. Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 A decent mouse at a great price
DPI: 12,000 | Features: Customised for claw grip, Customizable DPI settings, Three-zone RGB lighting
$38.39 View at Amazon $99.99 Check Walmart
See all prices (3 found) ? 47 Good switches Affordable Questionable build quality
If you need one of the best gaming mice, but are looking to save some cash at the same time – the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 might be what you’re looking for. It won’t win any beauty contests, but packing quality Omron switches and a reasonably sensitive sensor capable of up to 12,000 DPI, it’s easy to look past the unappealing design – especially if you use a claw grip.
Read the full review : Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520
Razer Naga Trinity
7. Razer Naga Trinity A mouse with many faces
DPI: 16,000 | Features: Interchangeable side plates, Razer chroma support, 1000Hz Ultrapolling
Smooth motion tracking Interchangeable side plates Expensive If you’re gearing up to represent either the Alliance or the Horde in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you’re going to want to take a look at the Razer Naga Trinity. Razer’s Naga mice have always been aimed at MMO gamers, but the company wasn’t content to just appeal to that one niche. With the Naga Trinity, you’ll get 3 easily swappable side plates so that you can change your mouse to fit the game you’re playing. Aadd in the insane 16,000 DPI 5G Sensor and Razer Chroma RGB lighting, and you’ll top the DPS meters, and your gaming setup will look nice while you do it.
Read the full review: Razer Naga Trinity
HyperX Pulsefire Surge
8. HyperX Pulsefire Surge Remain in light
DPI: 16,000 | Features: RGB Light Ring, 50 million click-rated Omron switches
$54.99 View at Amazon $54.99 View at Best Buy Check Walmart
See all prices (3 found) ? Gorgeous RGB lighting Omron switches No customizable weights If you find yourself snickering at some of the ridiculous gaming mice available in 2018, you should take a look at the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB. Featuring extremely reliable Omron switches and gorgeous RGB lighting – not to mention its unbelievable 16,000 DPI sensor – you’re getting one of the best gaming mice for a great price. Plus, it’ll fit into any office, at least once you turn down the lighting effects.
Read the full review: HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB
Corsair Glaive RGB
9. Corsair IronClaw RGB For an iron grip
DPI: Up to 18,000 | Features: Omron switches, Seven fully programmable buttons, Onboard profile storage, Two-zone RGB lighting
$59.99 View at Best Buy $59.99 View at Newegg Check Amazon
See all prices (3 found) ? Big-hand friendly Robust build Heavy middle click If you’ve got big hands, it can be hard to find the best gaming mouse for you. They’re either too small, too light or a bit of both. And, then some of the big mice out there are packed with gratuitous buttons and weird shapes that make them look like some kind of Transformers extra. The Corsair Ironclaw fixes all of that, it’s an attractive mouse for big-hand users that you won’t have to hide whenever you have company. It’s robust, too, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it if you’re a bit too rough with it.
Read the full review: Corsair Ironclaw RGB
Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04
10. Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Precise and stylish enough to rival Razer and Logitech
DPI: 12,000 | Features: 7 programmable buttons using Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, PixArt PMW3360 sensor with 1000Hz polling rate, RGB lighting, ergonomic design
Today’s best Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 deals $44.99 View at Amazon $69.99 View at Tiger Direct $81.06 (5 found) ? 9 Excellent sensor Stylish lighting Could be lighter Balance isn’t perfect You don’t see sound card manufacturers trying their hands at making the best gaming mouse every day – but that’s exactly what Creative did. The Creative Sound BlasterX M04 is actually one of the best gaming mice you can buy in 2018 – the 12,000 DPI rating means it’s quick and responsive. The RGB lighting scheme is great, too, controlled by Creative’s own Sound Blaster Connect software. The Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 is a winner in form and function.
Read the full review: Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04
How to choose the best gaming mouse Even though you’ll definitely find the best gaming mouse here, doing so will take some effort. There’s a ton of complicated technical jargon that goes into the best gaming mice – terms like polling rates and DPI ratings. You’ll want a higher number of both, but these two terms mean drastically different things.
For newcomers to the world of PC gaming, that DPI is shorthand for ‘dots per inch.’ The higher the number, the wider the range wherein you can specify your how sensitive your mouse is. If you don’t have a lot of desk space available and you want accuracy and precision, then opt for a gaming mouse featuring a higher DPI rating. Of course, you can always toggle a lower DPI too.
Meanwhile, a high polling rate gives you faster response times. The polling rate is measured in hertz, so it usually ranges from around 125 to 1,000Hz. The latter means that your mouse’s position is reported to your computer 1,000 times per second. Other key gaming mouse factors you’ll want to consider are ergonomics – particularly if you’re left-handed – and RGB lighting.
Be sure to also check out our list of the best PC cases ! Image Credits: TechRadar Bill Thomas and Gabe Carey have

Peppa Pig Has Been Called out for Using Offensive Term

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Kids’ TV shows are usually known for their innocuous drivel that helps keep children quiet for a couple of precious minutes. At best, they are educational, at worst they are hugely irritating.
But now, other things are being brought to people’s attention and it looks like they could be causing some pretty big problems. The main culprit is none other than the wildly popular Peppa Pig . Who knew that a kids’ TV show could cause such a fuss? Advertisement
What’s so great about Peppa Pig ?
Whether or not you have children, you will undoubtedly have heard of many children’s favorite TV character, Peppa Pig.
As the name suggests, it follows the lives of a family of pigs. Our protagonist, Peppa, lives with her younger brother, George, and Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Advertisement
“The Peppa Pig Effect” is a real thing.
Peppa Pig is a British TV show, so all the characters have quite posh English accents and American parents have recently started reporting that their children have taken up English accents as a result of watching too much Peppa Pig !
Apparently, American children are starting to say things like ‘mum’ and ‘loo’. This is the ‘Peppa Pig Effect.’
But while this is hilarious, it’s not the main problem with the show. Advertisement
Peppa Pig has been in trouble before.
There is an episode of Peppa Pig called ‘Mr Skinny Legs’. In the episode, Daddy Pig tells Peppa Pig that she doesn’t have to be afraid of spiders because they can’t hurt her.
This is true in the UK, which means that arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is usually considered to be an irrational fear. But that isn’t necessarily true everywhere in the world. Advertisement
Australia has had to ban the episode.
While spiders aren’t dangerous in the UK, in Australia they pose a real threat. There are over 10,000 species of spider in Australia, and many of them are poisonous.
An episode that encourages children to pick spiders up and throw them outside is teaching Australian children the wrong lesson. It could, in fact, be a very dangerous thing to do!
What is the role of childrens’ TV shows?
This is a really important question. Should kids’ TV just be about escapism and a moment of peace for parents, or should it offer something more?
Does it matter what kids are watching or should a kids’ show just keep a child quiet? Advertisement
Kids are sponges.
Young children are like sponges; they absorb everything they see. Their minds are still forming and they are learning from everything around them.
For this reason, kids’ TV is actually very important. The hours spent watching these shows are hours spent learning from them. Advertisement
What kind of people do we want our children to be?
For this reason, it’s important that we teach children to be open-minded and loving, that they understand that good behavior is important, from a young age.
Many of childrens’ role models these days are characters in TV shows. Seeing what their favorite characters achieve inspires children to work hard do the same.
Peppa Pig has quite a few controversial aspects.
Before this latest uproar, one person had already called out Peppa Pig for a number of reasons, namely for fat-shaming.
Okay so pigs are known for being fat, but it all gets a bit trickier when the pigs represent people, as they do in Peppa Pig. Advertisement
Is Peppa Pig a bad role model?
Laughing at ‘Daddy Big Tummy’ encourages children to think they are allowed to laugh at people for being fat. Obviously, if this is carried into the real world, it becomes super uncool behavior.
It would be better if characters, and therefore, children, could celebrate each other’s differences. Or at the very least, mention that people are all different sizes and that that’s okay. Advertisement
Were you influenced by a character as a child?
Children are affected by their role models, whether they be toys or characters from TV shows, because it is only through seeing other people similar to yourself doing something, that you believe that you are capable of it too. Advertisement
That’s why Barbie has realized it needs to diversify.
Okay, so admittedly, in many ways, Barbie is the worst role model in the history of role models. Her name is synonymous with an unattainable standard of beauty that not even supermodels can hope to reach.
But recently, her creators have realized that they need to join the rest of the world in being a little bit more woke and that they need to try to diversify, at least a little. Now, the Barbie figures come in 4 different body types and 7 hair colors. While it’s not exactly diverse, it’s a start. Advertisement
Barbie has had more career changes than most!
Barbie is really excelling in terms of the different careers that she has had. So far she has had at least 130 different careers, ranging from astronaut to president.
But the one that’s really got people talking is the Barbie Firefighter. Advertisement
Firefighters are very encouraging of Firefighter Barbie.
Recently firefighters in the UK have been trying to tackle sexism that surrounds stereotypes in their profession. Namely, that they are all ‘firemen.’
This is obviously hugely disrespectful to all the women who are also firefighters, and it suggests to women everywhere that firefighting is not the profession for them. Advertisement
It is for this reason that the world is up in arms about Peppa Pig .
In a shockingly unthinking display of sexism, Peppa Pig exclaims,“Mummy Pig is dressed as a fireman.”
And no, it wasn’t a staged scene to explain to children that it is the wrong thing to say. It was scripted and aired; seems that no one on the Peppa Pig team thought anything of it. Advertisement
The public realized the ramifications immediately, though, and they were not happy.
London Fire Brigade reacted and pointed out that they have not used the term ‘firemen’ for thirty years. So not only is the term sexist, but it’s also outdated.
They highlight the fact that by using gender stereotypes, they are putting the idea in childrens’ heads that they can only do certain jobs. Advertisement
Some people didn’t see a problem with the scene.
Piers Morgan, an English journalist who can be sure to point you in the right moral direction as he launches himself the other way, once again demonstrated his lack of ethics as he questioned the impact of blatant sexism.
For some reason, he cannot see how this kind of language could dissuade young girls from potential careers in the future. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that he is a straight, white, cis-gendered, British male with all the privilege in the world. Maybe. Advertisement
Luckily, there are decent people in the world who are willing to challenge him.
This twitter user highlights Morgan’s ignorance by pointing out the effect of these TV shows.
It is at their young age that children need to see the options that are available to them in the future, and shouldn’t we be encouraging children to do anything that they want to do? Advertisement
Having daughters can make a huge difference.
This man points out what many of us have witnessed first-hand: having daughters makes you re-evaluate your stance on sexism.
This father has clearly seen the effect that a sexist world can have on his daughters and he’s not happy about it.
“The Mighty Girl Effect”
In fact, what this father described has a name. It is known as the ‘ Mighty Girl Effect .’ It depicts research that shows that men who live with daughters gradually moderate their views on gender norms.
There is even research that suggests that male CEOs with daughters are more likely than those without to take action in championing gender diversity in their work places. Advertisement
The London Fire Brigade knows what it’s talking about.
Although some people might argue that shows like Fireman Sam have a female firefighter, and so that equates to gender equality, we’re on side with the LFB here. The involvement of one woman is completely undermined by the repeated use of the term ‘fireman’ rather than ‘firefighter.’ Advertisement
Parents are starting to stand-up for their daughters’ futures.
Hannah Summers sparked a huge reaction earlier this year when she tweeted about her daughter, Esme.
Apparently, four year old Esme is already somewhat aware of the gender gap, and it is already affecting the choices that she will go on to make.
If nothing else, hopefully, this will make it clear that we need to use the term ‘firefighters,’ rather than the gender specific term, ‘firemen’. Advertisement
Luckily, the world saw the tweet and wanted to help out.
One branch of the London Fire Brigade saw Hannah’s tweet and sent a personal reply, just 9 hours later.
Their tweet lets Esme know that she wouldn’t be alone if she wanted to be a firefighter; there’s loads of female firefighters out there! Advertisement
Other firefighters spoke out too.
It’s awful to think that young children may already feel restricted about what they can do in their futures. Childhood is supposed to be a time of infinite dreams, not of gender restrictions.
It is for this reason that so many firefighters are trying to demonstrate that gender is not important in the battle to save lives as firefighters.
They are definitely living up to their chosen hashtag: #firefightingsexism. Advertisement
The battle against sexism is a global fight.
Esme’s discovery of gender stereotypes at such a young age has crossed the Atlantic and reached all the way to Vancouver.
Around the world, people are aware that there is a stigma around female firefighters that needs to be broken, so why didn’t the Peppa Pig team realize? Advertisement
Firefighters aren’t the only people who suffer from gender stereotypes.
People were, understandably, outraged about this photo that went up recently of a young girl and boy.
While some people were suggesting that the world was taking political correctness too far (something that is usually only claimed by people with privilege that they don’t want to concede to equality), other people saw this photo for what it was. Advertisement
Isn’t this all a bit of an over-reaction to kids’ stuff?
The problem is that this is happening all the time and it’s so subtle that people think that it’s not a big deal.
By using the word ‘fireman,’ rather than ‘firefighter,’ or by suggesting that girls will be nurses, rather than doctors, we are excluding young girls and women from certain occupations and that is undeniably wrong. Advertisement
Young girls are subtly being told that they will never make as much money as men.
The sexism that is presented to young children at every turn is constantly reinforced by gender expectations. Girls are told that they should be beautiful, cute, or pretty, while boys are told that they need to be brave, strong, or clever.
We start forming our ideas at a very young age, and these, in turn, influence our decision-making. Advertisement
There is no natural difference in interests between girls and boys at birth.
It is not true that boys and girls are born with wildly different interests, which happen to mean that boys choose positions of authority that are paid more, while girls naturally choose roles with less prestige and less money.
These are merely the gender roles that the world keep perpetuating. It is for this reason that people found the term ‘fireman’ offensive in Peppa Pig . So many children watch that show, and they were all told that being a firefighter is a male job and that is not okay. Advertisement
In some ways, Peppa Pig does provide positive role models.
This Twitter user pointed out that the Peppa Pig books are full of female firefighters and it’s true; it’s great that Peppa Pig is showing women in these roles!
But language is an incredibly important way in which we form our ideas and our identities. We need to speak in a way that reflects the society that we want to be a part of, rather than just copying the way things used to be said in the past. Advertisement
Hopefully other shows will learn from this mistake.
Ultimately, this was an unfortunate moment of insensitivity but it shows a lack of understanding that, in many ways, belittles both the hard work of firefighters, as well as the battle against sexism.
Hopefully, the fact that everyone has noticed, and has rightfully criticised, this insensitivity, will prevent other shows from making the same mistakes. In turn, this should lead to a well-balanced and just society that promotes equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender or any other factor. Advertisement

Five Solutions To Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

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