‘VIP launch’ strategy pays off as Rose Bay home sells in a week

‘VIP launch’ strategy pays off as Rose Bay home sells in a week

VIP launch night at 133 O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill Source:Supplied
VIP launches are popular on US TV shows like Million Dollar Listing and after a Bellevue Hill house sold for $500,000 above its price guide in just a week, they may become more popular here.
Ray White Double Bay agents Evan Williams and Benjamin Goodwin had rolled out the red carpet for more than 50 guests, with drinks and canapes served, for the three-bedroom home at 133 O’Sullivan Rd on the evening of April 10.
And last Thursday night they inked the deal. The pair had a $3.5m guide ahead of its scheduled May 9 auction.
Mr Williams was tight-lipped about the result but other sources said it was about $4 million.
Former Multiplex boss’s Bellevue Hill beauty
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s reno project
Mr Williams’s Instagram post with the buyers of the O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill, property Source:Supplied
133 O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill Source:Supplied
“This family were sick of being the bridesmaid wanted to secure a home before the Easter period,” Mr Williams said.
“The fact that they’d just missed out at two auctions strengthened their resolve so they made a very good offer and it’s sold after only a week on the market.”
Mr Williams believes the VIP launch night played a big part in securing the top result because the buyers saw that there were a lot of other parties interested in the home.
“We had 38 groups in attendance on VIP night — both buyers agents and potential purchasers,” he said.
The kitchen at 133 O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill, during the VIP launch event Source:Supplied
133 O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill. NSW Real Estate. Source:Supplied
“It was the first time we’d trialled it before, but we’ve already got a plan to do it for a big house in woollahra.”
The owners of the Bellevue Hill home, Dr Ijaaz Khan and his wife Taghrid Khan, were overjoyed with the success of the VIP launch and the quick sale.
CoreLogic data shows they’d bought the house for $3,390,000 in October, 2016, and had recently done a renovation with a view to living in the home.
133 O’Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill had just been renovated by the vendors Source:Supplied
Tips to keep ahead of the property market 1:04 Tips to keep ahead of the property market
March 28th 2019 25 days ago /display/ – Real Estate/ However, they then saw an opportunity to buy another home that they couldn’t turn down.
So they decided to sell up, without even moving into the renovated home.
The home looked so impressive that Mr Williams and Mr Goodwin decided it deserved nothing less than a Million-Dollar-Listing style launch.
“After 15 years in the industry I can say apart from having seen similar cocktail party launches on television shows like Million Dollar Listing New York I have never witnessed such a spectacle in the Sydney market,” Mr Williams said.
Originally published as Home sells a week after ‘VIP launch’

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Controversial Huawei P30 Pro ‘Moon Mode’ poses a new ethical dilemma for photos

Huawei P30 Pro ‘Moon Mode’ stirs controversy (Update: Huawei responds) 1.8K
Update, April 24, 2019 (12:30 PM ET): Huawei sent Android Authority a statement in response to the article below. The company refutes the conclusions drawn by Wang Yue at Zhihu and claims Moon Mode works as advertised.
An excerpt of the statement is here:
Moon Mode operates on the same principle as other master AI modes, in that it recognizes and optimizes details within an image to help individuals take better photos. It does not in any way replace the image – that would require an unrealistic amount of storage space since AI mode recognizes over 1,300 scenarios. Based on machine learning principles, the camera recognizes a scenario and helps to optimize focus and exposure to enhance the details such as shapes, colors, and highlights/lowlights. This feature can be turned on or off easily while taking a photo. While there is a Moon Mode, the shot can still be taken without AI mode because of the periscope lens.
Although Yue’s photo examples paint a convincing argument that Moon Mode does not work this way, unfortunately, Android Authority was unable to duplicate his results on our own Huawei P30 Pro.
The original article on this topic with a few new annotations is below.
Original article, April 23, 2019 (12:55 PM ET): The rear camera system on the Huawei P30 Pro is, today, tied for the best overall smartphone camera on the market according to DxOMark . Our own reviews here at Android Authority also peg it as one of the best camera systems we’ve ever used.
However, one feature of the phone is currently mired in controversy: “Moon Mode.”
Using Moon Mode, a Huawei P30 Pro owner can take a close-up picture of the moon with no tripod or zoom lens necessary. Reportedly, the feature works by using the phone’s periscope zoom lens combined with an AI algorithm to enhance details in the photo.
As an example, here is a shot from marketing materials for the P30 Pro, which was allegedly photographed using Moon Mode on a P30 Pro without a tripod or any additional equipment:
Sure, the image is a little blurry, but it’s still pretty incredible when you consider it was taken with just a smartphone from 38,000km (~23,612mi) 238,900 miles away ( ED: The original calculations were in error ).
However, new testing of this Moon Mode feature suggests Huawei’s method of getting shots like the one above is shady at best and unethical at worst, if the testing results are legitimate. (ED: This sentence has been slightly altered from the original to reflect the ambiguity of the test results).
Before we get into that, let’s talk a bit about how the image above is possible. How the Huawei P30 Pro Moon Mode allegedly works
The official user’s guide for the Huawei P30 Pro describes Moon Mode as such: “Moon Mode helps to adequately capture the beauty of the moon along with fine details like moonbeams and shadows.”
Supposedly, this is how the system works: A user holds the Huawei P30 Pro towards the moon and zooms in a bit using pinch-to-zoom on the camera. The P30 Pro identifies (using AI) that the user is trying to take a photo of the moon, and thus suggests Moon Mode. The user selects Moon Mode and the camera system then “helps you get a clear shot” using the aforementioned algorithms.
Huawei doesn’t go into any specific detail on how the Moon Mode algorithm actually works. From the language in the user’s guide and marketing materials, Huawei seems to suggest that the algorithm takes the information in your specific photo and then enhances that specific image by using known information about the face of the moon to clarify, stabilize, and otherwise “fix” the image. Editor’s Pick Huawei P30 Pro camera review: Next level optics, low-light king (Video added!) Huawei’s P30 Pro is effectively a Mate 20 Pro with a better camera system, but, oh my, is this camera system impressive. With a super high-resolution 40MP standard lens, a wide-angle lens, and an impressively …
According to anecdotal research by some industrious photographers though, this is potentially not completely true. According to tests performed by Wang Yue at Zhihu , the Huawei P30 Pro isn’t just enhancing the image information the user captures but actually placing pre-existing imagery of the moon into the photo.
In other words, the photo you end up with from using Moon Mode might not be “your” photo, but instead a hybrid of your photo and artificial augmentations.
To test out this theory, Yue photographed the moon from several different angles as well as photographed non-moon objects using Moon Mode. You can read his full report here , but the basic gist is this: Moon Mode doesn’t appear to create fully original photographs.
It should be noted that Android Authority wasn’t able to confirm nor deny Yue’s findings. Android Authority has reached out to Huawei for comment on the situation but did not receive a response by press time. (ED: Huawei’s response is at the top of this article.) Why is this controversial?
If Moon Mode did exactly what Huawei says it does —“help you adequately capture the beauty of the moon”— then there would be no controversy here. The controversy stems from the idea that a user is not capturing the beauty of the moon. Instead, based on Yue’s evidence, it appears the user would be capturing a photo of the moon that is then augmented with artificial elements to make it seem like they captured a beautiful photo of the moon.
In reality, this is not much different from something like a Snapchat filter, such as the one that makes you look like you have cat ears. However, in that case, it’s very clear that you really don’t have cat ears and Snapchat is adding that into the image. With Moon Mode, Huawei could be adding in artificial augmentation to the photo without fully disclosing it.
This isn’t the first time Huawei as fudged the truth to sell a smartphone.
Now, this might not be a big deal for you. After all, artificial augmentation of photos is happening all the time with features such as beauty modes, panorama shots, and night modes. The fact that this mode is called Moon Mode makes it clear that it is designed to work on the moon and not other objects, which also makes it seem like Huawei isn’t doing anything wrong. Editor’s Pick Huawei P30 Pro review: A phone with superpowers In a time when smartphones have become increasingly similar, Huawei has found a way to make the P30 Pro stand out: it gave it superpowers. The new flagship’s ability to see in the dark is …
Frankly, if this were the only time Huawei had ever stretched the truth about the photographic capabilities of its smartphones, it might really not be that big of a deal. But Huawei has been caught cheating like this before multiple times, most notably by using promotional photos it suggested were taken with smartphones but actually taken with high-grade equipment . The company was also caught fudging benchmarks for multiple devices.
When you combine those controversies with this one, it’s hard not to view the company as altering the truth to sell us on its smartphones. Huawei P30 Pro Moon Mode: Our take
The thing that’s so bizarre about this Moon Mode controversy is that the Huawei P30 Pro camera is already stellar. DxOMark, Android Authority , and many, many other websites all concluded from independent testing that the P30 Pro takes some of the best photos of any smartphone in history. Editor’s Pick Huawei reacts after it’s caught using DSLR photos for its P30 campaign Weibo Update, March 13, 2019 (12:15AM): Huawei has issued a statement after it emerged that it was using stock photos in its P30 promotional material. The firm says it’s now aware that there could’ve …
If Huawei has truly made such an amazing smartphone, why does it use shady marketing tactics to sell us on it? Furthermore, why does it repeatedly do so, even after getting caught?
You will have to make your own decision about how you feel about the ethics behind something like Moon Mode, but one thing is clear: Huawei has created a masterpiece of a smartphone and it shouldn’t need to resort to methods like this to sell us on it.

Notre Dame: Let’s Tell a New Story about Esmeralda and “the Gypsies” | Opinion

An exotic-looking woman runs up a stage outside of Notre Dame de Paris. She pauses to expose her leg and moves her hands provocatively. Her décolletage is low and the corset tight. In a colorful, flowing skirt, she dances freely across the stage, gazing seductively at the crowd. To everyone’s excitement, she leaves the stage and dances even more wildly in front of the cathedral. As she thrusts her hips forward, the audience can also see the cathedral’s gates, stone gargoyles and its glorious rose window. A young man captivated by her beauty discovers that she is a Gypsy named Esmeralda. No man can resist her seductive prowess, whether it’s Frollo, the priest, or Quasimodo, the King of Fools.
This is a scene from the 1997 rendition of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with Salma Hayek playing the Gypsy dancer. Twenty-two years later, the actress’s husband, French businessman François-Henri Pinault, has pledged over $100 million to rebuild Notre Dame after the fire that engulfed and destroyed a part of the famed cathedral on April 15th.
News reports and social media reactions spread as quickly as the flames. Friend after friend shared updates, as well as feelings of shock and sadness to see such a majestic church burn. Some posted personal photos and memories of the iconic landmark, while others reflected on the cathedral’s history and its cultural symbolism to both the French nation and the world. The image that moved me most was of Quasimodo, inconsolable as he holds on to the cathedral tightly and tries in vain to protect it.
As a visitor to Paris, I remember admiring the cathedral from a bridge over the Seine. Along with millions of others, I was shaken by the fire that nearly destroyed this irreplaceable church. What a loss of exquisite craftsmanship that has inspired fascination and awe! How can this historic monument, that took centuries to build end up partially ruined in only one night?
As a Roma woman, whose identity has been deeply shaped by Gypsy stereotypes, I couldn’t help but think of the role that Notre Dame has played in the stories that are told about Gypsies. Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the many variations of the story that have been popularized in film adaptations, is key to literary and pop culture images of the Gypsies.
While the fire raged, I thought of the Disney version of the Hunchback, released a year before the one starring Salma Hayek. In this animated production, Frollo the priest sings, “Dark fire, now Gypsy it’s your turn,” wishing the “Gypsy girl” would burn in hell because she “turn[ed him] to sin.” In another scene, Frollo stands on a balcony at Notre Dame, wiping out ants with his finger, fantasizing about killing Gypsies in a similar way: one by one.
After seeing the dance clip with Salma Hayek, I watched the whole movie. The racist narrative is so powerful that I sometimes had to pause the video to catch my breath and recover from disgust, particularly during the scene in which Quasimodo is unjustly punished for attacking a woman. When the authorities find out that she is, in fact, a Gypsy, they regret punishing Quasimodo. It is not worth the effort for “a Gypsy” who is not considered “a real woman.” Throughout the movie, Esmeralda’s life depends on forces outside her control, whether scapegoating, demonization or, at the very least, objectification as a woman whose only escape is a man fascinated with her charms.
These may look like just fictional stories, with no harm intended, but they bear eerie similarities to the way that Roma people are perceived: as the scum of society. In 2009, French authorities ordered Roma living in France to be expelled to their countries of origin, even though such a measure violates European Union regulations. Roma often live in impoverished “shanty” communities and may never know when they could be forced to leave their homes. Just days before the Notre-Dame fire, false rumors that Roma were kidnappers led to attacks on Roma communities in and around Paris. In today’s France, these incidents take place amid growing tension around social inequalities and shifting realities, pressing France to change.
At best, Roma are seen with a sense of fascination and mystery. If you think that the exotic Gypsy stereotype might do any good for Roma culture, tell that to a Roma woman who wants to be a student, a writer, a mother, and not a temptress, a seductress, or a dancing girl.
Notre Dame is not just a magnificent building in the heart of Paris, a cultural site on tourist checklists, or even a revered space for worship and prayer. It is also a depository of stories with symbolic meaning. People pay attention to what happens in Notre Dame. While it means resilience, strength and beauty for the French and others across the world, it’s also a place where prejudices and harmful images have emerged, affecting the Roma up until today.
I wish this fire didn’t happen and destroy part of the cathedral’s heritage and identity. But now that it has, one way to deal with the loss may be to take a closer look at stories surrounding Notre Dame – some of which have gone unexamined for generations – and smother some of the old stereotypes. Fire is a force of destruction, but also a source of light and catharsis. It causes harm, but it can also heal.
Shortly after the blaze had been extinguished, the French government launched a contest for a new design to rebuild the cathedral. As we think about reconstruction, let’s not only reconstruct the cathedral, but also rewrite stories that Notre Dame tells about the Roma and other stigmatized groups. Someday it could be the site of a Roma speaker, not of a Gypsy dancer. Let’s have a new image of Notre Dame that is inclusive and adapted to a new story that fits the world in which we now live. Perhaps then the commitment of Pinault’s and many others toward redesigning the cathedral will add more complexity and humanity to the already rich and layered symbolism of Notre Dame de Paris.
Cristiana Grigore, a writer living in New York, runs the Roma Peoples Project at Columbia University.
The views expressed in this article are the author’s own.

Gift This, Not That: 10 Teacher-Approved Appreciation Gifts (& 5 Gifts To Avoid)

Hiplist We ❤️ teachers!
They spend their days instructing and inspiring your kiddos, so it’s natural to want to show them your gratitude. But what do teachers really want?! We asked our Hip2Save community (specifically, teachers) about some of their favorite teacher-approved gifts – and which gifts to avoid – to help simplify your teacher appreciation gift giving.
Please note – all teachers are unique, with various needs, wants, and preferences. When in doubt, ask your teacher what he or she needs. And remember, gifts given with kindness and love are always appreciated! BEST Gifts For Teachers Gift cards
“I appreciate gift cards to Amazon. I almost always buy stuff for the classroom, but that makes me happy, so I don’t mind an ounce!” –Wendy
Hip Tip: Check out these fun teacher appreciation gift card tags to make giving a gift card even more thoughtful! Coffee, breakfast, or lunch delivery
“Having a special lunch or coffee/drink delivery is nice.” –Jana
“I had a parent order my family dinner from my favorite pizza place!” –Melissa Letter to the principal
“I am a principal, and I really appreciate getting positive emails about teachers! I love being able to forward them and make their day!!” –Erin Fun and useful teaching supplies
“Colored Expo markers, colored pens, fun Post-it notes…” –Erica
“The best gift I’ve received was a laminator.” –Rachel
“Anything I can actually use in class (lamination sheets, fun pens, books, sheet protectors, etc.)” –Kelly
Hip Tip: Buy school supplies and then make this super creative school supply “cake” ! Beach towels and blankets
“Beach towels are always great! You can never have enough… unlike mugs and knick-knacks that sit around.” –Elizabeth
“I got a beautiful throw blanket once. It’s still on my couch.” –Samantha
“My most useful gift item was a beach towel embroidered with my name.” – Elizabeth
Hip Tip: Make it into a fun summer-themed gift with this printable summer tag. Thank you notes from students or parents
“I have kept the handwritten notes from children for years. I call it my ‘warm fuzzy’ file and break it out every once in a while when I need a smile.” –Liz
“Gift cards are certainly nice, but I also love handwritten notes from parents with specific details of what their child loves about our class and me as their teacher. I keep these in memory and often re-read them. Fills my heart!” –Sherri
“Letters from students mean more than anything to me. I teach middle school, and genuine letters telling me how I impacted them during the school year mean so so very much. If the kids aren’t old enough, then letters from parents. There are so many days where you question your impact and whether you are making an impact. There are also so many days you just want to quit. On those days, I pull those letters out and remind myself why I do it.” –Kimberly Lunch crock
“I gave my student’s teacher a mini Lunch crock-Pot . He loved it and brings it filled for lunch regularly. Such a useful gift idea!” – Cindy
Hip Tip: Check out this post for details on how to gift these Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmers! Small, low-maintenance plants
“I’ve bought succulents or small plants if the teacher has a gardening interest… with a coffee gift card on the [plant] stake.” –Mariah Personalized interest gifts
“I like it when the gift seems personalized due to what they know about me. Like one of my families got us gift cards to the movies because we are huuuuge epic film nerds. Another parent gave me coordinating summer goods for my vintage camper.” –Wendy
“The best gift I received was a handmade BB8. My whole classroom is decorated in Star Wars and two of my students spent a weekend and created a paper mache BB8. I proudly display that every year. By far one of my favorite gifts.” –Ashlei
“When my daughter was in kindergarten, she LOVED her teacher’s shoes (they were apparently soooo fancy), so we got her a gift card to a shoe store, and I wrote her a note telling her how much her shoes had been admired! ” –Shelley Thoughtful service
“One year, the parents washed our cars during the day!” –Erin LEAST Favorite Gifts
There are certain items that (while thoughtful) don’t completely win the praises of teachers: Coffee mugs. Many teachers reported receiving numerous mugs even though they don’t drink coffee. Anything “teacher” or “apple” related. Over time, these super specific gifts lose their novelty. Candles. Some people have their own preferences for scents and brands. Lotion. It’s the same argument as the candles. Homemade food. Even though the treat could be totally delicious, teachers felt overwhelmed with too many sweets or weren’t comfortable with not knowing all the ingredients. But pretty much all teachers agree…
It really is the thought that counts! While there are certain gifts they love and others that they may not go crazy for, knowing that their students and parents appreciate their commitment is really what matters, regardless of the gift. 🤗 Emily ( loves a good deal, especially when it comes to fashion finds, beauty buys, home decor, and all things self-care! Make a thoughtful gift with these cute and clever Teacher Appreciation DIYs ! Share this:

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