On Loch Lomond’s banks, anger grows at £30m resort plan | UK news

On Loch Lomond’s banks, anger grows at £30m resort plan | UK news

Locals and naturalists oppose a proposed hotel development on ‘beautiful and historic’ wooded national park land. A storm is brewing on the banks of Loch Lomond. One of Scotland’s most serene beauty sites has been rocked by a planning and environmental row that swamps anything the elements can throw at it.
Last week, updated plans for a £30m leisure facility near the small town of Balloch at the southern end of the loch were presented to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national park. The project has the backing of Scottish Enterprise, the government agency tasked with stimulating economic development and investment.
Graphic Local residents are aghast. “If they can sell off something as beautiful and historic as Loch Lomond without any government intervention, nowhere in Scotland can be considered off-limits to developers,” said Alannah Maurer, who was born and brought up nearby. Pointing out the places that formed her childhood playground, she added: “This beautiful place was formed over hundreds of millions of years and has been bequeathed to the nation and not to boost the portfolio of billionaire developers.”
The plans include a 60-bedroom “aparthotel”, another 32-bedroom facility that the developers describe as “budget accommodation”, self-catering units and six private houses that are expected to sell for about £800,000 each. Remarkably, this beautiful, wooded stretch of shore was originally purchased by Scottish Enterprise for about £200,000.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Plans for the Lomond Banks resort, with 60-bedroom apart-hotel, 32-bedroom budget hotel, craft brewery, leisure centre and restaurants. Photograph: PA
In 2016, SE announced that the preferred bidder for the site was Flamingo Land, a developer best-known for a theme park and zoo in North Yorkshire. Scottish Enterprise insisted, however, that the development – now named Lomond Banks – would “clearly recognise the key sensitivities of developing within Scotland’s national parks”.
Since then, however, local opposition has built. Neither the SNP nor Labour has chosen to step in, but the Scottish Greens have collected more than 40,000 objections and next month the Green MSP Ross Greer hopes to deliver 50,000 signatures to the national park authority.
“The success of tourism at Loch Lomond comes from the world-famous natural beauty of our national park,” said Greer. “For the sake of a private developer’s profit margins, that world-famous natural beauty, and many jobs and businesses currently dependent on it, are now at risk. Flamingo Land’s own impact assessment was clear about water pollution, destruction of ancient woodland, harm to protected species [including red squirrels and otters] and much more.”
Cameron McNeish, a prominent author, broadcaster and outdoor specialist, said he, too was worried about the proposals: “I do have some grave concerns regarding this proposal. This is public land and has been used by the people of Balloch for a long time. So why is the Scottish government, which says it is committed to land reform, happy to sell off public land at a knock-down price?
“This is public green space, but if this deal goes ahead, it will be turned into a private development. I don’t think that is acceptable or conforms to the spirit of land reform.”
Supporters claim that the land in question is derelict and that a development such as this will enhance the local area. Andy Miller, director of Lomond Banks and former director of sales for Flamingo Land, said: “We are fully committed to seeing Balloch become the true gateway to Loch Lomond. Our plans for West Riverside and Woodbank House offer an opportunity for a unique leisure-based development and, with Lomond Banks, Scotland will have a quality destination that respects and complements the surrounding area.”
If approved, Lomond Banks is due to open in 2024 and would create almost 200 jobs, according to the developers.
The Loch Lomond row comes hot on the heels of two other controversial projects involving the sale of famous Scottish sites. One is a luxury housing development near the war graves at Culloden battlefield ; the other is a golf resort at Coul in Aberdeenshire that will be built over protected sand dunes.
It has never been easier, it seems, to annexe a “wee bit hill and glen” and turn it into a private playground. As Greer’s petition, which last night had been signed by more than 44,000 people , says: “This is about protecting our environment, but it’s also about the fundamental question of who owns Scotland and who our beautiful country is for.”
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Alesha Dixon’s BGT Golden Buzzer revealed as singing schoolgirl Giorgia Borg, 10

Alesha Dixon was left incredibly emotional tonight as she pressed her Golden Buzzer for a a 10-year-old schoolgirl from Malta. Giorgia Borg wowed the judges tonight with her stunning vocals and an original song she herself penned.
She explained that her song was about “how some adults don't listen to their kids”.
Alesha jumped up to give her a standing ovation, saying: “That's how you do it.”
Meanwhile Simon Cowell told her: “I just knew when I woke up this morning this was going to be a great day.
“I have a son who is five and I listen to him, not the other way around.
“I learn a lot more from him than other people so I get it and it was amazing.”
Giorgia Borg wowed the Britain's Got Talent judges tonight (Image: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX) Read More Ant and Dec DESTROY Simon Cowell's prized possession backstage at BGT But as David Walliams was delivering his own comments, Alesha said “oh forget it” before hitting the buzzer and going up on stage to give the singer a hug.
She told her: “You're not even real, congratulations.
“It takes a lot to really move me and you floored me, absolutely floored me.
“Your vocal capability, you lyrical capability, you're 10 years old, this is unbelievable, you're a star. I love everything about you.”
Another act to wow the judges during the latest episode was PC Dave Wardell and his retired police dog, who was stabbed saving his life.
She won a place in the semi-final after Alesha Dixon pressed the Golden Buzzer (Image: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX) Georgia couldn't believe it (Image: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX) Simon was brought to tears as he heard how the service animal was stabbed with a 10-inch blade after he jumped between Mr Wardell and an offender wielding a knife.
Finn suffered serious stab wounds to the chest and head but did not let go until reinforcements arrived, and was initially thought unlikely to survive.
The duo landed four yes votes as they appeared on the talent show to perform an act in which Finn relays words chosen by the judges to his handler.
During the performance, a video about Finn's story is shown, including pictures of the injuries he suffered and his recovery from surgery.
After the audition, Cowell told them: “A dog will literally give up his life for you and for anyone who has been cruel to an animals or a dog, just remember if you had treated him well he would have put his life up ahead of you.”
Alesha jumped up on stage (Image: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX) Alesha said she was left 'floored' by the performance (Image: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX) The judges were also impressed by nine-year-old dancer Ethan Higgins from Dublin, rollerblading duo Rosie and Adam and magician Matt Stirling, 46, from Ruislip, who dazzled with his movie-themed card trick.
Another performer landing a place in the next round was Derek Sandy, 56, from the Isle Of Wight, who got the audience on their feet with his original song Welcome to the Isle Of Wight, performed in front of a montage of photographs of himself at various landmarks on the island.
Meanwhile, couple Katherine and Joe returned to Britain's Got Talent a year after their unsuccessful audition while dressed as Beauty and the Beast.
This time they landed a place in the next round following their audition as Elsa from Frozen and a tap-dancing Sven the reindeer.
Judge Amanda Holden told them: “Sorry, that was genius, that was my favourite thing of the whole day.”
*Britain's Got Talent returns next Saturday at 8pm on ITV
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6 Profound Facts About Ladies With A Gap In Between Their Teeth

[br][br][br][br] 1. A gap in between teeth is the epitome of beauty. There is beauty in a gap-tooth be proud of it.[br][br][br] 2. TOO INTELLIGENT [br][br]It is said that if you have a gap between your two front teeth, you are considered to be very intelligent. It also means that you have very good creative skills. So, if you have a gap between your two front teeth, you are surely Einstein![br][br] 3. TALKATIVE [br][br]Do you know why you are a jabber mouth? One of the reasons why you love to talk is because it is said that people who have a gap between their front teeth have this personality in them. They love to talk right through the day.[br][br] 4. GOOD WITH MONEY [br][br]It is said that people who have a gap between their two front teeth knows how to deal with financial matters in a fine manner. It also means that they have the ability to be at extreme ends where they can save their money or be a spendthrift too.[br][br] 5. HEALTHY EATERS [br][br]Those who have a gap in their front teeth are considered to be healthy eaters. They love to eat and try their palates to different types of food. Is this true with you?[br][br] 6. CAREER WISE [br][br]Among all the luck in the world, it is said that when it comes to career, people who have a gap between their two front teeth will have a steady career. They will also grow up to be very successful people too. So, if you are one of those people who have a gap between the two front upper teeth, you are in luck. These are some of the facts about having a gap between your two front upper teeth.[br][br][br][br]

[Sulbing] Nurungji Crispy Rice Bingsu (Seasonal Flavor) – Reminiscence post

Better late than never for this review of Nurungji Bingsu from Sulbing.
For a while, I was trying every seasonal flavor Sulbing introduced (minus the melon ones because they seemed like they’d be disappointing after expending so much energy to open them.
So, this was the winter seasonal flavor back in Winter 2015/2016. I am so sad that it never came back. (I had this post in drafts for a very long time and then decided to actually publish it…)
So, you’ll not be able to find this flavor, unless they somehow decide to bring it back.
My friend and I liked this flavor because we’re basically senior citizens. Nurungji is the crispy rice that is left at the bottom of the pot. It’s kind of sweet and crispy, which is why I like it so much.
This bingsu also had a ice cream sandwich of sorts made from puffed rice crackers. This was an odd, but welcome addition.
The syrup was kind of a light caramel flavor. Kind of like you’d find on popcorn, but not quite as sweet.
It was messy to eat, but it was a nice change of space.
The bingsu was slightly more expensive than their usual selection at 8,000KRW.
Korean bloggers at the time were calling this a “healthy” bingsu. Yeah, okay…if you say so.
How to find the wifi password or bathroom code at Korean cafes:
So this isn’t a completely useless post, I realized that I had also included a picture of the receipt.
I know when I first moved to Korea, I was always too shy to try and ask for the password to the bathroom or wifi. Luckily, back then, I had Korean friends who introduced me to the secrets at finding wifi passwords, etc. Back then, they didn’t print them on the receipts, but nowadays you can usually find it on the receipts!
If you’re ever in a Korean restaurant or cafe and need a code for either the bathroom or the WiFi, you can sometimes find the information on your receipt.
비밀번호=비번 = password/code
For example, the 화장실 도어비번 (bathroom door code) is 6777 and the Wifi 비번 is 027326777.
As you can see, the codes aren’t exactly unique.
If you’re ever in a jam, you can always try the restaurant or cafe’s phone number as the password. That’s what I usually had to do back in the day (and also in cities outside of Seoul). It’s usually something that will be easy to remember for the staff, so a phone number is an obvious choice.
That was the case at this Sulbing. They used the cafe’s phone number as the Wifi password and then used the last 4 digits of the phone number as the bathroom code.
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