Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger

Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger > Earth Matters > Wilderness & Resources Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger One of Earth’s most impressive ecosystems is in dire straits. Here are the main issues threatening this magnificent natural wonder. April 29, 2019, 8:39 a.m. A gorgeous aerial view of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. (Photo: ProDesign Studio/Shutterstock)
As you probably already know, the Great Barrier Reef is in big trouble. About 50 percent of the reef’s coral cover has already been lost, and the generally agreed-upon estimate is that it all could be gone by 2050 unless major action is taken.
The clock is ticking, and unprecedented coral-bleaching events in 2016 and 2017 only demonstrate how precarious — and urgent — the situation is.
The thin silver lining is that, because the reef’s plight is so dire, it’s receiving a surge of attention in the form of research and rehab. The Australian national and Queensland state governments together spend about 200 million Australian dollars ($150 million) every year to protect the reef’s health, and in April 2018, Australia’s environment ministry announced that 500 million Australian dollars ($378 million) would be set aside for reef preservation , reportedly the largest-ever single investment for that purpose. While many experts say this still isn’t enough, the efforts are ongoing.
Here’s a closer look at what makes the Great Barrier Reef great, why that greatness is at risk and how people are trying to save this natural wonder before it’s too late: Why the reef is so important
A view of the Great Barrier Reef from space, captured by NASA’s Terra satellite. (Photo: Jacques Descloitres/NASA/GSFC)
The Great Barrier Reef is called “great” for good reason. The superlative refers partly to the reef’s immense size: It can be seen from space, stretching over 1,600 miles (2,575 kilometers), which is similar to the distance from Boston to Miami, and covering 133,000 square miles (344,000 square kilometers).
But this massive area isn’t just ocean with some coral here and there. It includes a remarkable diversity of habitats and life. According to the World Wildlife Fund : “The Reef is composed of 3,000 individual reef systems, 600 tropical islands and about 300 coral cays. This complex maze of habitats provides refuge for an astounding variety of marine plants and animals — from ancient sea turtles, reef fish and 134 species of sharks and rays, to 400 different hard and soft corals and a plethora of seaweeds.”
Of course, these sea creatures deserve to exist for their own sake, but their existence — and the health of the reef — benefits humans, too. The reef acts as nursery and sanctuary for a fishing industry that feeds hundreds of thousands of people, and tourists flock to the reef to experience its incredibly beauty — to the tune of 6 billion Australian dollars ($4.5 billion) a year. And that combined supports almost 70,000 Australian jobs. What are the threats to the reef?
The coral of the Great Barrier Reef has struggled to survive assaults from climate change and coral bleaching. (Photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images)
There is action being taken on a number of fronts to protect the reef. Solving the problem of coral die-off is expensive and complex because there are at least four main threats to the reef’s health, and all have to be dealt with to help the coral.
The Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan is the grand plan for protecting the Great Barrier Reef through 2050, and it’s how the Australian government answered the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s concerns that would have otherwise put the reef on its list of “world heritage in danger,” which would have been an embarrassment for Australia. UNESCO regularly assesses the conservation status of World Heritage sites included on its list. The Reef 2050 plan began in 2015, but some government experts say it is already unachievable due to climate-change impacts. What is coral bleaching?
High ocean temperatures have triggered major coral-bleaching events at the Great Barrier Reef in recent years. (Photo: Darkydoors/Shutterstock)
Coral bleaching events are a reaction by coral to environmental stress. A bleaching event is a visible SOS by coral, indicating that something is going very wrong.
Bleaching doesn’t directly kill coral, but it weakens them severely, often later leading to death as they become more vulnerable to disease. Coral, as you may remember from science class, are animals that live in a symbiotic relationship with certain photosynthetic algae, called zooxanthellae . The coral provide the algae with a safe environment and compounds needed for photosynthesis, while the algae reciprocate with food, oxygen and waste removal (along with their vibrant colors).
This relationship can break down, however, due to environmental stress — namely high seawater temperatures, the risk of which are rising due to human-induced climate change. This thermal stress can force the coral to eject their zooxanthellae, which is initially helpful since heat can cause the algae to produce corrosive substances . If the water remains too hot for too long, however, corals can gradually starve as they turn white due to a lack of zooxanthellae (hence the name “bleaching”).
On top of this danger to corals themselves, whose fates tend to foreshadow broader trends, here are some of the greatest threats to the reef ecosystem overall: Climate change and the reef
Climate change is the largest threat to the reef, because it affects the following:
Ocean acidification: Since the 1700s, about 30 percent of the extra carbon dioxide that humans have pumped into the atmosphere has been absorbed by the oceans. This has changed the oceans’ chemistry, making them more acidic — a process known as ocean acidification — which makes it harder for corals (and many other marine animals) to build their calcium-based skeletal structures.
Cyclones: Climate change also favors the development of more powerful tropical cyclones, which can cause significant damage to shallow coral reefs. In addition, during cyclones or other strong storm events, more freshwater and sediments (which essentially smother corals) can make their way into the reef.
Rising sea levels and sea temperatures: The fast-moving changes caused by climate change mean that shoreline plants and animals don’t have time to adapt to changes in sea level or temperature. While sea level has risen and fallen over thousands of years, climate change means it happens much faster, so life isn’t able to adjust quickly enough.
Migration: Warming ocean temperatures are causing the Great Barrier Reef to move south away from the equator, according to 2019 research . However, scientists believe that the reef will not “migrate” off the coast of Brisbane, because other factors could stop it before it gets too far south.
Climate change is not directly addressed in the Reef 2050 plan, which some experts on the Reef 2050 advisory committee have called out as a huge problem. Considering the severity of the reef’s health, some of those experts are calling for a plan to simply maintain the ecological function of the reef, saying it’s already too late to restore its former glory. Local impacts affecting the reef
There are things affecting the reef health that are easier for the Australian and Queensland governments to do something about, since they are issues that can be addressed regionally. None of these is as impactful as climate change, but they can help corals on the margins stay alive versus dying out.
Protected areas around the Great Barrier Reef tend to have richer biodiversity. (Photo: Ryan McMinds /Flickr)
When more fish are caught than an ecosystem can sustain over time, that’s overfishing. On the Great Barrier Reef, that happens due to sport and commercial fishing of certain kinds of large, predator fish like coral trout and snapper. When you overfish at the top of the food chain, it causes significant changes all the way down. A less diverse reef is a less resilient reef, and that affects coral health.
“Predatory fish are extremely important for maintaining a balanced ecosystem on the reef, yet predators such as coral trout, snapper and emperor fish remain the main target for both recreational and commercial fishers,” April Boaden, a Ph.D. student who studied fish populations at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies , said in a release. In her 2015 paper, Boaden looked at areas where fishing was allowed versus areas where fishing was banned (green zones) and found a significant difference. In areas that allowed commercial and sport fishing, the number of predator fish was lower, as was diversity.
Illegal fishing in those “no-fishing” zones is on the rise. “People are intentionally breaking the law and intentionally going into the [green] zones and fishing; both commercial and recreational fishers,” acting general manager of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Richard Quincey told the Australian Broadcasting Company . “One of the reasons for that is they know there are more fish in there. There can be two or more times higher [fish numbers] as a minimum in protected, closed zones and therefore it becomes an attractive proposition.”
The good news is that managing fishing is one of the easier ways to protect the reef ecosystem, and patrols and fines for people fishing in green zones have been stepped up. A new fisheries management plan is still being worked through, with many in the commercial fishing industry opposing it.
Ship traffic
Fuel oil leaks from the Shen Neng 1, a Chinese-registered bulk coal carrier that ran aground on a shoal in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in April 2010. (Photo: Maritime Safety Queensland/Getty Images)
Large ships filled with materials mined by Australia’s extractive industries — often sent to China — also threaten the reef with physical damage if they experience an accident, as a disaster in 2010 proved. That year, a Chinese ship called Shen Neng 1 ran aground on the reef, gashing an almost 2-mile scar into the reef and dumping tons of toxic fuel oil onto the fragile corals. If that wasn’t bad enough, cleanup took more than six years as a legal battle against the Chinese company that caused the damage wended its way through the courts. The government didn’t have funds available to restore the reef and collect later because it only had money set aside for damage caused by oil spills and other pollutants, not crashes.
“With the number of ships travelling through the reef only increasing, especially if the port of Abbot Point is expanded to ship coal from the proposed Carmichael mine straight through the reef, the next Shen Neng disaster is not a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’,” Russell Reichelt, the chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, told the Guardian .
Coastal pollution
Probably the most work done to protect the reef has been in the area of reducing runoff of toxic chemicals and particulate matter, which smothers and sickens the coral on the reef — much of it from the agricultural areas adjacent to the Queensland coast. By working to restore stream- and river-side vegetation (which keeps as much sediment from running into rivers and out into the sea), monitoring aquaculture operations, and minimizing development near the coast, some of these impacts have been reduced by 10 or 15 percent over just a few years.
But it might not matter. During the most recent coral-bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, “reefs in muddy water were just as fried as those in pristine water,” Terry P. Hughes, the director of a center for coral reef studies at James Cook University, told the New York Times . “That’s not good news in terms of what you can do locally to prevent bleaching — the answer to that is not very much at all. You have to address climate change directly.”
Crown-of-thorns starfish
The crown-of-thorns starfish has become a major threat to the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. (Photo: Shutterstock)
Over the past three decades, 40 percent of the loss of corals is due to the crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), a native coral-eating species that can be part of a balanced reef ecosystem. Unfortunately, COTS populations can abruptly explode into outbreaks — and those outbreaks seem to be growing more frequent in recent decades. That may be due to excess nitrogen from agricultural runoff, which can boost the plankton that feed COTS larvae.
“Nitrogen run-off from farms leads to algal blooms in Reef waters,” explains the World Wildlife Fund . “This algae is a prime food source for starfish larvae, producing population explosions that decimate corals. The current outbreak, which has been building for five years, will further damage the Reef’s coral systems.”
Agricultural fields stretch across the landscape in North Queensland, Australia. (Photo: Aerometrex/Shutterstock)
A program that would pay people to remove the starfish and kill them was implemented to deal with outbreaks of these starfish. A robot was even developed to kill the starfish more efficiently. However, an investigation by the Australian National Audit Office concluded in November 2016 that the government was unable to provide any evidence the culling program worked or was a smart use of money.
“It may, in fact, be contributing to the development of more chronic and persistent starfish outbreaks,” Udo Engelhardt, a leading researcher and head of the research consultancy Reefcare International told the Guardian. The future of the Great Barrier Reef
A coral reef surrounding Green Island, near Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. (Photo: AustralianCamera/Shutterstock)
What comes next for the Great Barrier Reef remains a big question. Many organizations are working hard to minimize a wide range of dangers, and the good news is that at least some of those efforts seem to be working.
In September 2018, Tourism and Events Queensland announced a “positive update” that some affected areas of the Great Barrier Reef showed “significant signs of improvement,” reported Bloomberg .
“When a reef is reported as ‘bleached’ in the media, that often leaves out a critical detail on how severe that bleaching is, at what depth the bleaching has occurred and if it’s going to cause permanent damage to the coral at that site,” said Sheriden Morris, The Reef and Rainforest Research Center managing director, in a statement to Bloomberg, and the reef “has significant capacity to recover from health impacts like bleaching events.”
Morris did note that the recovery is contingent on environmental conditions and another major bleaching event could still occur if ocean temperatures continue to rise.
It’s clear we need to act quickly to prevent this natural wonder from fading away. And for anyone who has gazed upon that turquoise water and its rich array of wildlife, even if only in pictures, there’s no doubt this place is worth fighting for.
Editor’s note: This article has been updated since it was originally published in April 2018.

NHL Trade Rumor: Claude Giroux for Anze Kopitar

According to sources with The Athletic there may be a blockbuster brewing at the NHL Draft in June. As both the LA Kings and Philadelphia Flyers get ready for next season with a new bench boss, there has been a ton of speculation surrounding both clubs making moves, more specifically their superstars Claude Giroux and Anze Kopitar.
Both stars have only known the one team, and are on long termed deals at roughly $10 million dollars. Kopitar had a rough 2019 only managing 60 points, while Giroux finished the year with 85 points. Dealing Giroux for the Flyers and Kopitar for the Kings would be a huge chance for each team to hit the reset button without having to ship bodies overboard and rebuild from scratch.
What are your thoughts on the potential of the deal? Is 1 for 1 enough here? How pissed would Drew Doughty be? Who knows, what we do know is Kopitar is a pure beauty! Interview With Turkish Street Photographer Hakan Biyiklioglu

3:11 PM , IFTTT , photography No comments
Hakan Biyiklioglu is a street photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. He started photography when he was 19 years old with his father’s Yashica camera, but there were 20+ years big gap after that. Now again he started his passion in street photography. His main profession is SaaS R&D Manager in Mikro Software Company, Istanbul.
In his words about learning through photography over the years “Besides the artistic aspects, photography teaches you the most important value: Respect for others’ lives. When you start to photograph, you realize. You realize the lives around you. People look different, move different and believe differently than you. This reflects in your shots. You start to witness that more closely. Eventually, you accept the fact that people have their own choices and values. You touch this fact and people start to touch you just by appearing in your frames.”
Such an inspiring interview. Thanks, Hakan for accepting our invite. Please read on… Hi Hakan, thank you for joining us here today! First of all, Could you please introduce yourself?
Hello to all the readers and I must say that I am really happy to be here. I am Hakan, born and lived in Istanbul, Turkey. I have 3 kids, ages 22, 14 and 14, and the oldest living with me. I graduated from Computer Science, Southeast Missouri State. Please share some of your childhood memories towards the art?
Of course, when I was a kid the internet was out of the question. We did not have much chance to see art around us. Today’s kids are so lucky about that. They grow up surrounded by art. I do not recall exactly but I think the first piece of art I saw was a replica of Sunrise by Claude Monet. The colors, the minimalistic silhouettes, and serenity drew me into it. When did you start shooting and how did this love for photography happen?
I started shooting when I was 19. It all started by discovering my father’s Yashica body and lens in the house and asking myself, “how does this work?” Started shooting some travel photos and portraits with friends and soon it evolved into artistic approaches, followed by the love of black and white. I did not have a dark room of my own. At the time, I did not have the opportunity, unfortunately. When I was 22, I went to Missouri, the USA for university and it was the start for the big gap in my photography. Marriage, kids, and work followed the graduation and photography did not have the chance to surface for another 20+ years. But you know, true love eventually surfaces What makes street photography so special for you?
Definitely its natural stage. Life flows in it. Millions of scenes and frames stream in it. It is like a giant river of art. When I go out on the streets for shooting, it feels like leaving myself into the current of that river. All I have to do is “see”, knowing that a shadow, a piece of light, a silhouette or a hidden geometry will reveal an ordinary street spot’s beauty. Aesthetics and beauty are all around us. Our paths cross with them. When you learn to see, those paths start to cross more often. It becomes a growing river and growing current in it. You are from Istanbul, a few words about your city and culture?
Yes, I was born in Istanbul. I lived most of my life here. I love this city, there is no doubt about it. Except sometimes I have the dilemma: Do I love this city because I was born into it? Or is it really beautiful? I go for the first answer when I deal with too much traffic and chaos Well, not too often. Although it is a difficult city to survive in, Istanbul is a huge cultural mosaic. After the 1970s, people migrated here for job opportunities from all over Turkey. Its culture evolves by the second, giving us the perfect environment for street photography. Especially the historical peninsula is the ultimate stage for that. What is that you have adhered and learned through photography over the years?
This is a very good question actually. Besides the artistic aspects, photography teaches you the most important value: Respect for others’ lives. When you start to photograph, you realize. You realize the lives around you. People look different, move different and believe differently than you. This reflects in your shots. You start to witness that more closely. Eventually, you accept the fact that people have their own choices and values. You touch this fact and people start to touch you just by appearing in your frames. What is a good photograph for you?
I think I have given this a lot of thought from time to time. There are so many things that define a good photograph. Some of these things are common and some are subjective. I would say that a good photograph is the one that changes your facial expression, even slightly, when you look at it. You smile, you frown, you sigh, your eyes grow bigger, your head tilts back slightly and so on. This is because the photograph manages to reflect a feeling towards you. Could you please share one or two photographs from your portfolio and the story behind it?
Every photograph certainly has its own story. When I look at one of my photographs, I do remember that moment, with most of its details. I remember how I felt, what happened around me and how I clicked the shutter. The one with the black cat is among the special ones though. I was shooting a moody scene by the seaside rocks in Kadıköy. It was a cloudy day with a dramatic sky. There was a guy sitting in a distance and I was going to make him the minimalistic subject. Suddenly this cute black cat pops in front of me, from among the big rocks. Almost posing and telling me to shoot its portrait It stayed there for a few seconds and ran. It was one of my photographs that is featured on SPi Instagram page. What do you do to keep motivated, and not lose your passion for photography?
I believe that after a certain point it is impossible to lose the passion for photography. It haunts you and you love to be haunted It is the excitement of possibility that anything can happen anytime. It is the hope and belief that you have not taken your best shot yet. Knowing that probably you never will. Which photographers have inspired you?
I admire and respect a lot of photographers’ work. Henri Cartier-Bresson, İbrahim Zaman, and Alan Schaller are among these names. What camera and lenses do you use the majority of the time?
For the last few years, I have been using Fuji XPro 2 . I have a thing for the mirrorless cameras I mostly walk around with my 10-24 wide angle and 16 prime lenses. I use 16-55 on occasions. I very rarely use a Tele lens. I like to get close to my subjects, be in the scene. Prime lenses teach you that discipline. Any favorite photography books?
I would definitely go for The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson . Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barret is another book I have read with lots of enthusiasm. What does Hakan do when not behind the lens?
Well, he is behind a computer screen and designs software I have always worked in information technologies and my field is business applications. I have had my own firm and it was acquired in 2015, by the biggest software company in Turkey, Logo Business Solutions. Currently, I am working as SaaS R&D Manager in Mikro Software Company, Istanbul. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
If you have people around you who love you for who you are, I would consider this as one’s greatest achievement. It means you collected memories and people instead of different materials. What is your favorite motto?
It is a classic but I find such joy in it: Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Apart from photography, tell me about your hobbies and interests?
I love to travel! Preferably drive through places I have never been before. Exploration is the best feeling a person can ever taste. I also play the drums in an amateur band. Thanks again for providing 121 Clicks with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?
Thank you for the chance to be here. They were all inspiring questions that I have replied with enthusiasm. I hope this interview along with my photographs can draw someone into photography. That would make me truly happy. Also, for anyone who wants to ask me anything, any info or help about Istanbul street photography, they can find me on Instagram . Thank you You can find Hakan Biyiklioglu on the Web: Instagram
Copyrights: All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Hakan Biyiklioglu . Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners. from

A Praying Pulpit Be-gets a Praying Pew

====A Praying Pulpit Be-gets a Praying Pew==== “I judge that my prayer is more than the devil himself; if it were otherwise, Luther would have fared differently long before this. Yet men will not see and acknowledge the great wonders or miracles God works in my behalf. If I should neglect prayer but a single day, I should lose a great deal of the fire of faith.”–Martin Luther “I judge that my prayer is more than the devil himself; if it were otherwise, Luther would have fared differently long before this. Yet men will not see and acknowledge the great wonders or miracles God works in my behalf. If I should neglect prayer but a single day, I should lose a great deal of the fire of faith.”–Martin Luther Latest revision as of 01:15, 29 April 2019 A Praying Pulpit Be-gets a Praying Pew
“I judge that my prayer is more than the devil himself; if it were otherwise, Luther would have fared differently long before this. Yet men will not see and acknowledge the great wonders or miracles God works in my behalf. If I should neglect prayer but a single day, I should lose a great deal of the fire of faith.”–Martin Luther
Only glimpses of the great importance of prayer could the apostles get before Pentecost. But the Spirit coming and filling on Pentecost elevated prayer to its vital and all-commanding position in the gospel of Christ. The call now of prayer to every saint is the Spirit’s loudest and most exigent call. Sainthood’s piety is made, refined, perfected, by prayer. The gospel moves with slow and timid pace when the saints are not at their prayers early and late and long.
Where are the Christly leaders who can teach the modern saints how to pray and put them at it? Do we know we are raising up a prayerless set of saints? Where are the apostolic leaders who can put God’s people to praying? Let them come to the front and do the work, and it will be the greatest work which can be done. An increase of educational facilities and a great increase of money force will be the direst curse to religion if they are not sanctified by more and better praying than we are doing. More praying will not come as a matter of course. The campaign for the twentieth or thirtieth century fund will not help our praying but hinder if we are not careful. Nothing but a specific effort from a praying leadership will avail.
The chief ones must lead in the apostolic effort to radicate the vital importance and fact of prayer in the heart and life of the Church. None but praying leaders can have praying followers. Praying apostles will beget praying saints. A praying pulpit will beget praying pews. We do greatly need some body who can set the saints to this business of praying. We are not a generation of praying saints. Non-praying saints are a beggarly gang of saints who have neither the ardor nor the beauty nor the power of saints. Who will restore this breach? The greatest will he be of reformers and apostles, who can set the Church to praying.
We put it as our most sober judgment that the great need of the Church in this and all ages is men of such commanding faith, of such unsullied holiness, of such marked spiritual vigor and consuming zeal, that their prayers, faith, lives, and ministry will be of such a radical and aggressive form as to work spiritual revolutions which will form eras in individual and Church life. We do not mean men who get up sensational stirs by novel devices, nor those who attract by a pleasing entertainment; but men who can stir things, and work revolutions by the preaching of God’s Word and by the power of the Holy Ghost, revolutions which change the whole current of things.
Natural ability and educational advantages do not figure as factors in this matter; but capacity for faith, the ability to pray, the power of thorough consecration, the ability of self-littleness, an absolute losing of one’s self in God’s glory, and an ever-present and insatiable yearning and seeking after all the fullness of God–men who can set the Church ablaze for God; not in a noisy, showy way, but with an intense and quiet heat that melts and moves everything for God.
God can work wonders if he can get a suitable man. Men can work wonders if they can get God to lead them. The full endowment of the spirit that turned the world upside down would be eminently useful in these latter days. Men who can stir things mightily for God, whose spiritual revolutions change the whole aspect of things, are the universal need of the Church. The Church has never been without these men; they adorn its history; they are the standing miracles of the divinity of the Church; their example and history are an unfailing inspiration and blessing. An increase in their number and power should be our prayer.
That which has been done in spiritual matters can be done again, and be better done. This was Christ’s view. He said “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” The past has not exhausted the possibilities nor the demands for doing great things for God. The Church that is dependent on its past history for its miracles of power and grace is a fallen Church.
God wants elect men–men out of whom self and the world have gone by a severe crucifixion, by a bankruptcy which has so totally ruined self and the world that there is neither hope nor desire of recovery; men who by this insolvency and crucifixion have turned toward God perfect hearts. Let us pray ardently that God’s promise to prayer may be more than realized.


Saturday, April 27, 2019 x After making a breakfast of fresh fruit and yoghurt, we both sit down at the dining table and discuss what our plans are for the day. We decide to drive into the beautiful city of Cairns for some shopping and lunch. I walk to the bathroom, in desperate need of a shower after this morning’s activities. I do tease you and say loudly that I am all alone and need you to wash my back. Within seconds I feel your hands on my face, covering my eyes, whispering into my ear that I am your whore and such a tease. You turn me to face you, my back against the herringbone tiled wall, your lips seeking mine. I love when you do this Master. Your kisses blind me with my love for you. Nowhere to go. No one to interfere. It is just the two of us. You place soft, delicate kisses on my neck, my shoulders, that sweet spot under my left ear. Making my skin become covered in goose bumps despite the hot water of the shower. 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The smile on your face as you see your submissive content over something as basic as mango smoothie makes me laugh. But Master, you teased me so this morning and I was an extremely horny, sexually frustrated submissive. I would tease you as you teased me. Then we will see which one of us is wearing the smile. I take your hand and drag you into the perfume store. I am gone when a man walks past wearing a sexy scent. It is like a weapon against us poor women. Us poor defenceless women can’t help but follow and inhale that beautiful manly cologne. We try out many scents and settle on an Armani and Calvin Klein one for you. I cannot stop smelling you. It is so addictive and intoxicating. The effect that it has on me is not fair. I feel my cheeks heat up as I feel myself getting wet and turned on. I steal a glance at you and you are staring back, highly amused. You take me by the hand and lead me out of the store, that intoxicating smell following. My mind is clouded, my eyes glazed over with lust. If you had taken me right there and then in front of all those people, I would not have minded the slightest bit. Walking through the mall, we come across a beauty salon, one that does manicure and pedicures. We check if they have any availabilities and by chance, they could fit me in right there and then. I ask you what will keep you occupied while I am getting my nails done and you said not to worry about you and to enjoy. I settle into the massage chair as my feet soak and enjoy the pampering. My mind wandering briefly as to what my Master would be getting up to in this foreign world of Australia. I choose a metallic dark blue gel nail polish for both my fingernails and toenails. My favourite colour in the whole wide world. You come back an hour later, the same shopping bags in your hand of stores that we had already visited. A suspicious smile passed over my face. What have you been up to Master? You admire the colour I chose and said it matched well with my eyes, before stealing a kiss. ‘Are there any other places you would like to visit while we are here my love?’ you ask and that is when my idea to tease you back came to mind. I replied that I would like to see the music record store before we go back to our accommodation for the day. This makes you laugh. My love of music will never disappear. We walk to the other side of the mall, going up to the next level by the escalator. I always have this fear that my foot will get stuck in one of these for some reason. We arrive at the giant music store. It is nearly closing time and the whole store seems almost abandoned except for the one store attendant who is busy with end of day duties. There are aisles upon aisles of CD’s, vinyl records, CD players, surround sound systems, amplifiers and musical instruments. I am walking very slowly in front of you, my eyes scanning the heavy metal section. I think we both know I would probably buy each and every CD if I could. I think about how I am going to implement my plan so I start to rub my hands over your chest, placing soft kisses on your neck before moving away. I am teasing you between the aisles of CD’s, rubbing my arse up against your cock, grinding into it before quickly walking away. Throwing a stare over my shoulder back at you, a mischievous smile on face. My Dominant does like to be teased but not to such an extent. I could see the possessiveness and want build up on your face like an ominous storm cloud. I had your attention for sure but I did not know what you would do with such a tease. I lose sight of you as I find my niche of symphonic metal. Leaning over the stand to get a closer look at the CD’s at the back, I feel you press your cock up against my exposed ass. I am not wearing any panties and I can feel your hardness through your pants. You whisper into my ear that I am such a tease and that I am about to be shown how much a slut I am for you. You lift up the edge of my skirt, I hear the sound of a zipper before I feel your hard, throbbing cock, force itself into my wet, warm and inviting pussy. I struggle not to make a sound, a slight moan escaping my lips. How I have needed this. To be impaled on your cock. Even in such a public place. I start to rock my hips back onto your cock, my pussy, taking each and every inch of you. I feel so full, so complete and so much like a slut. You are fucking me in a music store! I feel your hands on my hips, pulling me back tight onto your cock. Whispering to me that I am your slut, your slave, your bitch. I can only nod my head, my teeth biting into my tongue to stop myself from moaning and whimpering from the amazing sensations I am feeling right now. My eyes flicker open and I see a face from afar, the shop attendant, watching me get fucked in the middle of the heavy metal section. My face burns with embarrassment, I am sure you have not noticed that we were being watched. My nipples pointed through my top, my wet pussy, a sheath around your cock, I am in the throes of ecstasy right now. You start to really pound into me, your balls making wet slapping sounds which thankfully are masked by the sound of the music being played on the store wide audio system. I close my eyes and just lose myself in the moment. This is what I needed right now. All that sexual frustration that was built up from this morning was being satisfied. How I love when you control me like this. Treat me like such a slut, because that is what I am. Your slut to use whenever and however you see fit. I can feel you speeding up your thrusting, your grunting sounds loud in my ear. I am so close as well, desperate to feel that much needed release. You whisper harshly into my ear, that I want you to beg. I want you to beg for me to allow you to cum. To plead out loud for me to fuck you and to cum deep inside you. My face flushes at the thought and I almost lose my nerve but you are edging me closer and closer the one thing I have needed all day and I wasn’t going to lose that now. I start to murmur for you to fuck me. You pretend you cannot hear me and start to slow down your thrusts. I sigh in resignation, I know that was never going to be satisfactory to you Master. I start to moan loud and plead with you to fuck me. To make me your slave and your slut. That I exist only to please you. You grab hold of my hair and pull it as you start to fuck me harder and harder. My eyes are closed, my pussy is so wet for its owner. Please cum deep inside me Master. Please let me cum on your cock. Let my pussy milk every last drop of your seed. This has the desired effect on both of us as you groan and give my permission to cum as you start pumping our hot, white cum deep inside my pussy. I cum so hard on your cock, the orgasm tearing through my body. I am so grateful you are holding onto me because I became so light headed from the cloud you sent me to. Wave after wave of pleasure washing over both of us. We finally become aware of our surroundings once more, you pull out your cock, motioning for me to clean it with my tongue. I kneel before you, my tongue licking both of our juices from your now softening cock. My eyes staring up at you as I lick your cock in appreciation for the pleasure it just allowed me to feel. You pull me to my feet, tucking yourself back in and pull me skirt down over my arse. You kiss me very passionately, whispering to me that you knew what I was up to all along. I look into your eyes, the sheepishness displayed clearly on my face. You know me to well. ‘Were there any CD’s that you would like’? You ask. I pick up a couple and we head to the checkout area. I could not even look the shop attendant in the eyes. Knowing that they had just witnessed us fucking in public. Heading out of the mall and making our way back to the car, I can feel your cum leaking down my leg. As reminder of the fucking I had just experienced. How delightful it was to experience. We get into the car and you hand me a ring box. My heart starts to race and all I could think was ‘Surely not’. Inside that beautiful box was not a ring. No. It contained a one centimetre length of the measuring band. I cannot help but smile. You are teasing me. It is not my fault you are the tone deaf one Master and I can sing better. What will happen in our next experience? I do wonder and look forward to it. Dear Taryn I had been in adult book stores a few times, but I was interested in their porno videos and didn’t spend much time looking around the stores to see what else they had. I didn’t think it was a lot of BDSM stuff, but I could have been mistaken. To my knowledge Suzie had never been in such an establishment. There were no windows to give a hint of what the interior was like, so we were both a little nervous as we pushed the heavy metal door open. We were no sooner inside the door when a young woman, with one arm covered in colorful tattoos and some small silver rings poking through various places on her face, greeted us cheerfully. We each kind of sheepishly returned, “Hello.” “Can I help you with anything?” she asked. “No, thanks. Not right now,” I answered. “We just want to look around a little.” “That’s fine. Take your time. Let me know if you have any questions. My name’s Megan. And Jason is in the back somewhere. He’ll be around to help you also.” “Thanks, Megan.” Megan. I was sure, had already figured out that we were first timers, as a couple at least, inside an adult toy store. Her referencing Jason was probably in case we didn’t feel comddfortable talking to a female about sex things. We walked around the store, getting an idea of the kinds of things they had, and were awestruck by the variety and types of apparatus, implements, toys and wearables. Lots of leather, mostly black. After taking in the assortment of stuff, we started looking in earnest for things we thought we could use. Suzie suggested we start out with some leather cuffs. “Everyone seems to use them,” she said. “Even at the Gala. They’ve got to be more comfortable than those handcuffs Bob gave you.” “Good idea. Now where are they?” As luck would have it they were in a display case. “Guess we’re going to need some help already,” I said. Luckily, Jason had appeared and we asked him to help us with the cuffs. He gave us a quick lesson in the different types and we chose a pair of wrist cuffs and one of ankle cuffs. Suzie wrapped them around her respective joints to be sure they fit. Black leather, fur lined. What could be more comfy? Or stylish? It was a start. Jason got a basket for us to carry our selections in while we looked around. He told us that we would need some snap hooks to use to fasten the cuffs to things. Remembering Len’s advice about getting them cheaper elsewhere, I told him we already had some. I looked over their huge assortment of impact paraphernalia, holding, feeling and even slapping some against the palm of my hand. Suzie, meanwhile, was looking through the fetish-wear, holding some very sexy looking garments up to herself and studying the look in a mirror. I saw her taking some things to Megan at the counter. I suspected that she had picked out some things that she wanted to surprise me with. That was fine with me. I selected a leather paddle that had a soft padding on one side and hard, black leather on the other. It was about 3″ wide by 12″ long, not counting the handle. This ought to do for starters. My hand’s still stinging from yesterday’s spanking. I thought. The paddle went into the basket with the cuffs. All these items seemed pretty pricey to me so I decided that that was enough for now. I glanced at the wall full of dildos and vibrators, but since Suzie already had one of each there was no reason to look at them. I called to Suzie to meet me at the cashier (Megan). Suzie told me that she had picked out a couple of things but wanted to surprise me with them. Megan was totaling up our bill when Suzie spotted something in the case next to us. “Oh, Look, Tom,” She said. These must be what Leila was telling us about. What she uses on Len. What did she call them?” “Yeh, you’re right. Cock cages, I think.” They look kind of complicated. How do they go on, I wonder?” Megan, having overheard us, came over and took one out of the case. She took it apart and then showed us how it’s placed on the man’s genitals to keep him from having an erection. Suzie looked embarrassed to be hearing this from a total stranger who had explained everything as though it were how to work a can opener. All in a day’s work. Megan asked if we were interested in getting one and I very quickly said no. Suzie said, “Not yet, anyway.” “Not ever,” I corrected. We left the store with two bags of things we had picked out. Suzie carried her “surprises” and I, the cuffs and paddle. “That was sure an interesting store,” I said to Suzie as we walked to the car. “It certainly was. I saw a lot of things that interested me. We’ll have to come back after we have some more experience.” “I agree,” I said as we got to the car. As we were driving home Suzie asked, “Did you talk to Len about the stuff he’s making for us?” “Yes, I did. He hopes to be finished by this weekend and suggested that they come over and he can help set things up. Think that’ll be OK?” Suzie thought for a moment, then said, “Well, Saturday’s your golf day with Bob. Maybe Sunday.” “I’ll call him tomorrow and see if that’s OK with him and Leila. I’m really anxious to get it done now that we have this new stuff.” I called Bob the next Friday morning and he said, “Sure, Tom. Sunday will work for us. I’m sure I’ll be all finished with the bench. We’ll bring it over and show you how to put it together. And maybe we can figure a way to rig up a way to put Suzie in bondage standing. You know like we have in our closet door.” “Great. I’d appreciate that.” “Oh, wait a sec. The Titans are playing Sunday afternoon. I really want to watch the game.” “I do too. Why don’t you come over around Noon and we can watch the game after you show us the bench?” “We can do that, but I think we should come earlier so you and I can run down to the hardware store to get some things we’ll need. There is a hardware store in Millville, isn’t there?” “Sure. There’s an Ace Hardware pretty close to us. So why don’t you come at eleven? Suzie can fix a little something for lunch and after the game I’ll have some pizza delivered. Sound OK?” “Perfect. We’ll see you Sunday then.” “Great. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re making.” They arrived promptly at eleven Sunday morning. Len and Leila each carried some pieces of the bondage bench which Len had made for us. I went back to the car with Len to carry in the remaining parts. After we all exchanged hellos, hugs, and kisses, Len suggested that he and I leave for the Ace hardware store in town to get the needed supplies. We told the girls that we’d be back in less than an hour. I was sure that they would be exchanging questions and ideas about the BDSM world into which Suzie and I were embarking. Len asked, while we were driving to the hardware store, “So what did you two get at the adult store in Knoxville the other night?” “Not much,” I replied. “We got wrist and ankle cuffs, and a leather paddle. Suzie got some kind of apparel, but she won’t show me so I’m not sure just what she got.” “Ah,” Len said. “Surprises. Surprises are always good. So, if you got cuffs you’ll need some snap hooks to fasten them to something. Let’s get them first so we don’t forget.” At the hardware store Len asked where we would find the snap hooks and the clerk in the red shirt, the “helpful hardware man”, took us to the section in the rear of the store where there were seemingly hundreds of different sizes, shapes, and types of fasteners. Len looked them over and then pulled a dozen of one type off the display. “These are what you need, Tom. See, they open at both ends, so you can attach two things together. Like a cuff to a chain. Which reminds me. We have to get some chain. Ah, there it is over there. Len looked over the dozen or so types and sizes of chains. This’ll do. It’s what you’d use to hang a light fixture from the ceiling. It’s strong enough and has large enough links so the snap hooks can be put on and off easily. He got the clerk to cut a twelve foot piece of the chain. Now, just one more thing. We need a few one inch eye bolts to fasten to the studs, or beams, or door jambs, or headers. Wherever we find the right spot in your house for you to fasten Suzie, like Leila had me the other night.” “I certainly remember that. Do you really think Suzie will let me tie her up like that?” “She will if she’s serious about this whole thing. Being tied up is a starting point into BDSM for most people. Now, let’s get going so we can assemble things and watch the game. I’ve got $25 riding on the Titans.” The first thing we did when we got home was to put together the bondage/spanking bench that Bob had made. We did it in the living room since that’s where we had left all the pieces and there was plenty of room to do it. It consisted of just six wooden parts which connected together with bolts and wing-nuts. It took less than fifteen minutes to assemble, and that included the extra time it took for Len to explain things to me. Len showed me how it could be used. The sub could bend over it, perpendicular to the eight inch wide, padded top. That top part could be raised or lowered by two inch intervals to suit the height of the sub. Ankles and wrists could be fastened to eye bolts near the floor at each corner. The width of the bench was about thirty-six inches, so the legs could be spread far apart. A second option was for the sub to bend over and lean on the padded top lengthwise, from the side. Wrists could be fastened in several places, and ankles to the ends of the base. “You see, Tom,” Len told me. “The side that the sub has to lean over in this position isn’t adjustable up and down. I’m going to make some wooden blocks for Suzie to stand on so when she bends over this way it’ll be comfortable. Have to have her ‘model’ it so I can measure how high they have to be. Of course there are myriad ways to place someone on this bench. For instance Suzie could sit on the bench part, straddling it, feet attached below and hands in front or behind or even above her head. Then she’s vulnerable for lots of play. You’ll have fun with this bench. I know. Leila sure does with me on it.” “I’m sure we both will. You really did a swell job on this, Len. Painted black with black leather padding. Lots of eye bolts for attaching things, or people. I noticed you even put a rubber strip on the bottom so it won’t slide or scratch the floors. Looks like you thought of everything. How much do I owe you?” “Like I said. Just the cost of materials. It was right around 100 bucks.” “Is that all? I saw something at the adult store that was similar, except it didn’t come apart. They wanted almost $500.” “I know. Everything to do with sex costs way more than it should. But as long as people are willing to pay the price, why not?” “You’re right,” I agreed. “Now, we still have time before the game to see where we can install the eye bolts. Do you know what room you want to ‘play’ in?” “Actually, Suzie and I talked about it, and we decided it would be best if we could use our bedroom. If we have kids someday we might still be able to get by playing once in a while if it was in our bedroom.” “OK,” Len said. Let’s have a look see.” We went upstairs to our bedroom and Len took a look around. “This’s a pretty good size bedroom, Tom. Lots of closet space. Should be able to store the bench in there when it’s dismantled. Keep it out of sight. Now, where can we put the eye bolts?” “I was thinking maybe in that corner. Where the slipper chair is. It’s light and can be moved easily when we want to play.” “Yeh. That should work. I’ve got my tape here. Let’s measure. How’s your geometry?” “Never was very good at any kind of math. Forgotten most of the little I once knew. Why?” Well. If we measure 5′ from the corner along both walls, then the diagonal line between those two points would be about 7′. Remember the Pythagorean Theorem? Square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides. So, 25 plus 25 and take the square root of that. 7 squared is 49. Pretty close to 50, no?” “You lost me somewhere there, buddy. Would have been easier if you just measured it with your tape. Or you just showing off your geometry prowess? Why does it matter anyway?” “It matters because that’s how far the span will be from one eye bolt to the other. So, if you want Suzie’s feet spread 3′ apart you’ll have to have 2′ of chain on each side. Same by the ceiling where her arms will be attached. You’ll need a little more chain there because her wrists won’t reach the ceiling.” “OK,” I said, a little bewildered. “I think I understand. So where do we put the eye bolts?” “Well 5′ from the corner on both walls. Next to the floor in the baseboards and the others next to the ceiling into the header above the wall studs. They should be secure there.” Looking at my watch, I said, “It’s game time. Let’s go downstairs. We can put the bolts in the walls afterwards. I bet the girls have lunch all ready. We can eat in front of the TV. I’m a Titans fan anyway, but I’ll root extra hard today since you have money at stake.” Sure enough, the girls did have lunch ready for us and they brought the sandwiches and drinks into the den where our big screen TV is. Leila said, “While you guys were out Suzie and I were talking and we decided to make watching the game a little more interesting.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, I know that Len has a bet on the game, and, knowing him, I’m sure he bet on the Titans to win. Right, Leonard?” “Yep,” Len replied. “So, here’s the deal,” Leila said. “Since you put the new bench together and left it in the living room we thought we should put it to use. Why don’t you two boys carry it in here so as you watch the game you’ll be reminded of it? Then, at half time, if the Titans are behind, or it’s tied, Len can watch the second half bent over the bench and every time either team scores, he’ll get one slap from Tom and Suzie’s new paddle, per point. Tom can be the paddler since he needs practice in that area. But, I’ll be the judge as to whether his blows are hard enough. If they’re not, I’ll repeat them myself. Fair enough?” Len answered that question. “Yes, Dear. Sounds all right to me.” I could tell by his voice that he was sort of looking forward to it, actually. “One more thing,” Leila added. If the Colts win, you get spanked again. One for each point they scored. But, if your team wins, your reward is no more spanking. However, since you will be winning some money, to offset that I’m going to add one week plus one day for each point they won by to your chastity time.” “No!” Len shouted. “That’s not fair, Leila. You were going to unlock it tonight. Remember, after Tom and Suzie left last weekend you said I had to stay locked up until tonight.” “That’s right. I did say that. That’s why I thought this would make the game so much more fun for us all to watch. There’s a lot riding on it now, isn’t there?” “Yes. But I still don’t think it’s fair. Can’t you think of something else? Another bet, maybe?” “Leonard! You know better than to question my decisions. Just for that, make it double the points they win by. And I’d strongly advise you not to complain any more or it’ll be weeks instead of days. Maybe you should just start rooting for the Colts.” That matter having been decided, we started watching the now very important (to Len, at least) game, and ate our lunch. The halftime score was: Colts 14, Titans 10. “OK, Len, strip!” Reluctantly, but obediently, he stood up, removed all his clothes, including shoes, socks, and underwear, and walked over to the new spanking bench. Suzie was the first to notice. “Oh, look Tom,” she exclaimed. He’s wearing his chastity cage. Can I see it up close, Leila?” “Sure, go ahead. Touch it. See how it feels. Play with his balls. That’ll make him try to grow more in the cage, but, of course, he can’t.” Suzie walked over to Len and did just that. Len moaned as she played with him. Not a happy moan, but a frustrated moan. “Look, Tom. Isn’t this great? Someday we should get you one.” “No way that’s going to happen. Are you forgetting? I’m the dom and you’re the sub. And that was all your idea, right?” “You’re right. It’s just that it looks so cool on Len.” “Well, have a good look, cuz it may be the only look you ever have.” “Oh, Tom,” Leila said. You’re no fun at all. If you were mine I’d have you locked up for months at a time.” “Well, I’m not yours, and that’s a good reason why I’m not.” Len, sounding as though he was bored of just standing there and having his cage argued about, said, “Can I at least stand at the end like this so my body will rest along the bench part? That way I can at least watch the rest of the game instead of looking at the ground.” “Leila answered him. “Sure. Only fair to let you watch your fate being played out.” Looking at me, she said, “Tom. We could use your things from the adult store now, and also the hardware stuff, if that’s OK” “Sure. Just a minute.” I went upstairs to get the leather cuffs and paddle that Suzie and I had just purchased, and then stopped in the kitchen where I had put the hardware items. “Great,” Leila said, as I handed them all to her. She put the wrist and ankle cuffs on Len and then fastened his ankles to the ends of the base and his wrists to the opposite side of the top of the bench, using the snap hooks. He now had his legs spread wide apart, his torso lying across the bench, arms extended forward and attached to eye bolts on the opposite side of the bench. At least he was facing the television. Suzie said, “Don’t fall asleep, Len. Don’t want to miss any of the action.” The second half began and right away the Colts marched down the field, but settled for a field goal. “OK, Tom,” Leila said. “Give him three swats with that new paddle. And use the leather side, not the soft side.” I took the paddle and gave Len’s butt three good swats. At least I thought they were good. Len, however, remained silent. “No, no, Tom,” Leila said. “Don’t be a wimp. Give me the paddle.” She then proceeded to give him three strong hits, each one eliciting a loud “ouch” from Len. “That’s more like it. Next score let’s see you make him scream like that.” Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the Titans then drove down the length of the field and made a touchdown. Score tied, 17 – 17. Seven more swats. Not wanting to seem like a sissy, I really walloped his ass hard this time. “Ouch! Ouch! Louder each time until the seventh stroke was delivered.” “Better, Tom. Now you’re getting the hang of it. The whole point of this is to make your sub hurt. A lot. Otherwise nobody gets anything out of it. Not you. Not him.” The teams traded scores back and forth until, with just a minute left in the game, the Titans were ahead, 33 -27. But the Colts had the ball and were marching down the field. Len was showing mixed emotions. He wanted the Titans to stop the Colts on one hand, but wished the Colts would make a touchdown on the other. Suddenly a pass to the sidelines near the ten yard line was tipped in the air by the Colt receiver and picked off by a Titan who had a clear field ahead of him. Pick 6! Everyone in the room screamed. Except Len, who couldn’t figure out what he wanted at that point. All he knew was that he was $25 richer. Was it worth it?”All right, Len. Congratulations. You won your bet. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” And no more spanking on that very red ass you have now. Now, let’s see. What was the final score? 40 – 27. That’s 13 points difference. Doubled is 26. Plus a week makes it 33 days from today we’ll take off your cage.” Len moaned loudly. “No, Leila. I can’t wait that long. Please.” Suzie, feeling sorry for Len, said, “Doesn’t that punish you too, Leila? I mean you have to wait that long for him to have sex with you.” “Oh, Suzie. Silly girl. Len’ll be so horny that he’ll pleasure me any way and any time I want. I’ll have way more orgasms during that time than I ever could if he wasn’t locked up. Starting tonight, I can assure you. “Now, let’s let Len up. And did you say you were going to order pizza?” While we waited for the pizza to be delivered Len and I went upstairs to the bedroom and, with the help of my Makita drill, screwed the eye bolts into the walls in the corner of our bedroom. “All you have to do now is make small lengths of that chain we bought and attach to each eye bolt. You can separate the links of chain with a couple of pliers. Now you’re all set, Tom. All you need is that beautiful wife of yours, preferably naked, strung up here, and at your mercy. You’re both going to be very happy. Oh, by the way. Do you guys have a safe word?” “Actually we don’t. I guess we know about such things, but we never discussed it for ourselves.” “Well, I suggest you do before you start anything too serious. It’s important. Suzie needs to have a way to let you know, seriously, that you need to stop whatever it is that you’re doing. If she’s just telling you to stop, or that it’s too much for her, unless she says the safe word you don’t pay attention to her. It’s part of the whole BDSM scene. The sub wants to be hurt, and not to be able to make it stop. Otherwise it’s she who’s in control. The safe word is only for the times when she’s in trouble…physically or emotionally and needs everything stopped. A lot of people use colors. Green. For it’s OK, keep going, maybe a little more even. Yellow, that’s far enough. Back off a little or do something else for a while. Red, stop. Stop everything immediately and release me. “Promise me you’ll talk with Suzie before you do any more scenes?” “Sure, I promise. I can see that it’s important. I’ll talk to her as soon as you and Leila leave.” “Tom,” Suzie yelled up the stairs. “Pizza’s here.” “Coming.” As I expected everything was ready on the table. Pizza and soft drinks. “No wine because they have to drive home. Soda OK? Actually everybody but Len could have wine.” Leila and I said in unison, “No thanks. Soda’s fine.” Shortly after we finished eating Leila said that she and Len had to leave. “We have that drive back to Knoxville and we have been here all day, it seems.” Len asked if we wanted him to help move the bench upstairs, and then said, “Oh, I almost forgot. I need to measure something so I can build the booster for Suzie.” “The what?” Suzie said, surprised. “Just come with me into the living room. I need to see something. Tom, come and help me.” Everyone followed Len to the bench where he had Suzie stand at the side where he had been watching the game earlier. “Tom, boost her up so she can bend over the top edge and lie across the bench like I was. Suzie, tell Tom when it’s comfortable.” When her feet were about five inches above the floor she said it was comfortable. “OK, Suzie. Now spread your legs apart so they’re above the ends of the stand.” When they were in place he took his tape measure and measured the distance from the floor to her foot. “Ok. You can get down. I have what I need.” Leila then said, “Let’s go, Len. We’ve kept these people long enough today. Thanks for the lunch and pizza. Our turn next time.” I said, “No need, Leila. This was our thanks for Len building this for us. By the way, Len, I’ll pay you what I owe you next time we get together.” Leila, pulling Len by the hand toward the front door, said, “Come on. We need to get home. You’re going to spend some serious time with your face between my legs tonight. Something about that football game really got me horny.” Suzie and I looked at each other and smiled. Posted by The Scurrilous Pamphleteer at

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