This Is The Best Yoga Pose For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is The Best Yoga Pose For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read up a good deal about your zodiac sign to better understand and work on your personality traits. Or, maybe you just like to occasionally skim through the newspaper’s horoscope section to check out what the stars say is in store for you. But what if I told you that your star sign might also help you pick the best yoga pose for your body and mind? Aligning your yoga practice with your star sign is a great way to self-analyze and tap into your true essence, says Paula Pavlova, astrology expert and co-founder of Moonbox . Holistic health physician Dr Stephanie Marango and astrologer Rebecca Gordon talk about this intersection of yoga and astrology in great detail in their book Your Body and the Stars . The authors note that each of the twelve zodiac signs govern a region of the body — “starting with Aries at your head and ending with Pisces at your feet”. Each of these signs’ energy resides within us and can be accessed through the corresponding body region.
Moreover, the book also highlights that each of these signs represent different facets of our personalities and can be used as “a self-help guide” to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. “The question, then, is to figure out which facets to express and how,” say Gordon and Dr Marango.:
Enter: Astro-Yoga. The technique combines astrology and yoga to help you connect with yourself and make you feel more balanced, both physically and emotionally.
So, are you ready to take your yoga game to a whole new level? Good! Here are the best yoga poses for you based on your zodiac sign:
Aries – Boat Pose (Navasana):
“Boat is a powerhouse of a core strengthening pose and Aries is the ultimate powerhouse sign —
moving with a fiery blaze through any challenge with beauty and grace,” says Pavlova. Boat pose helps strengthen your abdominal muscles, your spine and hips thus allowing you to tone your body. “It is a great chest opener to awaken your heart chakra as well as your lungs,” says Koya Webb , celebrity yoga instructor, holistic health coach and author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce . The boat pose also “boosts your metabolism and can stimulate your thyroid based on how your head is positioned in this pose”, adds Webb. Taurus – Tree Pose (Vriksasana):
Connecting to the element of Earth in any way we can is grounding and healing. “The tree Pose is essentially just that — a posture that inspires grounded patience and an overall sense of fortitude and balance, much needed to tame the wild bull,” says Pavlova. This yoga pose “provides a nice stretch to the lower half of your body including the thighs and groin while also strengthening the hips and the legs”, explains Webb. “It offers a stress-relieving sensation while allows you to practice improving your balance and flexibility,” says the yoga expert. Gemini – Eagle Pose (Garudasana): “Ruled by the element of Air, Geminis possess a unique ability to float between social circles, experiences, and curiosities,” tells Pavlova. “Eagle is just playful enough to pique their interest while offering the benefits of stability to help focus Gemini’s easily distractible energy and channel it towards something good,” says the astrologer. Similar to Tree pose, the Eagle pose also “allows you to improve your balance and flexibility by loosening your legs and hips,” Webb points out. “It stretches your shoulders, back, and hips while also strengthening your core and calf muscles,” she says. In addition, this pose stimulates circulation throughout your body thus creating a boost in digestion, notes the yoga expert. Cancer – Child’s Pose (Balasana):
“The Child’s pose can be seen as a deep bow to the Earth, offering a soothing and cozy feeling as if you were in the comfort of your own home — a Cancer’s favorite place,” says Pavlova. This is the perfect pose for when a Cancer may be feeling overwhelmed and needs to take shelter for just a moment without fully retreating into their shell. “The Child’s pose is an amazing way to calm your mind and body,” says Webb. “It promotes circulation throughout the body and relieves any tension that you may have building up in your chest, back or shoulders,” adds Webb. Leo – Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana): Regal and stunning by nature, Leo and the Sphinx pose couldn’t be a better match. “Sphinx offers relaxation for the spine and reproductive organs — the creative center of the body — while opening up the heart, which is the intention center, to lead with love like a true Leo would,” says Pavlova. The Sphinx is a great yoga pose that allows you to open up your chest and elongate your spine while providing a gentle, but satisfying stretch to it. “It’s also a perfect pose to reverse any damage to your back that has been caused by poor posture,” says Webb. Virgo – Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana): Also knows as the Earth Maiden, Virgo is considered the caretaker of nature, singing to the birds and the bees while tending to branches and the trees. “She is meticulous, patient and fierce when it comes to showing her love. What better pose to describe these traits than the Goddess Stance — grounded, loving, patient, and powerful,” says Pavlova. The Goddess pose works your inner thighs, groin, legs and back. “This heats up your body thus stimulating circulation,” says Webb. It’s a “perfect pose to create more room in your pelvic area which could be beneficial for preparing the body for events such as childbirth,” adds the yogi. Libra – Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana): Governor of all things balanced, just, and beautiful — the meaning of Libra can be most beautifully depicted by the balancing act of Half Moon Pose which is like a delicate dance through gravity, expanding in every direction, while opening the heart. “All balancing poses a perfect for any Libra to help them align their inner scale but this one happens to tick all the boxes with beauty in it’s expression much like that of a ballerina,” says Pavlova. This pose will grant you a strong lower body by strengthening your legs, glutes, hamstrings, and ankles. “It can alleviate menstrual problems like cramping and bloating and sciatica pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve,” Webb points out. Scorpio – Locust Pose (Shalabhasana): Locust pose is a strong and vigorous pose designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, the core, and the legs while activating every muscle in the body to support the pose. “Scorpio is considered the most sensual, passionate and intense of all the zodiac signs, making this pose the perfect expression of a Scorpio’s deep desire to feel it all,” Pavlova explains. Other than improving your posture, the Locust pose relieves tension that may be trapped in your back and shoulders, says Webb. “It also tones the buttocks and hamstrings,” adds the holistic healer. Sagittarius – Reverse Warrior II (Viparita Virabhadrasana II):
There couldn’t be a more appropriate pose to assign to a Sagittarius than the Reverse Warrior or the Exalted pose. The benefits of a Warrior pose include focus and tenaciousness, which is exactly what a Sagittarius needs to keep their eyes on the prize and off of the next sparkly thing that floats by, notes Pavlova. “This pose emphasizes on elongating the sides of your body, like the waist and torso that many other poses tend to overlook,” Webb explains. “It’s great for strengthening both the upper and lower parts of your body and also helps improve flexibility and balance,” she states. Capricorn – Mountain Pose (Tadasana): Though it appears to be a seemingly simple yoga pose, Tadasana is actually quite complex. “Capricorn’s energy is motivated by nature but it can easily burn out if not committed to a steady pace,” says Pavlova. Practicing holding a strong Mountain on a regular basis can help build endurance and resilience needed to steadily take on any goal, big or small. “The Mountain pose allows you to work on slowing down your breath and focusing on self-awareness,” says Webb. Reportedly, it also opens up your chest and shoulders, improves posture and helps with firming your abdominal muscles. Aquarius – Upward-Facing Bow or Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana):
Aquarius is the most ingenious and imaginative of all the signs. Always busy finding a new and better way to approach an issue or developing a new design, concept or a solution. “Upward Facing Bow is a huge heart opening pose, giving an Aquarius the energy boost they need to keep dreaming, inspiring, and creating a better world with a wide open heart,” tells Pavlova. If done right, “this pose can stimulate your thyroid gland and increase energy throughout your body thus elevating your mood and reducing any stress or anxiety”, Webb explains. Pisces – Fish Pose (Matsyasana):
Matsyasana opens your throat and heart — the spaces of truth and intention in your body. This makes the Fish Pose a natural choice for Pisces, the most spiritual of all signs, says Pavlova. The Fish pose opens up your heart and throat chakras which stimulates positive energy throughout your body, tells Webb. “It also strengthens the back of your neck and your upper back muscles, promoting better posture,” adds the health coach. If you’re a beginner who is practicing at home, make sure you don’t push your body too far. “You can do this by checking your breathing. If you’re not breathing fluidly then you should dial it down a notch until you can breathe in and out evenly,” suggests Webb.
Alternatively, you can sign up for an online course for beginners with a certified yoga instructor. Check out some great online yoga courses here .

An Asian Pacific American Heritage Month reading list: Fiction

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re taking a look at some of the best recent books written by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Whether you are looking for something for the youngest reader in your life or need a great piece of literary fiction yourself, there is something for everyone on this list.
Related APAHM APAHM An Asian Pacific American Heritage Month reading list: Nonfiction Literary Fiction “Immigrant, Montana” by Amitava Kumar
It is hard to categorize Amitava Kumar’s latest book — exactly what the author intended.
In his author’s note, Kumar calls “Immigrant, Montana” “a work of fiction as well as nonfiction” and an “in-between novel.” The book tells the story of Kailash, an Indian immigrant who arrived in the United States as a graduate student in the early 1990s. As Kailash approaches middle age, he starts looking back at the women and relationships that shaped his early years in America. Since its release last July, “Immigrant, Montana” has received rave reviews, including one from former President Barack Obama .
Mr President,
Thank you for reading my novel, Immigrant, Montana.
— Amitava Kumar (@amitavakumar) December 28, 2018 “Insurrecto” by Gina Apostol
“Insurrecto” Soho Press Gina Apostol’s acclaimed new novel “Insurrecto” follows Chiara, an American filmmaker, as she travels to the Philippines to do research for her screenplay about the Philippine-American War.
She hires a translator named Magsalin, and the two women set out on a road trip through the country to discover more about an 1901 incident in which a group of Filipinos attacked an American garrison. After Magsalin reads a draft of Chiara’s script, she begins writing her own version of events. Apostol’s prose moves between the two scripts while revealing how the Philippine-American War shaped both the histories of the United States and the Philippines for decades to come.
“On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong
When asked in 2017 to share what inspired him , the poet and author Ocean Vuong named “the world, its contradictions, conflicts, joys, and wild beauties and dangers.
Related #RedefineAtoZ #RedefineAtoZ Ocean Vuong, the writer inspired by the ‘wild beauties and dangers’ of the World All of those themes are present in Vuong’s debut novel, “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous,” which is set to be released in June.
Structured as a letter from a 20-something son known as Little Dog to his mother who cannot read, “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” explores a family’s history as it stretches from Vietnam to the family’s experience as refugees to the United States to the present day.
“If You Leave Me” by Crystal Hana Kim
The impact of the Korean War on multiple generations of one family is explored in Crystal Hana Kim’s debut novel, “If You Leave Me.”
The book begins with the teenage Haemi Lee being forced to leave her home in South Korea with her family when it is invaded by North Korea.
While Haemi has a lifelong connection with her childhood friend Kyunghwan, it is Kyunghwan’s older cousin who is determined to marry Haemi before he heads to war. While Haemi marries and quickly becomes a mother, the decisions made in those early years have a lasting impact.
I’ve heard so many people say #ifyouleaveme has a beautiful cover, but did you know each flower means something special in the book? Haemi associates the flowers (and 1 dragonfly) with specific characters in her life. 🌺🌸 Thank you @WmMorrowBooks !
— Crystal Hana Kim (@crystalhanak) August 8, 2018 Graphic Novels “They Called Us Enemy” by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott and Harmony Becker
“They Called Us Enemy” Top Shelf Productions Actor George Takei has often written and talked about his childhood in a Japanese American incarceration camp during World War II, most memorably in the Broadway show “Allegiance” in 2016 . Now, along with co-writers Justin Eisinger and Steven Scott, and artist Harmony Becker, Takei is bringing his story to a younger audience with his debut graphic novel.
Due out on May 28, the book follows the 4-year-old George as he leaves his California home with his family and is taken to a camp in Arkansas. As the young George tries to adjust to his new circumstances, he watches as his parents also make sacrifices for their children.
“Mooncakes” by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu
“Mooncakes” Lion Forge Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu first introduced their characters Nova Huang and Tam Lang through their popular webcomic “Mooncakes.” Now, they are now bringing them to print with their graphic novel of the same title, scheduled for release on Oct. 15.
Nova and Tam aren’t your typical teens: One is a witch and the other is a werewolf.
Once childhood crushes, they see their worlds collide one night when Nova comes across Tam fighting a demon in the woods. That sets them off on a journey in which they simultaneously deal with coming of age and the occult.
“The Prince and the Dressmaker” by Jen Wang
Jen Wang’s latest graphic novel is a sweet and modern twist on a classic fairy tale that centers on a nonbinary character.
THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER is out today! It’s been in the works for years and I’m happy to finally get to share this with ppl. Thank you so much everyone who’s supported the book so far, I really appreciate all of it!
— jen wang (@alooghobi) February 13, 2018 Prince Sebastian may still be a teen but he’s already is one of the most eligible bachelors in the land.
Because of this, his royal parents are on the hunt to find him a bride. But Sebastian has a secret — he sneaks out at night to become Lady Crystallia, a beautiful Parisian fashion icon known for her style. One of the only people to know Sebastian’s secret is his dressmaker, Frances, the female designer responsible for Lady Crystallia’s stunning gowns. Readers follow as both teens navigate the complexities of guarding such a big secret while also discovering their own identities.
Children’s Books “Hi’iaka Battles the Wind” by Gabrielle Ahuli’i and Jing Jing Tsong
Children will get to learn the story of the Hawaiian goddess Hi’iaka in this picture book by Gabrielle Ahuli’i and Jing Jing Tsong.
“Hi’iaka Battles the Wind” is part of Beachhouse Publishing’s new “Hawaiian Legends for Little Ones” series and hopes to introduce the next generation to Hawaii’s long and rich history of storytelling.
The story stars Hiʻiaka, one of the most significant figures in Hawaiian mythology. When a destructive wind begins destroying homes and crops in Waipi’o Valley, Hi’iaka uses her lightning pau (or skirt) to throw lightning bolts and divert the wind away.
Drawn Together by Minh Lê and Dan Santat
“Drawn Together” Disney Books This new picture book tells the story of a little boy who visits his grandfather. At first, the pair struggles with a language barrier but soon learn to bond through their shared love of art and creativity.
Legacy is a consistent theme for Lê.
Speaking to NBC News in 2018 about a new superhero book he was writing for DC Comics, he said: “How do you live up to the legacy of previous generations who went through so much adversity in their lives? What are you going to do when it’s your turn to take on the world? Those are tough issues to grapple with, whether or not you have superpowers.”
“A Map Into the World” by Kao Kalia Yang and Seo Kim
A Hmong American girl looks for beauty in the world around her in this children’s book by Kao Kalia Yang and illustrator Seo Kim, scheduled for release on Oct. 1.
As the little girl moves into a new home with her family, she also sees how the world — and her family — change over time.
Middle Grade Novels “Sea Sirens” by Amy Chu
Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s 1911 novel “The Sea Fairies,” Amy Chu’s upcoming middle-grade graphic novel revolves around a Vietnamese American surfer girl named Trot and her amazingly cranky talking cat.
When Trot is wiped out while surfing, she finds herself in an underwater sea kingdom that is being divided by an epic sea battle between the Sea Siren mermaids and the Serpent King. Chu’s prose draws on both Baum’s original novel and Vietnamese mythology to create a memorable world.
“Dragon Pearl” by Yoon Ha Lee
“Dragon Pearl” has a lot to offer young fans of sci-fi, including a 13-year-old girl who can shape shift, a faraway planet and the influence of Korean mythology.
While the main character, Min, comes from a long line of fox spirits, her mother urges her to keep the family’s identity a secret and forbids her from using any magic.
As Min struggles to keep up the pretense that she is an ordinary human girl, she also has to deal with her often critical aunties and a houseful of cousins who are constantly in her personal space.
“The Best At It” by Maulik Pancholy
“The Best At It” Balzer and Bray “30 Rock” alum Maulik Pancholy makes his literary debut with this buzzy new middle-grade novel.
Like the author, protagonist Rahul Kapoor is from a small town in Indiana with few kids of color.
As he struggles with his anxiety and place in the world, Rahul’s grandfather Bhai gives him a piece of advice: find something you are really good at and then become the best at it.
Rahul has no idea what he’s best at, but soon comes to believe that finding out will help with both his problems with school bullies and his burgeoning secret crush on classmate Justin Emery.
Young Adult Novels “A Thousand Beginnings and Endings” edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman
Some of the most acclaimed Asian American young adult authors came together to reimagine classic East and South Asian myths for this anthology, edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman of the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books.
The authors in “A Thousand Beginnings and Endings” include New York Times bestselling authors Melissa de la Cruz , Aisha Saeed , Roshani Chokshi and more. They explore Asian folklore in genres that range from romance to sci-fi.
“The Downstairs Girl” by Stacey Lee
“The Downstairs Girl” GP Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers It can be hard to find historical fiction that features Asian American characters, but fans of shows like “Downton Abbey ” have a lot more choices than they used to.
Stacey Lee’s upcoming novel “The Downstairs Girl” (scheduled for release on Aug. 13) centers on Jo Kwan, a teenage maid in 1890s Atlanta who works for one of the wealthiest families in the city.
As Jo toggles between the moneyed world of her employers and the working-class home of her Chinese immigrant father, she also finds time to write Atlanta’s most popular advice column under the name “Miss Sweetie.”
“For a Muse Of Fire” by Heidi Heilig
Just 16, Jetta Chantray has already become known as one of the most popular shadow puppeteers in the land thanks to her secret ability to see the dead and communicate with them through her puppets.
But when a colonizing army takes over their country, all of the native traditions are banned, and Jetta and her family try to flee via ship to the fictional land of Aquitan, where they’ve heard they can make a good living because shadow puppets are all the rage.
“For a Muse Of Fire” draws on the history of Southeast Asia and French colonialism while also exploring Jetta’s life as a teen with mental illness.
“Patron Saints of Nothing” by Randy Ribay
“Patron Saints of Nothing” Kokila Randy Ribay’s startlingly timely new novel features a high school senior determined to find out what lead to the death of his cousin in the Philippines.
Filipino American teenager Jay Reguero originally planned to have a pretty chill senior year before heading off to the University of Michigan. But when his cousin Jun is murdered as part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, Jay wants to discover what really happened — and why no one in his family will talk about Jun’s death.
When Jay travels to his parents’ birthplace to start an investigation, he discovers more than he bargained for.
“Frankly in Love” by David Yoon
In his contemporary YA debut, David Yoon explores the life of a Korean American teen who struggles with dating, crushes and his family’s expectations.
“Frankly In Love” GP Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers Main character Frank Li coined the term “Limbo” to refer to Asian American kids like himself who are have traditional parents at home but just want to be ordinary Southern California kids at school. His parents have always told him to “date Korean,” so when Frank develops a crush on a popular girl at school named Brit Means, he tries to come up with a plan to distract them. The high school senior will pretend to date fellow classmate Joy Song (who has also always been told to date Korean) while secretly wooing Brit.
Things don’t go exactly as planned however in this “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” style romcom. “Frankly in Love” is scheduled to be released on Sept. 10.
Follow NBC Asian America on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Tumblr .
Lakshmi Gandhi

Peacehaven parents stage day of action to save local schools | Education

Parents and teachers opposed to local schools being turned into academies have held a day of action in their sleepy coastal town in East Sussex, involving strikes and protests at two primaries and one secondary.
An estimated 250 protesters, made up of parents, children, pet dogs, teachers and school support staff, brought the normally untroubled centre of the fittingly named Peacehaven to a standstill on Wednesday lunchtime.
Onlookers waved and applauded as the demonstrators marched past Body Tips health and beauty salon, Caring Lady funeral directors and Roy’s off-licence, armed with placards, whistles and a cacophony of noisy chants, as the busy Brighton-bound traffic crawled behind them.
They were protesting against plans to take their schools – Peacehaven Heights and Telscombe Cliffs, both primary schools, and the nearby Peacehaven community secondary school – out of local authority control and hand them to an academy trust.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest One child takes a break while protesters picket Peacehaven Heights school. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian
The schools were picketed by protesters who enjoyed jam doughnuts as they chanted: “Leave us be, no academies,” before marching to the town’s Centenary Park for a rally and then on to the Dell, a patch of grassland overlooking the sea, for a picnic.
Telscombe Cliffs has long been a community school. It recently celebrated its 80th anniversary and the parents and grandparents of many of its current pupils attended the same school. On the picket line was Cherry Lean, whose seven-year-old daughter, Naomi, is in year 2 and four-year-old son, Joshua, is in the nursery.
“It’s a fantastic school,” said Lean. “The teachers are wonderful. I don’t think there’s a reason for an academy to take over. It’s not failing. It’s a part of the community. A large majority of parents feel like it’s an academy trust eyeing up our school, rather than it being in the best interests of the children.”
Peacehaven community school, meanwhile, only came into being in 2001 after a 40-year campaign by parents for a secondary school in the town. Less than 20 years later it is on the brink of being taken over by the Kent-based Swale Academies Trust, which is also in the running to take over the two primaries.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Two local primaries and a secondary are in line to be converted into academies. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian
“We don’t want it,” said Amanda Tams, who has two children at Telscombe Cliffs, where her parents were also educated. “It’s our school. It’s none of their business. The county council is broke and they are trying to offload the school. I think it’s wrong.”
The action in Peacehaven is one of a number of protests by parents and teachers in England who are opposed to schools being transferred from democratically elected councils to private businesses. Six schools in nearby Lewes recently shelved plans to form an academy trust.
According to the unions, governors at the two primary schools – both rated good by Ofsted – wrote to parents in January saying they had been advised by East Sussex county council to join a local academy trust.
Phil Clarke, the secretary of the Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden district of the National Education Union, said: “East Sussex council needs to stop doing behind-the-scenes deals which give our schools to private chains like the Swale Academies Trust.”
Like the families who protested this week in Essex against the forced academisation of Waltham Holy Cross school, the parents involved in Peacehaven see themselves as “accidental activists” who knew little about academies until their schools were targeted. Now they are experts.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest The picket line outside Telscombe Cliffs community school. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian
Alice Burchfield, who has two children aged nine and six at Peacehaven Heights, has done extensive research to find out what it might mean for her children’s school, and she does not like it. “I don’t want the school to become an academy.
“My main concern is accountability. At the moment if there are problems we can go to governors and to the local authority. If it’s an academy we’ve got no one to go to. They can do what they want. This is not about what’s best for the children, it’s a bureaucratic decision. It’s nothing to do with the children.”
An East Sussex council spokesman said: “We have been working closely with Peacehaven Heights primary school and Telscombe Cliffs primary school to improve outcomes for all pupils, ensure both schools have the ability to recruit and retain senior staff and skilled governors and secure greater stability for the longer term.
“The governing board are at an early stage of considering academy conversion and a full consultation with staff, parents and the school community would take place before any final decision is reached.”
On the secondary school, which is now judged good by Ofsted after a poor earlier inspection, the spokesman said a full consultation was completed in 2017. “We anticipate that the academy conversion will be completed in the next few months and that all parties will continue to work together to ensure a strong future for its pupils, staff and community.”

Comment on ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Rockets Past $1B Overseas & $1.48B Global Through Tuesday; Has Banner Wednesday In China To Top All Hollywood Pics by Anonymous

Tumblr Disney
3RD THURSDAY UPDATE, writethru after 9:26AM post : Fueled by the May Day holiday in many markets, Disney / Marvel ’s Avengers: Endgame snapped up a further $157.8M at the international box office on Wednesday. The offshore total through yesterday is $1,211.8M — in just eight days of release — and sees Endgame overtake Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Furious 7 to become the No. 4 highest-grossing movie of all time overseas. Globally, Endgame on Wednesday also topped F7 and The Avengers to land at No. 6 on the all-time worldwide chart. The global cume is $1,664.1M as the Anthony and Joe Russo-helmed series-ender hurtles towards $2B this weekend.
As for China , estimates provided by Disney for today (which are not included in the above) are a $50M (RMB 336M) Thursday, for a local cume of $509M (RMB 3.43B). Yesterday, we noted below that Endgame had already become the top import ever in China. Today it became the first to cross the $500M threshold. It is on its way to over $600M, but ticketing platform Maoyan has lowered its cume forecast, slightly, to RMB 4.1B ($610M). Related Story Sinclair Broadcasting Wins Disney RSNs In $10B+ Deal: Report
Taking the China Thursday estimate into account, Endgame has already passed Jurassic World to the No. 5 spot globally. The next pic it has to dust is Avengers: Infinity War which it should catch this weekend, as well as The Force Awakens , through Sunday. Thinking is it will also soon top Titanic to become the No. 2 movie ever worldwide.
As for the Avatar question: As noted below, this has been a largely holiday week in many markets and frontloading also plays a part; we continue to hear skepticism about whether these assembled Avengers knock out the Na’vi. We’ll know more about how the Infinity Stones land once the sophomore session is passed and we see midweeks starting next Monday.
In the meantime, here is what the offshore cumes look like through Wednesday: China ($459.4M/$509M with Thursday), UK ($68.2M), Korea ($60.3M), Mexico ($48.6M), India ($40.9M), Brazil ($40.4M), Australia ($36.7M), Germany ($35.8M), France ($33.9M) and Italy ($24.6M).
More updates to come over the coming days…
1ST THURSDAY UPDATE: As we reported here yesterday, Avengers: Endgame on Wednesday became the top-grossing Hollywood movie ever in China , passing The Fate Of The Furious with $463M (RMB 3.1B). Today, per Middle Kingdom estimates, the Anthony and Joe Russo-directed marvel crossed the $500M mark, hitting about $510M (RMB 3.43B) as of 10PM there.
The latest China haul thrusts Endgame up to the No. 4 spot on the all-time local chart. It also makes Endgame the first Hollywood title to cross the $500M threshold, on its way to over $600M. However, ticketing platform Maoyan has again changed its forecast, lowering Endgame ‘s final cume projection slightly today to RMB 4.1B ($610M).
We’ll have updated figures from Disney a bit later this morning.
2ND WEDNESDAY UPDATE, writethru after 9:27AM post : The hits just keep coming for Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame which grossed another $105.3M at the international box office on Tuesday. This propels the heroes across the $1B mark overseas to $1.054B . Globally, Tony, Cap and the crew are at $1,480.9M through yesterday. This weekend, the team will assemble to pass the $2B worldwide threshold.
Yesterday saw Avengers: Endgame leap past Black Panther ($1.347B) and Avengers: Age Of Ultron ($1.405B) to become the 8th highest grossing global movie of all time, and after just seven days of release.
Tuesday also catapulted Endgame past Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($961M), The Fate Of The Furious ($1.010B) and Jurassic World ($1.019B) to snag the No. 6 slot on the all-time international chart. Globally, Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘ positions should soon be dusted while Titanic ‘s No. 2 worldwide slot is expected to sink thereafter. Avatar is still a question mark.
Not included in the above cumes, Endgame had a banner day today in China where the May 1 holiday contributed a staggering estimate of $74M (RMB 500M). This lifts the running total there to $463M (RMB 3.1B) and overtakes The Fate Of The Furious ’ previous record as the No. 1 import ever in the market.
Ticketing platform Maoyan has again upped its projections for a final in the Middle Kingdom, landing today on RMB 4.21B ($625M).
The Top 5 markets through Tuesday are: China ($389.1M), UK ($64.7M), Korea ($54.8M), Mexico ($40.7M) and India ($36.3M).
Overall, Endgame ‘s first Tuesday was worth 17% of the international weekend. With holidays in many markets following the initial frame’s frontloading, we’ll know more about how the Infinity Stones land once the sophomore session is passed and we see midweeks starting next Monday.
As ever, we’ll be back with more as it comes…
TUESDAY UPDATE, writethru : Assembling a further $82.2M in 55 material offshore markets on Monday, Avengers: Endgame has now rushed across the $900M milestone at the international box office. That’s in less than a week of play as it careens towards $1B overseas through today. The updated offshore total through Monday is $948.7M for $1,342.6M global. With those otherworldly figures, Disney also set a hattrick of new studio benchmarks for 2019, crossing $1B domestic ($1.011B), $2B international ($2.278B) and $3B global ($3.289B) on Monday. The group of 22 MCU movies will also today cross $20B in worldwide box office.
Endgame has further shot up to the No. 10 position on the all-time global charts, zooming past The Fate Of The Furious ($1.236B), Incredibles 2 ($1.243B), Beauty And The Beast ($1.264B), Frozen ($1.277B), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ($1.31B), Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($1.333B) and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows ($1.342B). Internationally, the Anthony and Joe Russo-helmed Endgame is now the No. 9 film of all time.
The only market that did not bow over the record-shattering launch session was Russia which, natch, also set a new benchmark on Monday. With $7.8M, this is the biggest opening day ever there and is 59% above Avengers: Infinity War which debuted on a Thursday.
Overall, Endgame ’s international Monday haul is equivalent to 13% of the opening weekend. That’s lower than what Infinity War did on its first Monday which was 19%. However, last year the Monday was April 30 which led into the May 1 holiday in many offshore markets meaning some folks would have had the Monday off in 2018.
Not included in the totals above is China ’s Tuesday which is estimated at $37.3M (RMB 250M), lifting the local cume to $386.4M. It will overtake The Fate Of The Furious as the No. 1 Hollywood movie ever in the market tomorrow.
Chinese ticketing platform Maoyan has also increased its lifetime prediction on the Disney/Marvel marvel, now projecting a jaw-dropping RMB 4.08B ($606M) locally. Should this Avengers series-ender ultimately cross the RMB 4B threshold, it would become only the third film ever to do so, behind homegrown hits Wolf Warrior 2 and The Wandering Earth .
Wednesday in China kicks off an extended four-day holiday leading into the weekend where Sunday May 5 is a workday. Elsewhere, the May 1 holiday will be a factor in several key markets throughout Europe as well as Latin America and Asia Pacific. Japan is celebrating Golden Week.
The Top 10 markets through Monday are: China ($349.1M), UK ($60.7M), Korea ($50.7M), Mexico ($35.8M), Australia ($33.5M), India ($32M), Brazil ($30.2M), Germany ($28.8M), France ($26.9M) and Italy ($20.7M). Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. Read More About:

Movie review: Rogen and Theron are a winning ticket in ‘Long Shot’

Movie review: Rogen and Theron are a winning ticket in ‘Long Shot’ Al Alexander More Content Now Tuesday Apr 30, 2019 at 2:01 AM
It might be a stretch dubbing fuzzy-faced Seth Rogen and the ultra-glamorous Charlize Theron as the new Tracy and Hepburn, but sans the F-bombs and masturbation gags, that’s the vibe emanating from the highly enjoyable, overly long, “Long Shot.” Like the bulk of Kate and Spence’s oeuvre, “Long Shot” is a workplace comedy in which sparks fly as opposites attract. As a gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson-ish reporter, he’s opinionated, clumsy and unkempt; as a glitzy Secretary of State, she’s elegant, refined and diplomatic. He’s stubborn, unyielding; she’s flexible, accommodating. It’s like a furnace waiting to ignite. And the movie strikes the match. B M!They had me at, hello; which is at a swank New York gala, where Rogen’s unfortunately named Fred Flarsky has been brought by his tech-millionaire bud, Lance (O’Shea Jackson Jr., outstanding), in an attempt to appease the hurt of having just lost his job at the muckraking Brooklyn Advocate. They come for Boyz II Men, but stay for Theron’s Charlotte Field, a potential 2020 presidential hopeful hoping to implement her own version of the Green New Deal. Their eyes meet from across the room. Surely, she can’t be ogling Fred, the guy in the saggy cargo pants and loud windbreaker, sticking out like a “homeless” man in a room packed with tuxedoed prigs. But she is, but not why you think.Turns out, she grew up next door to the Flarskys and used to occasionally babysit Fred back in the days before she lost her idealism and backbone. Suddenly, they (and a slew of 1990s pop culture touchstones) come rushing back. For Fred, she was the source of his first erection, at age 13, crudely re-enacted in an amusing flashback. Director Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies”) perfectly captures a romantic moment every bit as unconventional as what ensues over the next fun-filled 125 minutes. You’ll laugh, you’ll swoon, and – yes – you’ll be grossed out, but you’ll also be called upon to think and empathize in a political climate precipitating hate between the left and right.It’s admittedly a flabby script by Liz Hannah (“The Post”) and former “The Daily Show” staffer Dan Sterling (“The Interview”), and it probably could have stood tightening and more prudent editing, but it scores solid punches; many of them outrageously funny. Yes, “funny.” When was the last time a movie made you laugh – really laugh – out loud? “Long Shot” delivers, and does it often. Its satirical send-ups of Fox News, rechristened Wembley for legal purposes, are of particular note, especially its appropriately misogynistic version of “Fox and Friends.” Ditto for its evisceration of the network’s pompous owner, Rupert Murdoch, cut down to a very short size by an unrecognizable Andy Serkis as Parker Wembley.It also just so happens Wembley is the reason Fred finds himself out on the street, having resigned upon hearing the news the noxious little creep has just bought his independent-minded Advocate. Not to worry. Charlotte, much to the chagrin of her disapproving chief of staff, Maggie (June Diane Raphael), immediately snaps him up to polish her speeches – punching them up, making them more humorous and human, per her strategists – as she embarks on a worldwide tour promoting an ambitious environmental plan in preparation for launching her presidential bid.From there, you can pretty much guess the rest. But despite the predictability – and implausibilities – you find yourself hopelessly sucked in by the undeniable chemistry between Rogen and Theron. Who would have thought? It lends itself to one of the film’s more lacerating digs, which is skewering an electorate obsessed with the superficial – especially when it comes to female candidates and appearances.It also doesn’t shy away from satirizing the current occupant of the White House via Bob Odenkirk’s President Chambers, a two-bit TV star who ascended to the Oval Office and now seeks to leave it in pursuit of a movie career, “like George Clooney.” His aspirations, which open the door for Charlotte’s run, seed a great running joke that eventually comes at Jennifer Aniston’s expense, but it’s all in – sorta – good fun.Rogen, you suspect, is responsible for ad-libbing most of those zingers. They just have that Rogen punch to them; also because the rest of the movie isn’t terribly original, given Rogen has done this beauty-and-beast routine before in “Knocked Up.”Thankfully, Theron is no Katherine Heigl. She’s hundreds of times better. And what’s great about her is how she renders Charlotte so warm, honest and real. You totally buy her as a beauty capable of being both the belle of the ball (in a knockout red gown) and a relatable nerd, albeit with a tinge of an S&M fetish. She’s equally adept at physical comedy, delivering mightily when her usually prim, Charlotte, must negotiate an international crisis while under the influence of Molly. It just might be the best role – and the best work – of the Oscar-winner’s career. Which is one reason why you wish “Long Shot” was a tad more deserving of such a winning performance.The gags are largely hit or miss, the tone wildly uneven and the road trip’s adventures a tad over the top; and not at all what you’d expect the lifestyle of a Secretary to State to be. But darned if it matters. All you want is as much Rogen and Theron as you can get. And they give just enough to make “Long Shot” a gamble that pays off.Al Alexander may be reached at “Long Shot”Cast includes Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron, Andy Serkis, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Bob Odenkirk, Alexander Skarsgard and June Diane Raphael. (R for sexual content and language.) Grade: B+


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