Here Are The Best Cat Posts From This Week — May 3, 2019

Here Are The Best Cat Posts From This Week — May 3, 2019

“I would die for this cat.” —you reading this post 1. This kitty was ready to be crowned purr ista of the month!! u/raychelelaina / Via 2. This pretty girl was truly a work of art. u/HalfpintLannister / Via 3. This kitty and their owner gave us the double stink eye!! u/BeardedCatman / Via 4. This mama got the world’s cutest ultrasound!!! DAILY KITTEN @DAlLYKlTTEN This pregnant cat getting an ultrasound might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😭😭
11:58 PM – 27 Apr 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 5. These tiny angels played follow the leader!! IG: necation @Necation “where do you see yourself in the future?” me:
12:59 AM – 02 May 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 6. This polite kitty said, “Knock, knock!!!” 🦋 Tasha St. Patrick @Esscenceee I’m either seeing things or this cat is actually knocking the door🤔😂😂😂😂
12:13 AM – 27 Apr 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 7. This fluffy guy FLIPPED OUT. A @AwwwwCats Kitty was a martial artist in his past life
12:17 AM – 01 May 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 8. No big deal, this kitten just went for a lap around the pool!! A @AwwwwCats Going for a little swim
12:17 AM – 03 May 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 9. This turtle got on this list somehow??? Marcus @MGSniper Cat decided it is wiser to become a turtle.
01:19 PM – 30 Apr 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 10. This little one had the most gorgeous smile!! u/deall008 / Via 11. This one just woke up from a lil’ cat nap. u/Banana0879 / Via 12. This kitty was so very shocked and surprised!! Nature is Amazing ☘️ @AMAZlNGNATURE Deaf cat always reacts with happy surprise when she sees her owner.
03:18 AM – 01 May 2019 Reply Retweet Favorite 13. This beauty was the most MAJESTIC CAT IN THE WHOLE WORLD. u/vpdots / Via 14. And finally, this copycat blepped its way into our hearts!! u/2FUR1 / Via Top trending videos Facebook Share Twitter Tweet Copy Copy link Watch more BuzzFeed Video Caret right

Mark Zuckerberg spent almost $60 million on 2 waterfront estates in Tahoe last winter. Here’s a look at the 10 properties he owns across the US, from a modest Palo Alto home to a Hawaiian plantation

Mark Zuckerberg spent almost $60 million on 2 waterfront estates in Tahoe last winter. Here’s a look at the 10 properties he owns across the US, from a modest Palo Alto home to a Hawaiian plantation Hillary Hoffower May 3, 2019, 22:09 IST Drew Angerer/Staff Zuckerberg has purchased 10 properties across four locations: Palo Alto, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Kauai Island in Hawaii. Zuckerberg tends to buy surrounding properties to ensure privacy. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories .
Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recently expanded his real estate portfolio and summer vacation options.
The Facebook CEO dropped more than $59 million on two adjacent Lake Tahoe properties last winter, reported Katherine Clarke of The Wall Street Journal . The purchase happened privately through a limited-liability company and high-end wealth manager, according to Clarke. It’s just the latest addition to Zuckerberg ‘s collection of properties in the western US – he also owns properties in Palo Alto , San Francisco, and the Hawaiian island of Kauai, making Tahoe his fourth location.
Collectively, Zuckerberg has purchased 10 properties, though he has a knack for also buying surrounding properties to ensure his privacy – he bought four homes surrounding his main Palo Alto residence and a stake in a beach adjacent to a plantation he purchased in Kauai.
Zuckerberg’s also known for getting embroiled in a bit of real estate conflict – there was a dispute over the landlocked parcels on the plantation, and neighbors reportedly weren’t pleased with the effects of Zuckerberg’s year-plus renovation on his San Francisco townhouse.
Take a look at Zuckerberg’s real estate portfolio. {{}} View As: One Page Slides Mark Zuckerberg lives in a 5,000-plus-square-foot estate in Palo Alto, California.
He purchased the Crescent Park neighborhood home in May 2011 for $7 million, Business Insider’s Tanza Loudenback reported . He’s since tricked it out with a “custom-made artificially intelligent assistant,” according to CNBC . Compared to Zuckerberg’s $71.5 billion net worth, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is quite modest.
Architectural Digest described it as a “‘no frills’ abode” that chooses function over extravagance. Outside, it features a big backyard, pool, and lush, detailed landscape. Inside, there is a spacious kitchen and plenty of windows allowing for sunlight. The following year, Zuckerberg began buying four homes surrounding his Palo Alto residence.
He spent more than $43 million on these properties, reported Katherine Clarke of the Wall Street Journal , citing public records. After leasing the homes back to their former owners, he planned to demolish and rebuild them in 2016.
According to Claudine Zap of Realtor , city officials didn’t approve this plan, and Zuckerberg filed a new plan that allowed him to renovate two of the homes and rebuild the other two as single-story homes , creating a sort of compound. Zuckerberg also owns a 5,500-square-foot townhouse in San Francisco.
He reportedly bought the home for $10 million in 2013, according to SF Gate . The house, which dates back to 1928, is on a 9,800-square-foot lot and features 70 square feet of sidewalk frontage, according to Clarke. According to Google Maps, it’s located between Noe Valley and the Mission District in Dolores Heights on 21st Street.
Compass real estate agent Natalie Hatvany Kitchen told Clarke it’s “a slightly grittier area and certainly not where you’d expect to find someone of his wealth and stature.” The townhouse became a fixer-upper, with Zuckerberg spending more than $1.6 million in renovations.
Zuckerberg spent an estimated $65,000 remodeling the kitchen and a bathroom, according to SFGate . He also added a new media room, wine room, and greenhouse — the latter reportedly cost $60,000.
The renovation took 17 months, according to Lamar Anderson of Curbed , and left neighbors with torn-up sidewalks and no street parking. Neighbors reportedly sent around a letter complaining about his illegally parked SUVs, reported Clarke . In 2014, Zuckerberg’s real-estate portfolio expanded to the Pacific with a $100 million splurge on two properties on Kauai Island in Hawaii.
These properties span 750 acres across an isolated stretch of Hawaiian beach, according to Business Insider’s Madeline Stone . Zuckerberg said he and wife Priscilla Chan bought the land because they’re “dedicated to preserving its natural beauty.”
In 2017, he purchased another 89 acres for more than $45 million, reported Clarke . He first paid $49.8 million for an 89.2% stake of Pila’a Beach, an isolated oceanfront property.
The property is 393 acres and not publicly listed, according to Stone . The beach is difficult to access, with a half-mile trail that leads down to the shore.
The beach is open to the public, and Zuckerberg’s land is situated a bit further back from the shoreline, Stone wrote. Zuckerberg reportedly paid $66 million for the Kahu’aina Plantation, adjacent to the beach.
A 357-acre former sugarcane plantation, it includes 2,500 feet of white-sand beach and has a working organic farm ripe with crops, including ginger, turmeric, and papaya. The farm is also home to goats and turtles, according to Zuckerberg’s Facebook page . The plantation was approved for up to 80 homes, but Zuckerberg reportedly plans to build just one.
He plans to build a 6,100-square-foot, two-bedroom house, including a 16-bay garage complex and a “ranch administration building” featuring keycard-protected offices and security headquarters, according to Zap . Zuckerberg bought as many as two dozen landlocked parcels on the plantation.
The rights to those parcels are known as “kuleanas.” There was a dispute over four of these parcels, which were granted to native Hawaiian families, and Zuckerberg later dropped it, according to Clarke . Last winter, Zuckerberg dropped $59 million on two adjacent private waterfront estates in Lake Tahoe, a popular destination for Bay Area residents.
Zuckerberg’s estates are located on the west shore outside Tahoe City, an area known for “old, understated money —less flash, more hunker in the woods,” reported Clarke , adding that the families of late Hewlett-Packard founder Bill Hewlett and the late publishing icon Charles McClatchy are neighbors. The transaction occurred secretly and wasn’t revealed publicly until the following May.
According to Clarke , Zuckerberg purchased the properties through a limited-liability company and high-end wealth manager to keep the deals private. Real estate agents signed non-disclosure agreements and removed photos of the properties from their websites. His 5,322-square-foot Brushwood Estate sits on a six-acre lot and dates back to the 1920s.
At 5,322 square feet, The Brushwood Estate features six bedrooms, five baths, and two half baths, according to Amy Graff of SFGate . Inside are high-beamed ceilings and picture windows; outside are lush trees, a private dock, and hot tub. There’s also a 2,293-square-foot guesthouse.
The estate has had several owners throughout the years, among them a novelist, several socialites, and a philanthropist who used to host Oscar de la Renta shows on the property. The other property Zuckerberg bought is the $22 million Carousel Estate.
Situated on 3.5 acres , it features eight bedrooms, nine-and-a-half bathrooms, high ceilings, and a wood-burning fireplace. Promo materials for the property say it “exudes ‘Old Tahoe’ ambiance,” according to Business Insider’s Nick Bastone . The Carousel Estate is separated into three living quarters, but is connected by “breezeways” and all under one roof.
Outside, it boasts 200 feet of private waterfront, with a “marina style” pier that can accommodate yachts over 50 feet and an outdoor patio to overlook the lake, Bastone wrote . There’s also a caretaker’s home on the property. Between the two properties, Zuckerberg owns 600 feet of Lake Tahoe private waterfront.
But that could soon expand — he’s reportedly in talks to acquire a third property across the street. It is not clear whether Zuckerberg will keep the housing on the two properties or will opt to tear it down and start fresh, Business Insider’s Megan Hernbroth reported .

Miss USA 2019 | Juan Sebastian’s FINAL Hot Picks

Miss USA 2019 | Juan Sebastian’s FINAL Hot Picks
What’s up guys, I am going to make this intro quick, Miss USA 2019 is going to be crowned Thursday and this edition has been a DISASTER already. While IMG has done a great job investing in Miss Universe, they have destroyed almost all excitement that comes with Miss USA. The stage sucks, the pre-pageant activities sucked, the coverage sucked and they are shoving Sherri Hill and Lu Sierra down our throats again. I am not going to sugar coat it because I do not really have anything positive to say so far except that I am excited Sarah’s reign is finally coming to an end. So let’s just get to it, here are my final hot picks for Miss USA 2019!
Top 3
I usually call this group the “crown contenders”, but this year after the preliminary competition, I am throwing all my eggs in one basket. I can only logically see one girl winning the crown this year. However, anything can happen and looking back, the logic for crowning Sarah Rose Summers was very questionable. So these are the three girls who I feel are most deserving!
Miss USA 2019
Texas – Alayah Benavidez
Texas is fucking back and Alayah Benavidez is clearly their tenth Miss USA! She is the best Miss Texas USA since Crystle Stewart which makes it no surprise that she is the most competitive and prepared girl this year. So many girls overdid their walks but less is almost always more and Alayah was one of the only girls who understood that. Alayah actually reminds me a lot of Catriona Gray but with lighter hair. But that doesn’t mean its right for her to go ahead and copy the lava walk and she knew that! So many of these girls went out of control with their spinning but Alayah stayed true to herself and as a result, her stage presence was electric. She also has an incredible story of overcoming dyslexia and her PhD goals show that she is clearly very driven. She is now the only girl in this batch I can see winning Miss Universe and after the last three Miss USAs coming out of nowhere, is it wrong that I want a favorite to win this year?
1st Runner Up
New Jersey – Manya Saaraswat
The biggest struggle Manya has to overcome is her inconsistency in candid photos. But she is clearly one of the most intelligent girls this year as she has done stem cell research at Harvard! Her walk was electrifying especially in swimsuit and her gown moved perfectly on stage. New Jersey is close to their first Miss USA crown and I would not be surprised if it’s this year. Manya is the only girl right now who I can see stealing the crown from Texas.
2nd Runner Up
West Virginia – Haley Holloway
When Haley is styled right, she is a goddess. I noticed she has struggled with her styling from time to time and with certain colors she can look a bit harsh, but her makeup was perfect and the gown could not suit her any better. I do not know much about her, why she wants to be Miss USA or her social work, but I have seen her interact with fans on social media and she seems incredibly personable and genuine which are qualities a successful Miss USA must have.
Top 5
These two girls have been on my radar throughout their stay in Reno, and sealed the deal in the preliminary competition. They both fit the new direction of Miss USA perfectly!
Oklahoma – Triana Browne
I know Triana is indigenous but one of her biggest advantages is that she is ethnically ambiguous. I don’t know if she is mixed or not but when you first see her, she looks like she could be from anywhere. That being said, I was not impressed at first as I thought her face was way too harsh and her body was way too muscular. But damn she has drastically improved in both departments. Her entire frame is very easy on the eyes and with great stage presence and an impressive bio, I see her going far.
Ohio – Alice Magoto
Alice caught my eye when I saw her official headshot as I was drawn to her natural beauty. Ironically, I later found out her social work is about promoting natural beauty and abstaining from photoshop on social media which could not be more relevant in 2019. What sealed the deal for me though was her confidence during the preliminary competition. She looks so sweet yet has this big dick energy about her that I see blowing away an all female selection committee.
Top 10
These girls impressed me during the preliminary competition and could sneak into the Top 5 or even pull off a surprise win! However, I do feel there are stronger girls or there are girls that fit the IMG era better which is why I stopped them here.
Kansas – Alyssa Klinzing
At first I thought Alyssa was overrated and just another pretty face who brought nothing new to the table. But damn, I was wrong. She has a very unique backstory of working as a Disney princess at an amusement park but she was the one who looked like the princess herself. Her evening gown performance was my favorite and brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of Paulina Vega’s Miss Universe final walk. Her look is very on trend and her social work of aiming to get more women involved in politics shows that she is the girl boss prototype that IMG is looking for.
New Mexico – Alejandra Gonzalez
Probably the face of the pageant and would be the most facially beautiful Miss USA in a long time. Beautywise, Alejandra is a hybrid of Ximena Navarrete and Barbara Turbay, two of my favorite beauty queens! But this stunning Latina is way more than a pretty face and proved during prelims she is worth the hype. She’s smart, has great stage presence and although her gown was ugly, the color was perfect on her.
Connecticut – Acacia Courtney
Acacia is never someone I considered before the preliminary competition, but she grabbed my attention in both swimsuit and evening gown. While many are dubbing her as a crown contender, I would not jump to that just yet as I felt she was rehearsed from what I have seen of her oratory. I do not see her winning like everyone else does, but she will surely give a good fight.
North Carolina – Cheslie Kryst
I am shocked Cheslie is not on more lists. This attorney and model is a prettier version of Kára McCullough, and her natural hair will win the selection committee over. She had one of the strongest performances in swimsuit and her gown performance was simple yet elegant. She is not outstanding, and is probably on a similar level to the past 3 Miss USAs. A definite shoo-in for the Top 15.
Virginia – Courtney Lynne Smits
Courtney was my biggest surprise during prelims, while she definitely looks older than she is, I think she fits the IMG mold. She had great stage presence in both rounds, but learning her story and that she is in the military makes me confident that she will at least place. She seems like the perfect combination of badass yet glamorous that IMG seems to love.
Top 15
All these girls did enough to make the Top 15 in somehow or another, but I do not think Miss USA 2019 is among these five girls. I expected more from them and I also think they could miss the cut.
Florida – Nicolette Jennings
Nicolette has stood out in photo after photo throughout her time in Reno. But I expected more during preliminaries. She could have spent a little more time at the gym and could have chosen a more appropriate gown. Her stage presence is fantastic as expected, but I think it is a high possibility the selection committee may write her off as just another pretty face which is ashamed as I think she is one of the most beautiful girls this year.
Pennsylvania – Kailyn Marie Perez
Of the Latinas, Kailyn is definitely not at the level of New Mexico or Texas. However, this law school graduate still has a pretty good chance of entering the Top 15 if her legal background translated into the interview room. While her swimsuit performance was a little too much for my taste, she has the stage presence and one of the most beautiful gowns this year.
California – Erica Dann
Before preliminaries, I was positive Erica was the strongest Miss California USA since Alyssa. I thought she was the full package until I saw her on stage. If she was from any other state and gave that performance, I would have immediately written her off. She is a very charismatic talker and has an impressive bio which gives me hope that she had a strong interview, but that is her only hope and her inclusion in my Top 15 is wishful thinking at this point.
Massachusetts – Kelly O’Grady
Kelly is probably the smartest and most accomplished girl this year. That being said, I was unimpressed by her preliminary performance in both rounds and thought she made some weird facial expressions. Yes there have been girls in this era with impressive bios but a weak preliminary performance took them out. However, I still have to trust history here and the fact that so many girls struggled with their walks makes it more likely that she will place.
New Hampshire – Alexis Chinn
Alexis caught my eye when she arrived in Reno for her striking beauty, natural hair and great styling. Upon further learning about her and reading her bio, I knew this girl was IMG material. HOWEVER, her preliminary performance left much to be desired, while she did look stunning in swimsuit, she lacked energy on stage that I was so hoping for, especially in gown. However, I feel her overall frame and performance was enough to crack the Top 15.
On Hold
There have been many questionable finalists in Miss USA recently that I cannot explain besides “she probably had an incredible interview” so I wanted to be sure I covered all the bases. I have no ranking for them and these are not alternates rather, the rest of the girls I also see making the cut.
Alabama – Hannah McMurphy
I think Hannah is stunning and she did OK in prelims, I think it could go either way for her.
Arizona – Savannah Wix
She has a gorgeous face, a great platform and an infectious personality, I have no doubt she scored very high in the interview. But her stage presence was a joke.
Arkansas – Savannah Skidmore
She did a solid job in both swimsuit and evening gown but I am apprehensive about her because Miss Arkansas last year was a huge favorite, had a great body, walk and gown performance but still missed the cut. And the thing is, they also look alike so I am not jumping on the bandwagon just yet.
District of Columbia – Cordelia Cranshaw
She has an amazing story and she caught my eye in both rounds, definitely not a winner but I think DC could be back in the Top 15 this year!
Georgia – Katerina Rozmajzl
Easily the most overrated girl this year, although she looked stunning in gown, she proved during swimsuit and during her interviews that she is not all that. However, she is hyped beyond death to the point that I feel uncomfortable counting her out although I know she does not fit the new direction of Miss USA at all.
Hawaii – Lacie Choy
Not a huge fan of her facially, but she has a very effortless beachy beauty, I can see the judges taking notice of her!
Idaho – Shelby Brown
Her story of losing so much weight and being the first from her family to graduate college could not be more IMG. I had her written down as a standout in swimsuit but her gown ruined it for her. I still see her placing though and probably making the Top 10 but going no further with that dress.
Illinois – Alexandra Plotz
She is the closest thing we have to a redhead this year and I really loved her in swimsuit. She could sneak in!
Maryland – Mariela Pepin
The only reason I excluded her from my Top 15 is that during the preliminary competition, I learned that Mariela is a botox queen! I have nothing against botox but she looked so overdone that her smile was uncomfortable to look at. That being said, she was fantastic on stage in both rounds and think if she does make it, she could be a surprise top fiver.
Minnesota – Cat Stanley
She has it all, but the gown choice was horrible. It did not move on stage and I think it could have potentially costed her. She did a great job reeling her smile in though!
Mississippi – Madeleine Overby
Not a fan of her beauty at all but I had Madeleine written down as a standout in evening gown. Do not know much about her though but she is a possibility!
Nevada – Tianna Tuamoheloa
I was expecting more in swimsuit and she could have been styled way better as the red lip was unnecessary. But she killed it in gown and is the host delegate and plus she is my girl so I cannot count her out!
New York – Florinda Kajtazi
On paper, I actually thought Florinda was quite underrated. I think she’s gorgeous and her story of surviving abuse is inspiring. I have seen her on some lists and I think she looked stunning during prelims, so a placement is not impossible, but girl had ZERO stage presence. Other than I think she is semifinalist material.
Rhode Island – Nicole Pallozzi
Call me crazy because yeah she is very weak facially but she makes up for it with an incredible body. I would go as far as saying she has one of the best bodies of the batch and I know people will consider her a WTF if she does place, but I cannot entirely count her out.
South Carolina – MaKenzie Divina
The poor mans Tamaryn Green. I am not a huge fan of this girl, I thought her styling was bad and I think she looks too youthful for Miss USA. She does seem to have a great personality though so she could make it but I was not inspired in prelims.
South Dakota – Abigail Merschman
Facially I am not sold, especially during her close up shots she looked very tired, I do not know if it was bad makeup or if she was actually tired or if that’s just her face but but her stage presence is undeniable. She might make it and South Dakota seems to be doing well the past few years so I have to give credit where it is due.
Tennessee – Savana Hodge
I swear I thought Gabriela Berrios was competing at Miss USA when she walked out. She wasn’t bad on stage but the gown was a bit heavy on her. I do not know much about her but there is a very small chance I think she will place.
Utah – Amanda Renée Giroux
I actually loved her gown, it was different and a breath of fresh air in a group of so many repetitive looking gowns. But I was looking at the gown and not her and she is another girl who looks way too youthful for my taste and I was not blown away by her preliminary performance. I do see her placing though!
Washington – Evelyn Clark
Girl competed for 10 years to win her state pageant, that is dedication and it is ashamed she won this year because this edition is clearly so cheap and budgeted. But her experience showed and I think she gave a good enough performance to make the cut!
I know the forum isn’t really active right now, especially because its not Miss Universe season and no one comes here anymore but if you made it all the way to the end, thank you so much for reading and tell me what you think!

Local Elections 2019: Mossley candidate profiles

Elections Local Elections 2019: Mossley candidate profiles
WHO will get your vote in the local elections on May 2? Here the candidates for Mossley explain why you should vote for them, in their own words.
Dean Tom Aylett – Independent
I HAVE lived in and around Mossley for 45 years. I am passionate about all items Mossley including protecting greenbelt land, bus and police services, implementing green corridors, safe roads, while championing the need for a strong Mossley independent voice.
Housing development – I have recently implemented a start-up of a neighbourhood plan which will allow every person in Mossley to have a say on how our town is to be developed in the future.
Policing – Serious crime is committed by a small minority while anti-social behaviour is common place. I will continue to campaign to support the police in identifying serious criminals while recognising that anti-social behaviour are generational and require a different challenge of identifying the needs of offenders and supporting new and existing community groups to provide alternative outlets and options for our youngsters.
Public transport – I will continue to support the need for services to and from Mossley while also campaigning for a fair deal in the recent government cycling and walking strategy to implement safe and clean walking and cycle lanes to Mossley.
Environment – I am implementing schemes including a tree planting initiative that will benefit Mossley folk for generations to come with cleaner air and cosmetic beauty, this will also benefit the wild life that lives alongside us creating a lasting legacy.
Roads and pavements – Third world springs to mind. I will continue to highlight problem areas while also campaign for a local budget to be set aside for the maintenance of Mossley roads. I have brought up my three children here, seven grandchildren and I am a member of the neighbourhood council.
I want to keep the best that Mossley has to offer, but I also want to improve the rest. We must never accept the mediocre.
Tafheen Shar if- Labour Party (incumbent)
I have represented Mossley for three years, a role I love and work to the best of my abilities.
As a Mossley councillor I have immersed my energy into resolving a wide range of casework for people in difficult circumstances, hopefully making a difference to the lives of many, especially our most vulnerable.
I have been active on campaigns and issues in Mossley including ‘Save Our Community Spaces’ and also been heavily involved with the flooding on Micklehurst Road, organising public meetings with key agencies.
Our local cemetery extension has also been flooded, leading to me arranging public meetings and obtaining land drainage so families can visit their loved ones in peace. I also took leadership for Mossley in the devastating fires on the moorlands, disseminating key information and health advice.
I have both objected and supported planning applications. Every matter I have appealed on has been won and a further appeal at the Planning Inspectorate has also been a success for residents. I am a firm believer in not inundating a town with lots of new developments, without foresight and having in place a supportive infrastructure.
I continue to fight for better transport links in Mossley, including more efficient train and bus services.
Policing in Mossley is significantly stretched. Over the years I have been able to work closely with local police, having built up a good relationship.
If elected again, I will continue to help resolve matters for Mossley residents with passion and energy.
I will carry my values and principles of equality, justice and equity. I will continue the campaign for a better deal for Mossley.
Daniel Percival – Conservative Party
I KNOW you must be sick and tired of politics with what is going on in Westminster, but at these local elections it is a decision on who will run your local council services.
For 40 years Tameside Council has been led by the Labour Party and just what is Mossley getting from that?
We have seen Labour councillors force charges on our car parks affecting town centre businesses and sell off plots of our green spaces to developers.
A third of all Labour councillors on Tameside Council are related to each other. In Mossley we have Jack and Steven Homer who have earned £26,738 between them this year. For the Parish Council we have Lynn and Frank Travis standing who earned an eye watering £52,397 for the last financial year from Tameside taxpayers.
The Conservatives plan to cut the number of councillors by a third and scrap elections every year moving them to “all out” every four years. This would save in the region of £600,000 every year and we would put this money into tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.
Mossley needs change and a voice that will stand up for the area. Don’t reward Labour at these elections to carry on their 40 years of control at Tameside Council.
Christine Anne Clark – Green Party
MY name is Christine Clark and I am proud to be the Green Party candidate for Mossley where I have lived all my life. I have worked with people with learning difficulties in social services and at welfare rights, all in Tameside.
The Green Party knows that our local green spaces are vital for health, clean air and general quality of life. The open air leisure facilities are ours, paid for through our council tax.
The green spaces, trees and vegetation capture excessive rainfall, helping to eliminate flood risk which is really important to us here in Mossley.
We love our pets but top of the problem list is dog fouling, next is litter and then fly-tipping.
Dangerous to all road users, particularly cyclists and horses, are potholes. These ongoing problems need to be addressed with more urgency.
Along with this, the River Tame has the highest recorded plastic pollution in the world. The source of the pollution needs to be identified and dealt with.
The Green Party puts people before profit and campaigns for faster action nationally and locally. I and other Green Party members will be pressing for action from our Tameside Council and national Government on all these matters.
Vote Christine Clark Green Party on May 2.
To view all the candidates across the borough in this years elections, go online Share this story:


Well, you’ve read the Sunday paper and there’s nothing on TV. You’re so bored, you’re ready to beat your head against the wall. You remember something about the leaves turning colors this month. That beats screaming, you figure. Although you only have an old housedress and panties on, you don’t plan on getting out of the car. Slipping your feet into some old mules and grabbing your purse and keys, you head out the door. The afternoon sun feels good on your face as you put your car in gear and head out of town. This doesn’t seem so bad, you think, as you leave town and start into the hills. The colors of red and orange and yellow are pretty. Seeing a side road, you take it on a lark. The road gets more narrow and steeper, but the trees are more numerous, almost making a canopy over the road. You think this is much better than just sitting around when the car engine suddenly dies! Turning the key, the starter cranks, but the engine won’t engage. You quickly discover hitting the steering wheel with your hand doesn’t help much. Now you wish you were bored back at your place! Resigning yourself to a long walk back, you grab your purse and get out of the car. City girl that you are, you lock the car. It’s not as warm now with the trees blocking the sun, but not uncomfortable. You haven’t made it to the main road when you hear what sounds like car noises. At least you won’t have that long walk back. You pick up your pace a little as you hear the noises coming closer. Suddenly, you stop. You recognize the mechanical noises now. The sound of a motorcycle — many motorcycles — just around the bend in the road. The noisy machines sweep around the corner and you see three, five, more motorcycles — a motorcycle gang! Dirty leather jackets, long hair and no helmets. You turn to run back up the path toward your car as the two lead bikes catch up with you and circle you, cutting off your escape. Laughing, the “leader of the pack” gets off his ‘cycle and, without warning, reaches out and grabs you by your shoulder-length light brown hair. Dragging you by your wavy hair, he pulls you backwards onto his motorcycle seat. You raise your hands straight out in front of you to ward him off and someone behind you grabs your wrists and pulls them over your head, forcing you to recline on the motorcycle seat. The leader parts your still-covered legs as far as your housedress will permit. He reaches into his front pocket and pulls out a switch blade knife. He sticks the closed knife in your face and pushes the button. He has positioned the knife so when it springs open, the back of the blade (dull side) hits you across the lips. You are horrified and scream out your fear. “Shut your fuckin’ mouth, you bitch” he says as he puts the knife to your throat. “You keep quiet or I’ll cut your fuckin’ throat.” You close your mouth and wimper. Satisfied, he laughs and, flipping the knife around, he puts it inside your neckline and pulls it away cutting the top of your housedress. Holding the knife in the palm of his right hand, he grabs the edges of the neckline in both hands and rips the top open. You gasp at the violent act as he sees your large, dark pink nipples and says “nice tits, girly.” He puts both of his hand on both of your breasts, one nipple in each palm. Smiling at you, he quickly makes two fists! You scream in suprise and pain. He puts the knife blade against your left nipple and moves it up and down; not cutting, but scraping, letting you know it is there. “If you scream again, I swear I’ll cut this off!” he says and you have no doubt he means it. He begins to rip away the rest of your dress and, where it won’t rip, he cuts it. You are now naked, except for your panties (and shoes), with the reminants of your dress under you. He grabs your nylon panties and pulls. Pulls so hard, it lifts your hips from the motorcycle seat. Being nylon, the panties stretch, but do not tear. He slips the knife into the left leg hole and out the waistband and cuts. He grabs the remaining piece of your panties and pulls again. It doesn’t rip, it is just pulled from under you and halfway down your right thigh. As he reaches for your pubic area, he yells to his “old lady”: “Barbara, get that chain grease from my bike. A white bread girl like this will need some lubrication.” Two of his fingers roughly touch your vagina and he stops when he feels how wet you are. “Whoa up there, Barb, come see this” he says “The little slut is wet.” “You like this, you want this, don’t you?” he says as he unzips and pulls his stiff penis from his jeans. As he rams himself into you, he says “she likes this, boys, come and get it.” At this, you hear more zippers from just outside your sight. As you see motion on the edge of your vision, you feel rough hands on both of your breasts and an erect penis on your left cheek. This does not count the hands holding and pulling your wrists. The hands cruelly pinch and twist your nipples while the penis is slapped against the left side of your nose! The voice attached to the penis says “If you bite my dick I’ll pull out every one of your teeth with my pliers” as he slaps his penis across your slightly parted lips. “Suck it, bitch, lick it” he says as he slaps it against your face again and again. He cruelly twists and pulls one of your large nipples and your gasp of pain actually pulls his penis into your mouth. “Be nice, girly, or you’ll really pay.” The leader has been pumping you regularly and now is ready to ejaculate. “Here’s some beauty cream for you” he say as he pull out of your vagina and “gets off” on your bare stomach. When he finishes, he takes his hand and rubs it around your belly and rib cage. “Like that, bitch?” he asks as he grabs and pulls your vaginal lips. It’s hard to tell what torment you’re reacting to as you grimace and wimper. “Finish up, boys, I wannna make that cabin by dark.” As if on command, the one on your left lets go in your mouth, making you gag. The leader grabs you on your naked right side and pulls you off his bike and onto the dirt as he says “Get that trash off my bike. But bring her with us.” Barbara, the leader’s “old lady” steps on your stomach with her motocycle boot and removes the mules from your feet. As she throws them into the woods, she says “You won’t be needing these.” Continuing to hold you down with her foot, she takes clothesline from one of the bikes and ties your hands together at the wrists. She says “get up, you’re coming with us” and pulls on the rope as she climbs on the leader’s motorcycle. Stark naked except for the reminants of your ruined panties around your right ankle, you gain your feet as the motorcycle starts up a different country road. They are going slow so you can keep up in your bare feet, you think to youself as you hear another motorcycle come up behind you and a leather gloved hand slaps the small of your back. You shout and stumble, but keep your feet and continue running behind the motorcycle holding the rope. From your other side, a booted foot kicks the outside of your full, soft hip and down you go. You figure they’ll stop now that you’re on the ground. You figure wrong. The motorcycle slows, but does not stop as it drags you at full length on your front. You try to get to your feet, but you cannot get the leverage. The lead motorcycle pulling you slows more and Barbara jumps off. As she does, you stop sliding along the ground. She comes closer and uses the end of the clothesline to whip your back. “Get up, cunt” she said as she uses the rope end on your back again and again. The stinging pushes you to get up and, when you do, Barbara jumps back on the ‘cycle and it takes off again. As you jog with your arms pulled in front of you, other motorcycles run up and fall back, tying to hit and kick you. Some do slap your back and rounded sides, but no one kicks you again. You’re begining to pant and sweat as you continue to be pulled along. Your citified, normally-shoed feet react to the dirt road as you stumble and fall again, this time rolling over onto your back. The motorcycle pulls you along the dirt road stretched out on your back then slows as you see more motorcycles try to hit you. The “old ladies” on the backs of the ‘cycles try to kick you. Barbara gets off the motorcycle again and, standing over you, whips you with the rope end across your soft belly. You quickly turn over, trying to get to your feet again. Barbara whips you again, across the back. As you rise to your knees, she kicks you in the butt, causing you to fall, face forward, flat out on your chest. Again, she lashes your back with the rope end saying “Get up, you slut.” You roll over to plead with her with your round blue eyes and receive another lash, this time across your breasts. Tears begin to run down your cheeks, making riverlets in the dust on your face when Barbara says “That’s what I wanted to see.” With that, she jerks the rope as you get to your feet. She jumps back on the motorcycle and you begin to jog again as the ‘cycle moves on. The motorcycle pulling you does not go as fast now which is good as you’re begining to tire. Looking ahead past the motorcycle, you see a clearing in the woods and a small, run-down cabin there. The leader pulls his motorcycle up next to the cabin door and you stop behind it, sweating and panting for breath. As the other motorcycles line up, their riders, male and female, smack you and kick at you, saying very unkind things. The leader says over his shoulder to Barbara “Bring that in here.” To emphasize the order, Barbara jerks on the rope which binds your wrists together and pulls you into the dark cabin. Light begins to enter the cabin as shutters are opened on the glassless windows. You look around and see two sets of bunk beds with only boards in them; no springs or matresses. A closed double-door cabinet is attached to one wall. There is a kitchen-like table in the middle of the small room, but only one wooden chair. A fine layer of dust covers the floor which now shows the prints of their boots and your bare feet. The leader grabs your tied wrists and, with a florish, opens his switchblade knife and cuts the clothesline. Your arms drop to your sides as he looks at the abused body in front of him. Dirty and sweaty, with red whip marks across your soft belly near your navel and across your breasts, he sees the many full-length scratch marks on your sensitive skin as a result of your being dragged along the dirt road. He slowly walks around you and observes similar sights on your back, except for many more whip marks on your back and a boot mark on your left buttock. Back in front of you, he looks into your tired blue eyes and moves toward you. In reaction, you step backward until your butt hits against that kitchen table. When you stop, he places his open hand on your chest above your breasts and pushes you backwards. Off balance, you fall back on the table and find your hands are immediately grabbed. You wince as your wounded back is pulled slightly on the table. You can feel four people working on tying you to the table legs: each of your ankles to a leg with your feet flat on the floor and each wrist pulled over your head and out to the other two table legs. Were there a mirror on the ceiling, you would see yourself bound hand and foot, bent over backwards with the top of your buttocks on the edge of the table. That and your arms pulled over your head cause your back to arch, thrusting your breasts upward. As you consider your situation, your dark pink nipples harden even before they begin to work on you. Secured to the table, they all gather around you, waiting for permission from their leader to touch you. They stare at you for what seems like a long time before the leader notices your large, erect nipples and touches you between the legs. Feeling your wetness, he says “What a slut you are. Well, we’re going to try everything we can think of to find something you don’t like! And while we’re searching, you better not cum or you’ll be severely punished.” To emphasize his words, he slaps you hard on your pubic mound. Your mind reels: you can’t control the lust in your body and if what has happened to you so far is not severe, what could he possibly mean? The leader has “shot his wad” earlier; therefore he tells his gang “She’s all yours” and he turns his back on you. The men all move forward with the number two guy taking his place standing at the end of the table between your legs. As he crams his swollen member into your wet vagina, you feel hands on your breasts and two penises pushing at each side of your face. Plus another on slapping and rubbing on your belly. Then, you feel a stiff penis insert itself into your right palm. The rope around that wrist limits the motion in that hand, but it doesn’t seem to mater. They all shout at you at once: “Suck this, bitch. Work it, slut. Lick me now! Like your nipples pinched?” This along with various grunts and moans. You try not to respond to the penis in your vagina, but your hips begin to thrust in time with his. Seeing this, he slaps your soft hips and says “God, what a whore you are!” You try to lick and suck both penises at once to avoid further abuse, but it only enrages them. “You’re not supose to enjoy this, bitch” one says as they both begin to hit your face with their penises. One by one, they “get their jollies” and ejaculate on or in you. When all the men have gotten off, you feel yourself being untied. The leader tells the women: “Get her out of my sight while we figure out what to do next.” Barbara grabs you by your brown hair and pulls you up on your feet and drags you to the door. You feel more hands on you as you are pushed and prodded outside into the early evening. Outside, under a tree, you are thrown to the ground on your back. Barbara climbs onto you and pins your outstreched arms to the ground with her bare shins as she kneels over your chest and face. You now have closeup evidence that she has taken off her jeans as her hairy crotch is just inches from your chin. “Listen, cunt. Since you showed up, we haven’t gotten any attention. And it looks like we won’t until they break you. So, you’re going to pay attention to us and if that makes it easier for them, so much the better.” With that, she grabs your stringy, sweat-soaked hair and pulls your face to her crotch. “Lick and suck me now!” she demands. You try to obey, but gasp as you feel someone pulling your pubic hair. You begin to kick your legs to stop the torment. As your reward, you are whipped across your pelvic area, maybe by a studded belt, maybe a motorcycle chain. Your cry makes Barbara look over her shoulder. She bounces on your chest and says “I don’t care what they’re doing down there — you do what I say.” Your shout also attracted the attention of the leader who comes out and over to where the “old ladies” have you on the ground. He says “I don’t want you girls to do anything that will let her get off. I’ve promised to punish her if she cums. Who ever lets her cum will get the same treatment she gets.” He then turns and leaves you to their devices. She bounces on your chest again to ensure she has your attention and say “You heard him. You better not get off on this. If you do, I’ll hurt you worse that they will. Now suck me hard.” You suck as best as you can while gasping from what is being done to the rest of you. You feel some kind of spring clip being applied to each of your hard dark pink nipples. And two more to the lips of your vagina. Movement at both locations indicates that some string or chain is being attaches to each clip. The connection is apparently being tightened as you feel pain at all four attachment places. You find if you raise your hips, it puts slack on the connection. But the strain is already causing your hips to quiver. Barbara fells the vibrations from your hips and, thinking you are having an orgasm, she bangs your head on the ground and says “Stop it!” She jumps up and feels between your legs. Her hand encounters a great deal of wetness. Thinking the ejaculate from the guy in the cabin is the result of your orgasm, she throws herself on you, knocking the breath out of you. She has done this to whisper in your ear “I told you not to do that — if you tell them you got off, I’ll torture you to death. This will give you a sample of what I mean.” Her weight has stretched you out causing the connection to pull on the clips. Thinking you may have gotten off due to the clips, she undoes the ones on your nipples. She gets that clothesline again and ties your wrists together again and throws the end over a limb of the tree you’ve been laying under. Pulling you taut until only the balls of your feet touch the ground, she ties the rope to the tree trunk. She walks in front of your and gags you with a cloth wrapped around your mouth and tied in the back of your head. You watch the other “mamas” watch you and you think you detect fear or at least sorrow in their eyes. They must think they’ll all be punished by the leader. Or maybe they know what is about to be done to you. Barbara has walked somewhere behind you and now returns with a limber length of branch from which she continues to cut the leaves with her knife. You realize she is creating a switch and you shiver with anticipation. However, Barbara thinks your shivers are from the cold as the temperature is dropping. “This should warm you up” she says as she whips the switch through the air causing a whistling sound. She lays the switch on your left breast and moves it back and forth across the nipple. Without warning, she strikes with a vertical motion. Her short arm motion caused a sting on your breast and nipple, but will not leave a mark. Taking a step back, she rears her arm back and brings the switch around with great force. It hits you in the midriff above the navel and, as her arm motion continues past you, the rough surface of the switch is dragged across your belly. The gag barely conceals your scream of pain. “This is what I meant when I said it could get worse” Barbara says as she brings her arm back again. She drives the switch forward again hitting and dragging it across your rib cage below your breasts. Again, your scream is muffled. Walking around and swinging her arm, she lands another on the small of your back, about where the table edge cut into you. Barbara’s cruelity seems to bother some of the “mamas” watching your punishment. Back in front of you, the switch is applied with great force to your thighs below your crotch. Your pitiful, muffled screams bring the leader out to see what the commotion is. He sees the angry red marks Barbara has made on you and knows he has the answer to his unasked question of what is going on. “What are you doing?” he says, anyway. Barbara stops and says “I wanted her to know what would happen if she came before you told her she could.” “Well, leave her alone and come in the cabin — we want you all to hear what we have planned for her tomorrow.” Knowing they won’t be accused of letting you orgasm, all the women smile weakly and follow the leader into the cabin. Barbara throws the switch at you and it bounces off your legs as she leaves you suspended from the limb. You wimper to yourself and cry and gasp from the pain of this beating. It so occupies your thoughts that you forget the clips and chain still attached to your vaginal lips. As your breathing slows, you notice how chilly it has become since the sun has gone down, leaving barely any light to see. Despite that, your body cries out for rest and, as your head slowly droops to your chest, you fall into a light and troubled asleepYou awake with a jerk. You are in great discomfort, especially across the shoulders. It takes a couple of seconds for you to remember the circumstances you are in. You moan with the realization of your situation. The night air makes your nipples as hard as river pebbles. And the chill gives you goosebumps all over. You really feel the four welts you received from Barbara’s switch. It’s still night with a three-quarters moon shining into the clearing. You feel someone touching you. Moving around from your back, you see one of the “old ladies” of the motorcycle gang. One of the ones who looked at you with concern when Barbara was whipping you. She reaches out to your face and brushes some of your sweat-soaked hair back from where it fell while your head was down when you were sleeping. “Please be quiet,” she says softly as she removes the gag from your mouth. You take a deep breath using your newly-released mouth. She goes to the trunk of the tree and unties the rope suspending you. When your feet rest on the ground, your knees buckle and you slowly fall to the ground, controlled by the rope about your wrists. The “mama” kneels before you and unties the rope from your wrists and rubs them to help restore circulation. It feels so good to lay there on your back, even with your legs tucked under you. She says “come with me — quietly” as she places a hand under your shoulder and helps you up. She helps support you as you walk on rubbery legs out of the clearing and into the woods. Once out of sight of the cabin, she guides you towards a clump of bushes. “You can have some privacy while you releve yourself” she says as she walks a short distance away. As you empty your bladder, you think about escape. You realize you couldn’t run on your legs tonight if you had to — and you do! You stand up and the woman appears at your side. She begins to guide you further into the woods and you begin to wonder what she intends. You receive part of your answer when you stop at a stream which runs through the woods. Here, you are urged to drink and wash. Any wamth you generated in your short walk is stolen away when you wash with the icy cold creek water. Shivering now and somewhat cleaner, you wonder what will happen next. You don’t have long to wait as you feel the woman touching and rubbing your face and breasts. You feel the heat of her body as she begins to gently kiss you on the mouth. You are too tired to resist, so you lay there on your back. She touches and kisses you on the face and neck and begins to move down your body. The low-level light from the moon allows her to clearly see the many marks on your pale, soft skin. She pays particular attention to where you were whipped with the rope and the welts. You still have the clamps on your labia lips and she released them. She uses this as an excuse to examine you with her fingers and tongue. Her hands gently caress your inner thighs while she tongues your throbbing clitoris. You begin to writhe with pleasure and she notices how wet you’re becoming. At the sounds of your moans, she raises her head and then suddenly stops. She stays like that, so you follow her gaze and your blood runs cold! The rest of the motorcycle gang is standing there, watching. “So, Sally, this is where you are” the leader says all too softly. Sally is roughly drug to her feet and slapped. She stands there, apparently in shock, as her “leathers” are stripped from her body. She is then knocked to the ground and her boots are taken. “Get on your knees, Sally” the leader says as he kicks her in the side. Sally quickly gets on her hands and knees. The leader grabs you by arms and pulls you to your feet and pushes you onto Sally. “Get on her back” he says. “Ok, Sally, you wanted to help her; you can carry her back to the cabin.” You lay on Sally’s back and put your arms around her neck. Sally struggles to stand up. To help her, one of the gang urges her on with a lash across her ass. She jerks, but stands with you on her back. She staggers forward on tender feet and cries out. In answer, she is lashed again. You hang on as Sally plods toward the cabin. Your breasts and belly are pressed against Sally’s naked back. This night is chilly and you feel Sally’s warmth and nuggle closer. About this time, you all arrive at the cabin. The door is open and Sally, with you on her back, are pushed inside. Sally is struck and she (and you) collapse on the floor in a heap. You are grabbed and dragged to the table you laid on the night before. Forced on the table top and tied as before, you feel movement between your legs. Trying to look, what you do see is the closed cabinet on the wall is now open and one of the gang members has grabbed some items and is bringing them to the table. You can now see that the items are long candles. “You still like this, bitch?” you hear another voice ask. You feel what must be one of those tapers being inserted into your vagina. You feel it moving back and forth in your increasing wetness. Then the motion stops with the candle still inside you. You feel heat! A constant heat source. From the comments made around you, you figure out that someone has lit the candle sticking out of you. Turning your head, you see another woman with a lit candle moving toward you. The long flame indicates a long wick which will burn hotter. She stands on the only chair in the room and, leaning over you, she tips the candle and allows the wax to drop on your left breast. She appears to be playing a game of trying to drop wax on your nipples. You start to yell when the cabin in rocked with an ear-splitting scream. Sally has been ordered to lay under the table and the wax from the candle in your vagina dropped a great quanity of wax between Sally’s open legs. You hear Sally being kicked and told to shut up. All you hear now is Sally’s wimpering and occasional gasps as more wax drops on her tender areas. The other woman goes back to her game of trying to hit your nipples with the drops of wax. The wax burns, but only immedately and then cools, leaving a round dot of wax on your breasts. Having hit one of your dark pink nipples, she has now taken notice of your marks and is aiming for the welt on your rib cage. The wax hitting that welt burns worse than that hitting your breast. You buck on the table, your hips gyrating. You begin to get excited; your vagina becoming very wet. Suddenly, the candle slips from between your legs and falls on Sally! The flame burns Sally, then goes out as she screams again. One man, kicking Sally again, pushes the other woman away from you and hits you with some type of rough strap across your belly. “You slut, you love everything that’s done to you!” the man says as he grabs you between the legs. The leader moves over and open his switchblade in front of your face, then cuts the clothesline holding your hands. Moving to the other end of the table, he leans over and releases your ankles. Reaching back, he grabs you by your light brown hair and pulls you to your feet. You stumble against Sally who is struggling to get up. You are pulled outside into the sunny, but cool Monday morning and over to the tree in the clearing. You hands are again bound and are pulled over your head leaving you dangling from the same branch. Sally tries to walk, but is being prodded and struck by one of the gang members. She is pushed face first into your hanging body. “Sally, I want you to remove those wax dots from her.” As Sally reaches out to pick one off with her fingernail, the leaders say “With your teeth, bitch, only with your teeth.” To emphasize his instruction, he strikes her in the small of the back. Sally takes her warm mouth and encircles your large nipple coated with wax. She uses her teeth to scrape at the wax. You react to that and the leader says “Don’t let her enjoy this.” Sally responds by biting your nipple, hard! The wax she got in her mouth, she spits onto your legs, some pieces sticking there. Her mouth against your breast nips more wax which is also spit onto you. You jump violently when Sally bites at the welt Barbara gave you last night. “Clean off that nipple better — it’s important” the leader says as he slaps Sally across her back with his strap. Having done as she’s been told to your great discomfort, Sally finds herself grabbed and her wrists tied in front of her. The end of her rope is also thrown over the same limb as yours and is tied off next to your rope. You and Sally are now “dancing” together, naked bodies touching each other and bouncing away as your toes barely reach the ground. They all laugh as Sally is whipped with the strap, causing her body to bump against yours. Sometimes the strap across her back reaches around and “bites” into your side. Your bodies bouncing and rubbing back and forth, strangely begins to arouse you. The leader must have seen that look on your face as he makes them stop the whipping. He walks to his motorcycle and then back. He grabs your right breast and starts to squeeze something from a tiny tube on your enlarged nipple. He grabs Sally by the left breast and sucks her nipple, hard. Sally gasps and her nipple responds. With a hand on each breast, he pushes the nipples together and holds them there. You feel sticky, but when he releases your breast, the nipples do not separate. It is then when you realize he has Super Glued yours and Sally’s nipples together. Walking around to your other side, he quickly does the same thing with your left nipple and Sally’s right one. You two are now tight against each other and you notice the heat from Sally’s groin matching yours. While you are considering this, the leader grabs your hips from behind you. Sally’s “old man” grabs her the same way. They peek around your bodies at each other and begin to pull you two apart! Your pubic areas are about two feet apart when the pull on your nipples begins to really hurt. You both begin to cry as your nipples are cruelly stretched. You hear the laughter and miss the nods from the two men as they both release your hips. Gravity and your joined nipples pulls you two together and your lower bodies impact with a dull thump. You two grunt while everyone else laughs. The men grab you two again. The leader digs his fingernails into your soft flesh and notices your continued wetness. “Damn it to hell! You tramp, you cunt, you whore” he screams and lets you go. The other man wasn’t expecting him to release you so you swing toward Sally, but she is still being pulled back. In suprise, he releases her and instead of hitting into each other, you two are now swinging back and forth in unison, rubbing the full length of your bodies against each other. “I give up” the leader says and, taking his knife, slips it between two nipples prying them apart. You scream because these two nipples come apart only when you are cut. You now have blood trickling down your breast. He pushes you two apart and starts sawing on the two remaining glued nipples. No one is cut this time as you two are now separated. He tells the other man to get Sally down, dressed and ready to ride. While that is being done, the leader dips his knife blade into the little blood that has leaked from your cut nipple. He then teases your left cheek with it, leaving a bloody mark there, but no cut. “You’re not worth any more of my time, cunt. If I get bored someday, I’ll come back for you! I have your wallet, you know!” You tremble and hear the sound of motorcycles starting. He suddenly knees you in the groin and cuts the rope holding you up. You collapse in a pile on the ground as the motorcycles sweep through the clearing and out of your life. Posted by The Scurrilous Pamphleteer at


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