Online Kanchipuram silk sarees in contrast borders at

Online Kanchipuram silk sarees in contrast borders at

Online Kanchipuram silk sarees in contrast borders at May 06 17:48 2019 Contrast border kanchipuram silk sarees for wedding launched by renowned silk saree label kanjivaram silks. These contrast border kanchipuram sarees gives an enriched look for the saree and that is the reason why nowadays, all brides prefer contrast border kanchipuram sarees. The contrast borders kanchipuram silk sarees are weaved by 2 weavers to make this saree. According to the ceo of kanjivaram silks . “The kanchipuram silk sarees in contrast borders are most preferred sarees by the indian brides and these sarees takes 3 weeks time to make one saree, compared to self border sarees, which takes only one week time.” Unlike other weaving places like Dharmavaram or Salem, the Kanchipuram saree weaving is done with 5 or 6 silk threads compared to 2 or 3 silk threads used by dharmavaram weavers. The life time of a kanchipuram sarees stays longer compared to dharmavaram or salem silk saree. Wedding is considered to be one of the most auspicious days or time in anyone’s life, especially if its girl. They plan their wedding way before they even what the meaning of a wedding holds. They want the day to be perfect whether that it be in clothes, or food, or decoration or anything else. People pay so much just to make sure that nothing goes wrong in their weddings. Well, clothing is also one of the most important deals in a wedding. What dress the bride is going to wear, how authentic it is, what is the colour etc. So people make sure that they wear something which tells something about their tradition, their culture, where they come from, what values they hold. What clothes do come in your mind after reading all the lines mentioned above? Well,one could only think of saree. Yes, saree is the ultimate dress which brings out the beauty of an India woman. Whether it be their wedding day or any other special occasion in their life kanchipuram wedding saree brings out the elegance, the beauty of the woman. India is known for its beautiful wedding silk sarees. These wedding sarees are just not famous in India but are also famous outside India. The exquisitely woven and handcrafted silk sarees just bring out the best about India. well, all the different states have their special silk sarees which portray them or their culture. If we talk about North India then the Banarasi bridal sarees are famous which is also hand woven and also have the artwork made from gold. There are other silk sarees too which are highly famous in the North. Talking about South India the Kanchipuram sarees steals everyone’s heart. And why won’t it? It is a perfect combination of art, colour, design and strength. These wedding silk sarees hold the tradition of South India which bring out the perfect elegance of an Indian bride. History: The history of Kanchipuram sarees goes back to the time when we used to have huge pilgrims. These sarees were originated centuries and centuries ago. It was then when people started to weave. They weave the perfect mulberry silk in the form of a saree. It contained beautiful bold and bright colour and had designs of a temple made on it. This saree just connects us directly to ancient Indian culture. A bride can never look better than in these sarees. The name Kanchipuram originally came from this small village in South India where this silk saree was first made. It later gained its popularity in all over India. Kanchi is known for the stunning sarees they weave with the bold colours and temple designs all over them. The silk saree also consist of designs like peacock, parrot, birds, leaves, etc. basically anything which is related to nature. The artists considered all the natural elements and represented them on the saree. They have wide borders which make the whole kanchipuram wedding silk saree look even better than usual silk sarees. The origin: The kanchipuram wedding sarees are originally made in a small village in South India under the Chola dynasty. These people took the initiative to make this beautiful piece of art. The creation of the saree begins in a small village in Andhra Pradesh originally and then silk started migrating from this place to other places for further progress and designs. The weaving communities joined together to make this masterpiece. The weavers took so much time to make this to perfect the saree. They chose the right colour to go with the design. Which will suit the best? Each and every saree was hand woven and hence it actually took so much time to make a single 6-yard saree. The saree is beautifully draped by the women which are just worth all the hard work which goes under the making of the saree. The Kanchipuram silks are also known as Conjeevaram silks which were originally given by the Britishers. The fabric is the best part of the saree and it is so smooth and in being inherited from many traditional and religious ceremonies. The saree made jobs for so many people in the town. The creation of the saree: The silk sarees are generally made from the silkworms which we obtain from different silk plants. These sarees are made from the culture of the mulberry worm which makes the silky and smooth texture of the Kanchipuram silk. The wedding silk sarees are processed under the machines with these silkworms and then are woven by hand. The making of the saree takes time as the process needs to be dealt with carefully. The design made on the saree is made by Zari. These zari are general golden or silver coatings. They serve the best with the material of Kanchipuram. The sarees are best that is made in South India and people love wearing it. The designs are inspired by the ancient temples, where all of our traditions originally originated from. The saree might also consist of designs which are inspired by nature and it fits perfectly with the bright colours they use to make the wedding sarees. Novelties The saree has been evolved all these years. People have started experimenting with the design, the colour of the saree. But even though they are doing that the actual representation of the saree which is to show the tradition and culture of India has not been compromised. The wedding silk sarees now comes with more different patterns and colours. It now does not need to be exactly containing golden borders or even thick borders. People have experimented with that but still, the Thandavalam which is a name given to the texture and the authenticity of the saree still remains in there. The saree is worn on all the special occasions and it is just lustrous. The saree contains its own charm and wearing it on a festival or any special occasion just make the occasion even more special and beautiful. The saree is matched and accessorized with the traditional heavy golden jewellery which suits it the best. Media Contact

Emily Ratajkowski Jamie Chung

Emily Ratajkowski versus Jamie Chung
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)
(25, 5’7, 120, 9:7 FCBA, VIXENs)
(34, 5’6, 3:10:1 FCBA, Empire Boxing)
For some reason, the fans are strongly anticipating this match-up. Could it be the fact that both these ladies have a penchant for wearing very little, both inside and outside the ring? Tonight, they don’t disappoint, emerging from backstage with the bare minimum on, and the crowd goes WILD as though that was unexpected…
Emily Ratajkowski is first to emerge, violet bikini top and white briefs melding with her skin color to leave little else to the imagination. Surprisingly she looks a little embarrassed as she gives a small wave to her fans all the way up in the rafters. Still, that look of innocence changes drastically when it’s her opponent’s turn to strut out from behind the curtains.
Jamie Chung is a popular Asian American who broke onto the scene years ago starring in big roles like The Hangover Part II, Sucker Punch and Big Hero 6, not forgetting her racy photoshoots that cemented her replace in the minds of many a young male. Whoever thought of this fight must be a pure genius, judging from the crazed reaction of the crowd and the sell-out seats tonight, especially when these two beauties come face to face at the podium, loathing each other with chins tilted high in the air and hands on their hips in condescending showdown.
“I’ve never met Emily but everyone’s heard of her certain… exploits…” Jamie saying to reporters earlier on. “I know why our management paired us to fight tonight though – I mean who wouldn’t want to see a couple of beauties throw down? But the difference between us, Emily, is that I’m so much more than a pretty face, whereas you? What the hell have you done besides shake your bum and breasts for the cameras?”
Cattiness is taken up a notch from Jamie’s opening salvo of words, with Emily merely smirking in response before offering a simple but sharp reply: “Well, someone sounds jealous…”
Electricity in the air when these two gals confronted each other nose-to-nose after their comments, and the encounter proves too much for one girl to bear with Ms Chung being the first one who SLAPS an open palm straight to Emily’s cheek when the American girl insinuates a comeback directly to her face… AND IT’S ON! Girls tear into each other, feigned sophistication flying out the window with screeches and ripped clothing filling the air. Officials have to intervene to separate both kittens, but it’s a helluva job when their fingernails are tangled up in each other’s hair.
Finally, when order is restored, Emily is the one licking her bruises, readjusting her skimpy top and bottom as it too got scuffled in the scuffle. Jamie not faring any better – her white blouse ripped to shreds, but the American beauty is quick to strip herself of it anyways, revealing a red laced bra and cotton panties underneath. She makes no move to change into something else, so I guess that’s what she’s fighting in!
FINALLY we’re in the ring and this bout is set for ten rounds of Bantamweight action. Girls can’t seem to wait for the bell either, already bouncing and bracing on their feet. Here we go!!
More on the line tonight than just a win – both beauties wanting to prove that they belong in the boxing ring. They certainly seem eager to try in the first round, coming straight for each other and exchanging mutual punches that bunch up the cheeks, then retreating few steps before trying again, in mirror-like dance that see both girls scoring points. Crowds loving the immediately action but pundits yawning as they see little/no strategy here, and girls’ threshold for pain being questioned as they back away almost as soon as they feel the touch of leather on skin. Emily the first to break that trend, starts defending a bit more by paying attention to her guard, allowing Jamie to snap off a couple more jabs which land harmlessly on her forearms. Emily throwing return shots, whap whap whap as they land crisp on Chung’s nose, pushing the American backwards as she rubs her face with a glove, checking for bleeding. Round ends like this and both girls not really shining, to be honest, but Ratajkowski having more reason to celebrate with a better hit-ratio.
Start of round 2 and it’s a slow opening thirty seconds, with both girls circling from afar just out of reach of the long jab, with Chung on the receiving end of a couple that make it through and sting her face. Emily showing off her harassing skills she’s picked up over the months at VIXENs, succeeding quite well at irritating the older girl with her long rights and lefts that catch her off-guard in different places. It’s when she gets complacent in the steady rhythm that Jamie chooses to strike right back, DODGING deftly to the side as Emily’s hand flies past, then her right hand swings up and right – BLAM – catches Ratajkowski clean on the cheek with a nice hook that whips her head to the side. Stunned, Emily barely has time to recover when another right hand crashes clean into side of her head making her shake stars as she tries and retreat. But Jamie steady for the first time, advancing on the younger girl intending to hurt her some more: more hard pounding on her guard buffets Emily about, before Chung scores with a right uppercut straight into the belly. Emily’s eyes go wide, toes taken off the ground briefly unable to escape – too late – Jamie rooting her in place with another right hand drilling into her midsection over and over. Emily trying desperately to clinch with arms around the chest, and girls wrestle for the rest of the round, breathing into cheeks and biting on shoulders, trying to exert leverage. Jamie successfully walking the Vixen backwards in the final seconds, pinning her to the ropes and sticking glove into body over and over, but bell rings just before either girl can start swinging hard again. Still, that doesn’t stop Jamie from smashing an illegal followup blow right into the body, relishing the look of shock on Emily’s face as she groans and doubles over. Jamie grinning mischievously, puckers her lips and gives her a condescending smooch on her rival’s forehead much to the delight of the crowd.
Emily looking for quick payback, immediately barreling down on Jamie when the bell rings, not wanting to give her space to manoeuvre. First punch lands stiffly on Chung’s face, rattling her, then another and another knock her head side to side. But all that halts when Chung manages a wild right hand BURIED in Emily’s paunch, once again stunning and leaving her open and vulnerable. Jamie relieved for a second at the pause in action, but quickly turns the tables with a left SWIPE of leather across Emily’s face, then resumes the tummy torture with rapid flurry of lefts and rights into her midsection, trying to score a TKO by assaulting her body from every angle. Ratajkowski thrown back on defensive, arms desperately covering her body in survival mode, but Jamie adapts and starts hooking slightly higher – squeals of pain now from Emily’s lips as her chest gets plundered and lit on fire from the jug blows. She’s pushed back to the ropes yet again and on comes Chung with a charge – bodies crash together with meaty SMACK as the girls hiss hot breath on each other’s faces, jockeying for better position with snaking arms below. Emily has some sense to dig glove into Jamie’s tummy in revenge, but Chung still the fresher of the two, on more occasions tugging hard on Emily’s hair, back or open bra-strap, positioning perfect target for another right or left hand that BASH into body. Referee hovering ever nearby, wondering how much Emily can take in this shutout round, but she’s still managing to hold her guard, protecting her face from the real abuse but allowing Chung to ravage the rest of her body. Bell rings and girls are leaning into each other panting hard. Jamie taunts her by caressing her chin with a glove, smiling as she subtly hints that Emily’s her plaything. Emily growling in response, rasping “GERROFFFMEE!!” BIG round for the Asian American and telltale signs that she might actually break her losing streak tonight.
Emily icing her abs down in corner in between rounds, red and sore skin showing the extent of damage done. And it’s only the fourth round! Jamie smirking when the bell rings, eyes dead-shot on Emily’s body looking to put her away for good. But Emily’s hanging out of range early this round, not giving her an easy target, instead using her long jab to pester and frustrate again. Emily’s body may be throbbing but her legs still working overtime. Jamie on the other hand slowing down, jab hook jab hook just hitting at air or barely grazing skin, and she’s visibly tired out as we hit the middle-mark. Let’s not forget – all this while Emily being surgical with her counter-blows, jabbing judiciously at Chung’s face, then hitting the body as well, every whap whap whap music to her ears. Last few seconds and Chung now the one barely moving from her spot, hiding behind gloves and too tired to advance. Emily comes at her testing with jabs, receives return blow to her cheek but loops her own hand under and BLAM, catches the brunette square on the chin! Chung goes stumbling back to ropes now, covers up but too late, eats a left-right combo to the gut that lurches her forward before managing to clinch up with Emily to tie up her arms for the rest of the round. Emily cooing into her ear after the bell rings, grinning devilishly: “You thought you had me? Looks like I’m the one who’s caught you…” Referee pries Emily off of her, but only because she starts to sink her teeth into Chung’s ear, deliciously nibbling at it and eliciting a groan from the trapped girl.
Looks like both girls are tied up as we head into the fifth. If Ems can keep up the pressure like in the previous round she’s gonna be able to weather the storm quite well. But not if Chung can help it – enraged from the earlier violation, the American comes flying out of corner determined for payback. Emily taking a snap jab to the chest, then a straight hand to the nose as she’s unprepared to deal with the sudden attack. But the Vixen refusing to get trapped in the corner or against the ropes, trying to lead Jamie about the ring and win the war of attrition with defensive jabbing to her face to stop her momentum. Chung however not so easily stopped – bodies SLAP into each other as she gets in TOO close, but close enough to BURY another right hand up into Emily’s stomach, drawing a deep guttural groan. Emily’s tummy set on fire as Jamie continues to scrape leather off skin, doubling her over then stacking her back up with other elbow, before drilling another fist into the belly button once more. It’s the last position Ems deigned it fit to be in: knees about to buckle if she can’t get out of this one… All she can do is FIRE back: sticks her glove up into Jamie’s stomach especially when she’s straightening back up, and now both girls are groaning in pain as they take turns burying leather into pit of bellies, folding each other over in close quarters. Chung letting out a HUHHHGG as another fist stuffed into body, but eyes determined to return the favour in even bigger way, her own fist already winding backwards for knockout punch to Emily’s paunch, when her own head SNAPPED backwards from sudden, invasive blow – Emily switching targets at last minute and swinging up skywards instead, uppercut knocking Jamie’s head back! Jamie’s eyes screwed shut as she simply loses her balance and CRUMPLES to the ground, holding her tummy!
Fire and adrenaline in Emily’s eyes as she continues the abuse by sending kick after kick into Jamie’s prone form – what the hell ref?? He quickly shoves her away and towards the corner, but the damage is done – Jamie curled up into a ball on her side, repeated stomps to her body just the final nail in the coffin as she’s unable to rise back up by the count of 10. It’s over in controversial fashion!
Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Jamie Chung via KO5!
Decisive knockout in the second minute of the fifth round, and Emily’s already celebrating the win by parading herself to the rest of the audience. But critics as usual will be critical of this girl’s performance: clearly she needs more work on the physical aspect. Her body may be fawned over by a million men but it couldn’t take more than one punch in this contest with Chung.
Jamie herself looking shattered as she’s helped to her corner by medics, her form being iced over as she manages to sit up on stool. Emily begins sauntering over and the girl braces herself for a confrontation (along with the rest of the audience).
Emily shooing away the medical team, then making herself comfortable with a punt of her knee into either of Jamie’s legs, pushing them sideways and allowing herself to get in as close and personal as she can. She helps herself to two fistfuls of brunette hair and tilts Jamie’s face upwards to face hers. Not entirely sure what words are exchanged, but they’re clearly far from pleasant from the look of hatred glaring back. With a smile, Emily bends over and plants a taunting kiss on forehead, before spinning around and leaving Chung to wallow in her shame of defeat. Jamie left defeated as she watches her go, but already plotting her revenge, that’s for sure.

Kate Upton Holly Willoughby (JMDD Title)

Kate Upton versus Holly Willoughby
(FCBA JMDD Champion versus BBU JMDD Champion)
(JMDD Title)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)
BEFORE: Matches don’t come much bigger, in more ways than one, than this as it’s a meeting between American Kate Upton, the reigning JMDD Champ and Holly Willoughby, the recently crowned first JMDD Champion for British Boxing Unlimited (BBU). Both fighters are famous for their curvaceous and stunning figures, but perhaps most well-known for their jugs, both of which they are extremely proud of and going to put to the test today. Holly wading through a tournament of the best British JMDD fighters in the world to secure the title and looks to prove today that British jugs are every bit the equal – if not superior – to American cleavage and Kate Upton is eager to continue her dominance atop the sport to prove that American girls have the best chests in the world. It’s a hotly contested match-up which has the crowd roaring, even before both girls show up, with plent of Patriotic chants and cheers having the arena rocking.
But, of course, things explode even more, when the fighters to arrive. Holly, whose chest is so prominent in the world of British television that she is known as “Willoughbooby” to fans, has that famous cleavage straining atop that has the “Union Jack” emblem across it with a matching pair of gloves and shorts, blonde hair in a ponytail; Kate’s chest is stretching a bikini top with the American Flag emblazoned across it, with matching shorts/gloves and a fighting ponytail of her own.
Crowd on their feet as the two of them strut right to the middle of the ring – BBU JMDD Champion and FCBA JMDD champion – putting their assets on display against one another as their chests mushroom one another. The referee wedging himself in between the two of them, placing himself in no small amount of danger as nostrils are flaring between the two of them and it looks like punches could swing at any time, to push them to separate corners. If looks could kill, either one of them could fall down dead at any moment but the two of them stand proud, ready to defend their pride and country in an epic match ahead as the bell rings….
During R1: Kate wary of Holly’s thudding power early – blonde girl sliding to her right, pressing left jabs to Willoughby’s left pec, easing weight to right (back) leg and bobbing on the spot to evade receipts. Holly prowling forward – right centered at chest/left across tummy, head up high. Minute mark, pounding Willoughby right spanks into blonde left lat: Upton scampering away, looking spooked. Holly follows up all jugs a-jumpin’ – she’s aggressive enough, but sweeping in one-shot-at-a-time haymakers, easily read by Upton. Kate sliding to either side, bending at the waist, rising to engulf bigger British girl in bosomy clinches: Willoughby wriggling and squealing when tied up, but unable to extricate herself.
R2: Kate sliding-right, turning Willoughby’s left flank: job one is to get curvy Holly moving her feet. Upton cautious, but attacking…she’ll roam right, duck down as she reaches in – clinching Holly’s cushy ribcage, walking her around, pushing her off, then smiting her right/left. Holly facing into clout about her head-and-shoulders, big girl taking it well, answering back wide right roundhouses ticketed for Kate’s supple left flank. Blonde girl smacked hard against her body, but it’s all one-shot deals: Upton able to tie up as it pleases her to reset terms of engagement midring.
R3: Kate perfecting the recipe – turning Holly counterclockwise, keeping the fight midring. Upton spicing up British tits and face via saucy American jab – blonde girl touching her foe, then ducking away as Holly can’t coordinate fists with feet. Kate mounting more robust attacks off her clinches: once she’s walked Holly off balance, American girl opens up lusty lefts and rights, beating her foe about her tits-and-tummy. Holly grimacing, shying away: bigger girl able to aggressively pursue – even palming up to push Willoughby into ropes, there to beat her soundly. Holly a confused beauty – right hand at her chest; left hand under right elbow as she frowns, takes brisk Fench punches to bell.
R4: Kate continues to execute her simple, effective fight plan. Turning Holly, Kate can stick in the left jab, shining up Willoughby’s beautiful face, stabbing at her tender gut. Clinch-and-releasing, Kate can lick Holly stout left/rights tummy-and-tits, clubbing and swatting bigger girl into retreat. Upton staying close, hounding her girl – putting palms-on and push-walking Holly to ropes, there to beat at her. Fleshy Brit just pouting, crossing her wrists, absorbing tart American spank upon her torso/arms. Bell: Kate as we’ve rarely seen her – eyes flashing, hair in her mouth, chest blushing with aggression as she pushes up off ass-kicked Holly.
R5: Holly trying to slug for respect: she’s a hard hitter, but slow, and telegraphing: easy for supple Kate to bend out of the way/circle round to reset. Upton jabbing offending tummy and tits, driving Willoughby back, then attacking her with frisky rights-and-lefts about the chest/shoulders/head. No head movement for Holly – she faces into clout, taking it all well, but shining up nicely from determined American fists. Pushing Holly to ropes – Upton able to lower her head and whack away on that gut: Kate panting, nostrils flaring as she works up quite a sweat on Holly through 5.
R6: Holly gets HER palms on Kate’s shoulders, pushing bigger blonde around, walking her down: whole different fight when Willoughby can come forward. Upton shoved and slugged about…she’s scampering, but not attacking as effectively as Holly applies useful pressure. Blonde girl proving hard to hit clean – she’s bendy at the waist, moving her head, leaning away from shots…Willoughby needs to put punches together if she wants to catch Kate stout.
R7: Smart American jab keeps Willoughby’s hands in close – blonde girl able to turn her blonde, then reach in to clinch, walk, and release her curvy foe. Holly unable to fight moving backward – frisky blonde at her with punches and pushes – Kate palming up, lowering her head and driving her legs to force Holly ropeside. Withering attack against Willoughby’s curvy paunch exactly the right tactic: Holly whimpering, gasping prettily as she’s body-belted…as her guard loosen up, jugs go on sale, and Upton starts bagging them too! Down the stretch, it’s an American jail-break – Kate just pitchin’ from her pockets, whacking away both hands on Holly. Willoughby sagging against ropes, confused and punished…left hook thuds into her chest, a right uppercut thudding underneath her jugs and a swift left hook to her cleavage loosening her knees and DOWN GOES HOLLY! Big blonde panting on her left hip, supporting weight on left hand as she sits in puddle of despair. Willoughby climbs ropes rickety, but she’s too late…ref waves it off as Holly sways ropeside at the ten count as it goes to a big win via KO7 Kate Upton.
AFTER: What a match between the two reigning JMDD champions in a cross-cultural clash that has the crowd on their feet, chanting their approval for both fighters who gave it their all and didn’t back down for one moment. Each league has a champion that they can be proud of, but it’s Kate Upton who is standing just a little bit taller as she emerges triumphant with the winning rack after seven (7) powerful rounds.
Kate struts over to a corner opposite Holly as Willoughby is slumping in her corner, her famous chest rising and falling as she tries to recover from that devastating final round. Kate raises both hands into the air and bellows with excitement, with the crowd quickly following as everybody knows what’s coming – even Holly. The crowd on their feet, chanting for Kate as she starts to run across the ring. Feet pounding across the ring, breasts sloshing back and forth in her tight ‘American Flag’ bikini top as she leaps up into the air when she gets close. The crowd watching as Upton’s puppies pancake Holly’s chest with a brutal SPLASH as the crowd roars, watching the turnbuckle shake from the impact as Willoughby’s legs are unhinged. Kate bouncing off with a roar, beaming widely as she watches Holly slump down off of the turnbuckle, hugging her proud cleavage.
Kate grinning as she goes to tug forward on Holly’s blonde tresses, yanking her face forward into a front-sleeper to complete her trademark and dreaded splash/smother combination! Holly already had the wind knocked out of her with Kate Upton’s full weight and jugs smashing down onto her, but what little air she had left is rapidly being sapped by perhaps the finest jugs in Christendom today. Kate shrugging her shoulders back and forth, gently slapping Holly with her chest as she gets a tight, sweaty seal. Grinding her jugs forward as Holly resists at first, pushing at Kate’s brawny shoulders and arms, trying to wiggle free but finds her rebellion slowing as she starts to slip down to her knees. Holly moaning and squirming between Kate’s breathtaking, breasts, just struggling valiantly to stay awake but it’s in vain as her arms fall to her side and she slumps forward into the valley of Upton’s victorious cleavage.
Kate squeezes her arms tightly, letting Holly’s face disappear completely and letting Willoughby breathe in her chest one last time before letting her fall into the canvas in jug-shock, eyes glassy and sprawling unconscious at the feet of the one and only Upton. Kate places one foot across Willoughby’s chest with a smirk, thudding her chest with one hand and pumping a double-bicep flex with the other as she bellows out into the crowd, “No question now that I have, beyond a freakin’ shadow of a doubt, that I just beat the best chest in the BBU and that means I have the best jugs in the world. I. JUST. STOPPED. HER. JUGS.” Kate declares, thudding her chest and making them bounce with each word as the crowd hangs on every word, “Because I have the best chest on any continent. My jugs are like the eighth freaking wonder of the world and there is nobody that is going to stop the Queen!!” Kate’s eyes are flashing and nostrils are flaring, her world-class chest heaving as she stands over her fallen foe, but then out of the crowd barrels an incensed Tahnee Atkinson!
Tahnee Atkinson flies forward, jugs-a-jumping, as she practically tackles Kate to the canvas. It’s not many girls who can take Kate off of her feet, but Atkinson is definitely one of them as the two of them roll around on the canvas. BBU handlers come in to remove a dazed Holly from the unsavory scene playing out behind them as the crowd is on their feet, everybody eager to get a good look as it’s a blonde-brunette blur on the mats, the two of them in a tight ball, just throwing slaps, taunts and squeezes, each of them attempting to get on top as referees come in a bid to restore order. A failed bid, however, as both Kate and Tahnee refuse to leave one another.
When the dust settles, it’s Tahnee who is on top, attempting to lower her titanic cleavage onto Kate’s face as she snarls, “You do not have the best chest on any continent. Australia has me to represent them and my jugs are better. My jugs will stop yours, because my jugs are better than yours.” Kate’s face is threatened to be swallowed up by Atkinson’s cleavage, when suddenly with a supreme show of effort, she manages to roll Tahnee off of her as they reverse positions to put Kate on top.
Kate glares down at Tahnee, chest rising and falling, sweat dripping off of her cleavage as she breathes heavily, “F*ck you, Tahnee. You want a good look at what the best jugs and what championship jugs look like, here you are, b*tch!” as Kate pushes down on Tahnee’s arms to thrust her flawless chest into Tahnee’s face. As Kate’s breasts start to engulf Tahnee’s face, officials flood the ring as they work to separate the two. What a job of work it is as Kate refuses to relinquish her hold on Tahnee and Atkinson likewise as the two of them trade spots a few more times, each of them coming close to smothering out the other, but referees finally able to tug them apart – their massive chests heaving as they scream at one another, kicking and each of them straining to get free. Kate finally wrenches herself free from the officials as she takes the JMDD diamond-studded bra and holds it high above her head, “You want it, Tahnee – come and f*cking get it.” Tahnee breaks free for a moment, lunging across the ring as officials manage to intercept her. Kate steps forward as she takes Tahnee’s brunette tresses as she is being restrained by a number of referrals and Kate uses her rival’s hair to wipe off the sweat from her championship cleavage, even as referees try to tug her away from Tahnee. Before they manage to do so, Kate secures the JMDD championship bra across her chest with a smirk as officials immediately drag her in the other direction.
Officials can try to drag them in whatever direction they want, but it’s clear that they are both headed on a collision course for the JMDD title – it’s a dream rematch for both fighters and for the fans. Fans can only hope it emerges as epic as this bout between the BBU/FCBA champions and that more BBU/FCBA clashes occur in the wake of this bout. No matter who wins though, the fans will and can’t wait to see what happens next for all fighters involved. Up next though, Kate versus Tahnee – pride, jugs and title on the line!

the chart and the mindless masses….

not sure what prompted my Dad to give me the chart. not even sure exactly when he gave it to me.
did he sense that i was questioning the religion i was raised in? did he give this chart to all his kids?
i do know that my Dad never wanted any of us to become part of the mindless masses. he wanted us to think for ourselves. to not just blindly trust anyone, religious, political. he expected us to use our brains.
in truth the early Mormons were rebels in a way. they refused to buy into the mainstream church’s of the day. sadly, i watched the church become more and more mainstream. I’m sure it was obvious to my Dad. he remained faithful, but i do wonder what he would have thought of the way things are now. seems to me the church of his youth was filled with free thinkers…progressives even in many ways.
the chart he gave me was a comparison of the various Christian faiths and what they believed, what was similar and what was different. i read all the scriptures available to me and i also poured over this chart. there were 10 main Christian religions represented…in the space at the end i wrote “me” and put my thoughts in there.
i was searching for answers. eventually i found answers…at least the answers i needed. being Mormon was not for me. none of them were right for me though. which is kind of ironic since according to what i was taught, that was what Joseph Smith found or was told if you believe that he had a visit from God. none of them were right.
the Mormons differed in some pretty major ways from other forms of Christianity. some of those may be down played a bit now. one big difference was the Godhead. for them it was three distinct beings. God had a human form. what you are taught…it was hard to shake i think. there is no way to know the answer to how God appears or what God is exactly. at some point i realized there are just things in life that i do not need to expect to have answered specifically.
things that can’t be proven. in my view to be an atheist took as much faith as it took to believe wholly in a God. i choose to believe there is a higher power. i choose to leave this open to interpretation…but i also have chosen that if God created this earth and this universe that this God loved this earth and this universe. the diversity shows the touch of the divine. if these were created for pure practical reasons, we would exist in a much duller world. why thousands of species of butterflies? why all the variety and diversity if this planet was not meticulously put together. for me, all the details just prove that if a God cared enough about that we should care enough to protect it. that surely we would be punished for abusing such a gift.
i am not as good as i should be or could be in protecting this earth, but i do try and when i am walking or out in nature, for me, that is where God is. not in some building created by man.
the Bible…according to the chart, the Mormons saw this as the primary book as long as it was translated correctly….which they altered during my teen years i believe. they also had their own books. my notes show that i was seeing the scriptures as guides. i do believe they have been interpreted and altered by man a great deal. i suspect there are stories that were created, much like fables to make points. the books are thousands of years old…certainly, man intervened for his own benefit in directing how this was written and re-written and interpreted. my faith in man is pretty minimal i think.
religions have often been a tool to control the masses. to control women.
the next listed comparison is the pre-existence. only Mormons believe Man had a pre-existence. it sounds lovely when you are growing up. you were pre-selected to be born in your particular family and to be Mormon…i think that is how i recall it. i felt it was a bit too on the nose. how lucky was I…now i suspect there is some of mans influence here. our need to feel we are right, almost a need to feel superior. there was also a trap in that…if you were born into it and then rejected it, you were to be way worse off than if you had never been introduced to the church. i chose to leave so therefore, i was accepting my fate.
ecclesiastical authority….for some it came through the apostles of Christ…for Mormons Priesthood was restored…not to females of course. males dominate all religions it seems. guess this was never really something i stressed myself over. i did write something about humans being fallible.
baptism. this varies across the board. most have it, some do this as infants, Mormons at age 8 which they determined to be the age of accountability. also the age that i think we started to be asked by the Bishop if we were full tithe payers…scared the hell out of me. i really did not keep good records at that age and i feared i was not telling the truth here. in my notes i had written that i saw this as symbolic mostly..which is a good thing as the Mormons revoked my baptism when i got my records officially removed. many feel baptism is required for salvation but not all of the Christian faiths do.
i have not concerned myself much with this revoked baptism honestly. ultimately, i feel if there is a judgment it will be on our acts throughout our lives. generally our intentions. i do not feel earthly ceremony will hold that much power in the here after…i could be totally wrong but then i am headed to hell anyway because i had the truth and turned away from it. i guess once you accept that, it’s easier to let it all go….in some ways it all just becomes more absurd. i especially have been unimpressed with many born again conversations where you can be a horrible person your entire life and then just accept Christ in the last nanosecond of your life. for me the Mormons seemed similar in that they do baptisms of dead folks so i often thought what is the point of this life if you can just join the church after you are dead and have all your sins absolved. after your dead won’t things be more clear?
did Christ organize the church on earth…my notes in the margins say no, the church said yes. was it a virgin birth, immaculate conception…again, ultimately i have come to believe that i do not need to have details about how Jesus was conceived. I’m not sure how that all works. i can appreciate who he was and what he taught. the Bible was written or put together years after his death from what i can gather. had he already become a bit of a mystical figure? we know history…it’s written by those who are in power at the time and altered by others as history passes. for my journey..the details of belief were less important than how i believe, what my intentions are, how i treat my fellow man and how i interact with what God has created.
Mormons are the only ones that do more for the dead than just pray for them it seems. i tend to believe that once you are dead your life and your life choices are what you are held to. is there heaven or hell or just karma, do we return…i like the idea of returning in one form or another…i just feel there is much to learn and it’s not possible to learn all with one visit to earth. perhaps we do come and go as spiritual beings…no idea…again. i feel these are details that i am not required to understand fully. of course, that is funny as when i questioned things as a Mormon that was often the canned response which annoyed me….that there was much we could not understand but it would be clear after we died…in the meantime you were supposed to just assume that the Mormon way of thinking was the right way.
guess i broadened that out more….there are many options for what happens to our spirits or souls after we pass…i just chose to not have to have an answer but to also not assume than any mortal out there knows either. they are only guessing, just like me, despite trying to make you believe they know anything more than you do. if what your church tells you brings you peace, then so be it. it did not bring me peace to just ignore all the other possibilities.
Satan…there is evil in the world, does that come from an evil spirit. i would rather not get close enough to find out. there is evil out there though.
do you need to be a member of a specific church to be saved. i find many modern churches to have become corporations so i get further and further away from any belief that they are the only means to whatever heaven may be. is there heaven and hell? not sure how that is all set up…again, it’s not required of me to feel i know these details to try to live the message of goodness and love that Christ…and others have taught.
marriage…well i have never gotten married. almost all but Mormons see it as an earthly state only. time and eternity sounded great when i was younger but i was also becoming confused by how this all worked with divorces and kids from different marriages. i do think that we will have connections to people we had connections with here. doubt “marriage” as we know it exists in a spirit world…as far as Mormons…they do still believe in plural marriage in the next life so that did not appeal to me…it was put to us that til death do you part was awful but it also seems awful that the marriage for time and eternity means that after you die your husband starts picking up extra wives? as a single person..I’d just be added to some harem in the next life? no thanks.
on the chart, the purpose of life…not many saw it as a place of learning and growth, but i did.
there was more and i made comments but i think that clears my head for the moment. i wrote questions down such as “is Christ the literal son” and “is there a true church”.
for that second one….clearly i decided there was not one true church…i feel there are many paths. i believe there are many religions and churches as well. they are simply to be used as guides. if they bring you peace, if they help you on your journey and in doing so do not harm others then by all means follow whatever path you find that works for you.
as for one and only true church. it seems too constrictive to me. it also seems to me to appeal to the arrogance of humans. our need to be right, to feel we know all, to believe we have something more than those other humans. perhaps that sounds cold and callous, but i see mans influence on religion and feel that no religion can therefore be a pure and true manifestation of a God of spirit.
i had also wrote down the question, “at what point do the sins of the people corrupt the church”. this was in response to another canned response i found i got over and over. one that was the church is true it’s just that the people are fallible. this always left me wondering how many fallible members until the entire thing becomes a bust.
i also noted on a list i had made on the back something about “judging, gossip, lack of support”. for me, the church i grew up in just never felt right. so much else, so many questions. i asked them and then my good friend in school asked me many questions which led to more questions. she wasn’t trying to lead me away from the Mormons…she was just curious. she didn’t grow up with any religion taught.
i have appreciated all her questions and how they made me take a hard look at the things i was taught to believe. i also appreciated that my Dad respected my free will enough to supply me with this chart to help me work through my concerns and doubts. i do not recall ever having a specific discussion about this all. maybe i had tossed a few of her questions his way.
eventually, he ran across my scriptures and saw that i had read them all, had marked them up and that the decision to leave the Mormon church was not one i had taken lightly. he accepted and respected my choice and never said one negative thing to me about it.
we had a strained relationship at times, but when he passed i felt that we had come to terms. that in the end he liked who i had become.
he visited Alaska once and we went on a float plane trip which landed on a remote lake outside of Ketchikan. we both stood on the floats of the plane taking it all in.
he saw the beauty and he saw that this place made me happy. that i was at peace and i think he felt at peace on that float as well. it was the most happy i ever remember seeing my Dad…and in that moment surrounded by the beauty of this place…i felt like he finally got me.
we are who we are. we see the world how we see it. i am grateful that i was able to explore other possible ways of seeing things. for many they have no choice about religion. they are born into one and they must remain. for many they are married off young and have kids and never really have the ability to ask the questions. it was a gift really.
these are all from the other day at Portage Lake.
it’s 2 am and i really should head to bed soon.
walked at the dog park before i had work skills event.
went much quicker than other ones have.
i was having a brain fart as far as the pacemaker and what the educator was trying to tell me. it reminded me a little of the first educator there. someone who picks something obscure and then decides you must know it in a detailed way. I’m terrible with details. I’m more of a bigger picture person…which i guess also explains why so many of the details of religion just aren’t that critical to me. i really just don’t believe that any God expects us to be theologians.
the dogs were tired after this day…was it the cold water?
the ice really is beautiful.
blind adherence to anything is never a good idea. question everything, have doubts. do not become one of the mindless masses…
we were gifted with free will and freedom to learn and live. take full advantage.
the biggest berg…and the reflection so clear on the drive home. off to bed.
thankful for A. a father who trusted me enough to allow me to question things that he believed wholly. B. a friend who asked me the tough questions and then questioned the answers to those questions C. charts and books and time and the freedom to find my own way in this world

“Seasteading” and National Sovereignty in the Caribbean

May 6th, 2019 Ed Kennedy comments Recent weeks have seen an incident occur off the coast of Thailand that has sparked new debate in the international community, with implications for all nations near and far. Depending on your perspective, the skirmish between Thailand’s navy and the American self-proclaimed ‘seasteader’ and prominent Bitcoin trader Chad Elwartowski, alongside his partner, the Thai national Supranee Thepdet, is either a disproportionate reaction by Bangkok, or the expected consequence for this libertarian couple who have tempted fate in trying to drive change. Thai naval officers inspecting a ‘seastead’ in the Andaman Sea. Photo: EPA-EFE
While (as detailed below) this particular incident occurred in the waters of Asia, it’s one that has direct implications for the open seas all around the world, with the Caribbean’s unique identity and commercial drawcards ensuring it could become the next frontier for seasteading in future, for better or worse.
Stonewalled in Thailand
Thailand is popularly known the world over as a holiday destination of freedom, fun and beauty but the past week saw a sharp reminder that behind tourism PR is a nation intent on enforcing its sovereignty. It began when Mr Elwartowski and Ms Thepdet declared themselves independent of all nations and jurisdictions while living in their small aquatic home on top of an oil-rig structure.
To the couple, their seasteading lifestyle was about achieving freedom of traditional institutions — something that longtime cryptocurrency trader Mr Elwartowski, like so many in the crypto world, felt was an extension of libertarian ideals. But, for Thailand’s navy, it was a potential threat to that country’s borders. This scenario encapsulates the essential tension in seasteading. Individuals wish to create structures where they can enjoy more personal freedom and flexibility, in the same way that cryptocurrency can offer greater monetary freedom to people than traditional fiat currency does. But, as distinct from a houseboat or larger vessel that may have de facto freedom at the seas yet still must call a port in a nation home, seasteading structures, like oil-rig structures converted into homes, seek perpetual independence.
The Question for Freedom in the Caribbean
By many measures the Caribbean region offers more freedom to aspiring ‘citizens of the world’ than anywhere else on the planet. From Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIPs) to offshore banking, and the prominence of aspiring crypto capitals like San Juan in Puerto Rico, this region is one that not only offers the lure of rich culture, sunshine and sparkling seas, but also flexibility.
For nations that have already introduced CIPs and maintained an offshore banking sector then, notwithstanding the concerns surrounding both of these industries, it’s not impossible to envision a local government’s receptiveness to something within the seasteading vision. The Caribbean also has a unique advantage here due its high level of political and regional stability. This means there is less concern about offshore stations becoming de facto military bases for rival nations, as there is in other island-nations such as the Philippines.
Permitting a form of seasteading locally could be a profitable avenue for Caribbean nations, and perhaps tie in well to a ‘package deal’ with a CIP, but it would not be without risks. Drug running, human trafficking and other crimes can all thrive when unchecked on the open seas, and providing an offshore base in any form grows the risk of misuse if not properly secured and regulated.
Stormy Seas
For those aspiring to a seasteading lifestyle, the idea is not as simple as a floating structure with some canned food and running water. A key part of establishing an independent nation state is not simply what you do at home — however ‘home’ is defined — but also the relationship you have with other nations.
As Taiwan’s quest for diplomatic recognition among Latin American nations has shown, a nation state’s validity depends upon other countries recognising it. It’s here that any aspiring seasteader has a big mountain to climb. And, thanks to the open nature of the sea, even if pursued via novel mechanisms (such as how the government of Japan has long practiced traditional whaling, in defiance of the international community, under the auspices of ‘scientific research’), there are already high barriers in place.
Article 259 of the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provides, when referring to the status of scientific research stations and other equipment on the open seas, that “they [these structures] have no territorial sea of their own, and their presence does not affect the delimitation of the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone or the continental shelf.”
Striking a Balance with Seasteading
It may not be appealing to seasteaders who are ‘purists’ but, ultimately, the best way right now to go about achieving their dreams appears to be by pursuing a simple yet strong agreement with any nation that is receptive. Such an agreement could require an accord not to breach any laws of the nation, such as engaging in drug running or any other illicit activity, and, in turn, a nation’s emergency resources would be made available. After all, if you begin seasteading and declare yourself independent of all nations, can you then expect a nearby coast guard or navy to come to your rescue if you get attacked by pirates? It is here that the value of citizenship and the protection of a nation’s defence forces become a benefit, even if done under the auspices of a CIP or seasteading agreement.
There are also very practical concerns. It’s much easier to set up a company or run a business when you have a country of domicile with a chance to use a local bank account, and so on. Anyone seasteading may hold lofty ideals of freedom from all nations but the realities of daily life and business persist globally.
For local nations, if seasteading is considered with pragmatism and a common sense approach, it would be possible to take advantage of a market here, and for the Caribbean family to potentially pitch the blue waters of the region as the perfect new locale for seasteading.
Looking Out to Sea
Seasteading as a concept is currently in its earliest days. It’s also something that, like any new phenomenon, will have its mix of genuine pioneers and kooky prophets who blur the lines between what is an option versus what is impossible. Given its close links to the global crypto community, it’s also a concept that could see its fortunes rise and fall alongside this emerging technology.
But while simply doing away with centuries of international law surrounding borders will not occur, ultimately our world is becoming more borderless, and our understanding of citizenship is changing. Several Caribbean nations are at the forefront of driving this change via CIPs and offshore banking initiatives.
Where pioneers seek to make a practical and plausible case for seasteading, over time advocates may find nations receptive to it, especially if the goal of seasteading is pursued not in defiance of nations and territories around the seasteading communities, but instead in observance of them, and with a readiness to forge a common sense partnership accordingly. Next article

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