Bill de Blasio: New York mayor enters presidential race – BBC News

Bill de Blasio: New York mayor enters presidential race – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bill de Blasio – seen here with his wife Chirlane McCray and their children Chiara (far left) and Dante – is the 24th Democrat to announce a presidential bid New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced his run for the presidency, the latest Democrat to enter the race.
In a video released on Thursday, Mr de Blasio said it was “time we put working people first” and that President Donald Trump “must be stopped”.
“I’m a New Yorker, I’ve known Trump’s a bully for a long time,” he added. “I know how to take him on.”
He is expected to visit Iowa and South Carolina to begin campaigning this weekend.
Mr de Blasio is the 24th person to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 – a field that includes one other serving mayor and five former mayors.
Who will take on Trump in 2020? The Democratic 2020 race – in five charts The 58-year-old progressive – who previously served as a senior figure on the city’s council – won a landslide victory in 2013 to become New York’s first Democratic mayor since 1993.
Mr de Blasio has implemented a programme of free universal pre-school and made police wear body cameras in the most populous city in the US.
In 2017 he was re-elected in another landslide, winning more than 66% of the vote against his Republican challenger.
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr de Blasio was elected by a landslide in 2013, securing more than 73% of the vote But rumours that he would announce a run for the presidency have failed to energise the city.
An April Quinnipiac poll said 76% of New Yorkers did not want him to stand.
“Every listed party, gender, racial, borough and age group agrees that the mayor should not hit the campaign trail,” the pollster reported.
His campaign was rocky even at pre-launch stage. His press secretary resigned, as did a communications aide to the mayor’s political action committee (PAC).
News of Mr de Blasio’s planned Iowa campaign event on Friday was first reported on Twitter by a high school journalist, who took a screenshot of a since-deleted Facebook event page that misspelt his name “di Blasio”.
As he sat on Thursday for a morning talk show interview with his wife, Chirlane McCray, protesters chanted “liar” outside the ABC News studios in Manhattan.
“A little serenade,” he laughed, during the live interview with Good Morning America.
It is not clear what provoked the protest, but in 2016 Mr de Blasio was fined nearly $48,000 (£37,500) by the New York City Campaign Finance Board for spending violations in his first mayoral race.
Skip Twitter post by @Zohreen Protesters chant “liar” through GMA’s window as @BilldeBlasio kicks of his announcement on the show
— Zohreen (@Zohreen) May 16, 2019 Report End of Twitter post by @Zohreen
Earlier this month, the New York Times editorial board warned that a de Blasio candidacy would raise ethical questions about political donations he continues to receive.
In April he hosted a fundraiser for a construction company seeking to do business in New York, the paper noted, adding that a restaurateur has previously plead guilty to bribing him.
New York voters have also been critical of his campaign pledge to tackle wealth inequality, arguing that the gap appears to be worsening in some parts of the city.
Mr de Blasio has regularly criticised Mr Trump on immigration, policing and climate change.
Skip Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 16, 2019 Report End of Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump
He held an event at the base of Trump Tower in May calling on all the president’s businesses to cut their emissions in line with New York’s Green New Deal legislation – a package of environmental laws.
“You’re on notice, Donald: we won’t let you mortgage our future for your real estate,” the mayor later tweeted.
Long odds for a scrappy underdog Bill de Blasio’s pitch to Democratic primary voters is simple. He’s the guy who has been enacting the progressive policies other candidates only talk about – and in the biggest city in the US.
The challenge for the mayor is that not all of those policies have worked. Others haven’t progressed off the drawing board. The city’s skyrocketing income inequality, public-transportation woes and affordable-housing shortage are still pressing problems despite his six years in office.
Then there’s the fact that being mayor of New York is a coveted job, but it creates passionate and vocal enemies. Those critics were prominently displayed on the pages of the New York Post and in the background of recent de Blasio public appearances.
The mayor must hope that, outside of the crucible of the Big Apple, voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere will take a fresh look at his record and qualities as a candidate. He’s a fighter who won’t be afraid to mix it up with Donald Trump or his Democratic opponents. He is underrated on the stump. And he appears to thrive as an underdog.
That’s a good thing for the mayor, since the odds are heavily stacked against him.
This prompted a Twitter battle with President Trump’s son, Eric, who called the rally “simply childish”. The president retweeted some of his son’s attacks.
Mr de Blasio has officially changed his name twice in the past.
Born Warren Wilhelm Jr, he changed it in 1983 to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, court records show.
Then in 2001, he petitioned a Brooklyn judge to change it to Bill de Blasio, saying he was taking his mother’s maiden name because his father had been largely absent from his childhood and he identified with her Italian heritage.
On Groundhog Day in 2014, he dropped one of the furry rodents belonging to the Staten Island Zoo during a ceremony to determine how many days of winter remained.
Chuck, as the creature was named, died days later from “acute internal injuries”, the zoo said.
“Mayor de Blasio has groundhog blood on his hands!” was the New York Post headline.
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‘Not A Good Career Move’: Meghan McCain And Whoopi Goldberg Won’t Be Voting De Blasio 2020

“The View” hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio following the announcement of his 2020 presidential run Thursday.
“Not a good career move, man,” Goldberg shook her head as McCain booed the announcement.
“It says he’s going to put working people first,” Goldberg began. “New York has embraced the green deal and that he’ll take it national and, as a New Yorker, he’s always known what a bully and fraud the guy in the White House is. Is this a good career move for him right now? No! What are you doing?” (RELATED: Bill De Blasio Enters Race For White House)
Goldberg shook her head, repeating , “Not a good career move, man.”
“Here’s the thing that you didn’t mention,” Goldberg added, listing some of the problems being faced by New Yorkers. “Homelessness is near record highs. Congestive pricing will take the minimum wage money we just gave to people and take it away from them because they have to pay the congestive pricing. Public housing is falling apart. The subway is under served. The buses are slow. What the hell are you going to do?”
The audience cheered Goldberg’s assessment, and when co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin interjected with several of de Blasio’s accomplishments they responded with mumbling and a few “boos.”
McCain jumped in then, mentioning the crowds of protesters that surrounded de Blasio’s announcement on “Good Morning America.”
“This morning on ‘GMA’ people were screaming ‘liar’ so loud outside that George Stephanopoulos had to say there’s — protesters out,” McCain explained. “There’s a violent crime rise. There’s a measles outbreak. Increase in homelessness. He’s a climate change hypocrite. He drives from Gracie mansion to Brooklyn in a caravan. He killed the groundhog. I feel like that’s important to America. We have the video. He did. He dropped this groundhog!”
The ladies at “The View” were not the only ones unimpressed by de Blasio’s announcement.
LOL @MSNBC playing a clip of an NYC woman saying @BilldeBlasio should have announced on April 1st b/c it would have been a great April Fools Day joke
— Saagar Enjeti (@esaagar) May 16, 2019
The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 16, 2019
De Blasio brings the total number of Democrats in the race for the 202o nomination to 23.
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The Brexit Party Cannot Deliver A Successful Brexit

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Australia Brasil Canada España France Ελλάδα (Greece) India Italia 日本 (Japan) 한국 (Korea) Maghreb Québec (en français) United Kingdom United States THE BLOG 16/05/2019 09:04 BST | Updated 16/05/2019 09:04 BST The Brexit Party Cannot Deliver A Successful Brexit I’m a pragmatic Leaver but despite all the slick soundbites and slogans, the Brexit Party has no solution, no realism, no policies. Cameron Bradbury Conservative Party activist New political parties seem to be all the rage right now, be it Change UK or the Brexit Party.
Change UK want to “change politics for good” by keeping things exactly the same (except their name of course). It’s true, Change UK are certainly “doing politics differently”, they’re the only notable party that is not fielding a candidate in the upcoming Peterborough by-election. If that isn’t “doing politics differently”, then I don’t know what is.
It’s strange to think just how much has changed politically since the start of the year, even though nothing substantially has changed. It’s still the same old saga in Parliament. The Conservatives trying to deliver on the Brexit vote and Labour, Lib Dems, SNP & Greens trying to frustrate the process.
We have already seen both main parties punished at the ballot box in the local elections with Conservatives and Labour losing councillors.
The European Elections will be largely viewed as a barometer of anger from both remainers and leavers and believe me, there is a lot of indignation out there.
Speaking for myself, I absolutely did not want these elections to be happen, but now they are. It is important that Britain has strong, competent leadership in Europe and only the Conservatives are up to the job.
I’m a pragmatic leaver. I voted for Brexit reluctantly, but I certainly do not regret my decision. I still feel that the European project is going in a direction that is not in Britain’s best interest.
The European project has changed entirely since voters had their last say on our EU membership and I voted accordingly with that thought in mind.
Despite my leave vote, I was always aware that Brexit would be a process not an event.
It is simply impossible to completely untangle forty years’ worth of rules, regulations and laws in such a short space of time. Divorces are never a simple process.
To fully deliver Brexit, the Government will require persistence and modulation.
This is something that the newly formed Brexit Party – or more aptly, the Nigel Farage party – does not understand. The emergence of the Brexit Party as a major political force is a very concerning prospect.
We rightly deride the cult of personality that exists around Jeremy Corbyn in Momentum. Now, we are now witnessing the emergence of an entire political party centred around the personality of Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage is undeniably a good orator and knows how to play up to his core support. What is perturbing is that all the hysteria and large crowds is shielding the Brexit Party from proper objective scrutiny.
The Brexit Party is a single-issue party, they do not have any clear substantive policies and they certainly cannot deliver a successful Brexit.
The fundamental reason that the Brexit Party would fail to deliver a successful Brexit is because they simply want to walk away, snubbing our close friends and allies. It is hardly the most auspicious way to begin building a new relationship.
Despite all the soundbites and slogans, the Brexit Party do not have a plan.
Looking to the future, we need an ambitious blueprint for what our future relationship with the EU is going to look like. Nigel Farage and the Brexit party are simply too dogmatic to ever rationally engage with this process.
Nigel Farage constantly changes his view on the crucial question of what comes next. He’s argued for Norway, argued for a loose trade agreement, argued for a bespoke deal, he’s even said previously that the time had come for a second referendum.
Now, his Brexit Party appear to be stumping for a WTO no-deal exit from the EU, as they did when the party was still effectively a “leave” pressure group. Contrary to what Mr. Farage says, this was not a position argued by him during the referendum campaign (and if it was, I certainly cannot find evidence of it).
The only thing Mr. Farage and his Brexit Party is clear on; is that they want to leave.
The Brexit Party is taking a leaf out of Trump’s playbook. They organise mass rallies, portraying themselves as defenders of democracy by pitting themselves against a distant out of touch “political class” which in reality they themselves are all very much a part of.
We have seen the deflection tactics employed in Nigel Farage’s interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr. The first half of the interview, as you would expect, was all about Brexit. However, as Mr. Marr attempted to hold Mr. Farage to account on his previous remarks including matters of policy, he would not answer. Instead he went on a tirade about fighting the “political class” and later tweeted: “We are not just fighting the political class, but the BBC too.”
If the Brexit Party intend to stand in Parliamentary elections, we need to know what policies they would support.
Mr. Farage does not like being held to account. Indeed, he never properly has been. It is very easy to make loose promises, rattle off empty platitudes filled with emotive soundbites, but, when it comes to real substantial policies that can deliver these promises- there simply are not any.
Dismissing legitimate questioning as “fake news” or “an establishment stitch up” is a dangerous new trend amongst populist parties and the Brexit Party is no exception.
It is true, there are many advocates for “no-deal” in the Conservative party, but they have put forward a substantive case for this WTO exit and provide examples of what policies we could employ if we move in that direction.
Credit where credit is due, the media campaign for the Brexit Party campaign is very slick and they are tapping in to a genuine anger in the country that exists outside the confides of the M25.
If the main parties want to regain the initiative we must do better at addressing these concerns in a real, positive way.
The truth remains that there is nothing, Brexit omitted, that unites Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe, Claire Fox and George Galloway. The Brexit Party cannot negotiate Brexit. They have no solution, no realism, no policies.
As Conservatives, we must ensure the referendum result will be delivered upon, so we leave the EU with a good deal and get on with the most important job of uniting our exasperated country.
When you go to cast your vote at the ballot box, your choice is clear. If you want strong leadership in Europe, if you want the referendum result respected, you need to vote for the party that can deliver Brexit. That party is the Conservative Party.
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Think It Through — Link Roundup 5/14/19

Think It Through — Link Roundup 5/14/19 May 14, 2019
When American history is discussed, the powers that be love to remind us that migrants are often vectors for disease. Specifically, when they can blame European settlers for putatively bringing smallpox and thereby decimating the native population.
However, when it comes to their current globalist open-borders project, that argument is conveniently forgotten.
Indeed, the native populace mustn’t be allowed to make the connection between Leftist policies and the proliferation of disease. That would turn public sentiment against the whole enterprise. And yet the facts remain.
Authorities in the northern Mexico border state of Tamaulipas say they have detained 289 Central American migrants, including some children with measles and other illnesses.

Some of the children were also found to have chickenpox.
So, how to deal with these inconvenient facts? As I texted a friend of mine in conjunction with this article:
Future headline: “Uptick in preventable illnesses has health officials worried — growing anti-vax movement at the center”
And again:
“Sir, the third worlders we’re importing to keep the wealth extraction Ponzi scheme afloat are bringing in diseases — what do we do?!”
“No problem — just blame it on the people who are onto us. The crowds will turn on them like they did on the Christians after Rome burned.”
‘Unprecedented’ 100,000 hit by European Measles outbreak spreading at ‘alarming’ rate (article)
That sure didn’t take long.
In recent years, conspiracy theories and fake reports have led to many parents stopping their kids having a vaccine, which is effective at preventing the disease.
The WHO highlighted “the persistence of pockets of non-immunized or under-immunized individuals in many countries fuelling the continuing spread of measles.”
More than half a million UK children could be at risk of disease after missing crucial jab, children’s charity Unicef warned last month .
And earlier this week, it was reported that so-called “anti-vaxxers” in Germany could face fines of over £2000 children in their care are not given a jab.

Dr Masoud Dara, of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, added: “WHO has been working closely with countries in the European Region to enhance their capacity to protect children from measles.
“However, this alarming resurgence is a warning that the Region’s immunization coverage is not yet sufficient”.
Not a word in the entire article about the scores-of-thousands of migrants pouring across every European border, many of whom with sanitation habits straight out of the seventh century. Many of whom have never been vaccinated themselves.
No, it’s those native folks who are growing skeptical about the official story — that injecting known and potent toxins into infants is an intelligent public health policy — THEY’RE the problem.
This isn’t the space for me to argue the finer points of the vaccination issue; it suffices to show the way in which the Elites reframe the problems they cause as the doings of convenient scapegoats.
In the summer of 64, Rome suffered a terrible fire that burned for six days and seven nights consuming almost three quarters of the city. The people accused the Emperor Nero for the devastation claiming he set the fire for his own amusement. In order to deflect these accusations and placate the people, Nero laid blame for the fire on the Christians.
Aaron Clarey tells us that “female youth and beauty is the most valuable commodity in the world.” In addition to explaining why, he demonstrates that the process by which young, beautiful women trade on these assets has undergone an evolution.
It began with the traditional way, which Clarey terms “the First Social Contract”:
The problem facing women in the past was how to convert or “cash in” on their youth and beauty. Traditionally, and across all cultures, this was done through marriage. The “social contract” was that women would provide men their love, affection, support, and sexual access, raise the kids and keep the home, while men would go out, work, make the money, toil in the fields, get killed in war and provide for the family. Some might argue this was barbaric. I would argue this was nature’s way (again, why else across ALL cultures was this the standard). But whether this arrangement was good or bad is moot. It was what it was. Women converted their youth and beauty into resources by having sex with a man who would provide those resources.
Then came the Second Social Contract, which has gone from revolution to fait accompli to status quo in the past century:
This 2 million year old social contract was upended and replaced, however, and very recently so. Because with rapid advances in technology, women’s suffrage, democracy, and the elimination of traditional gender roles, women were no longer relegated to the home to rear and tend to the children. Like men, they were allowed to go out and work, support themselves, own property, etc., freeing them from the expectation that they would have to exchange sex for resources, putting their own livelihoods in their own hands. Furthermore, to cement this “new contract”, the traditional role of men was replaced with the government. The ultimate authority and responsibility in providing for a woman (and any children she might have) would no longer be men or an individual man, but the taxpayer through the state. Thus, while men still made the lion’s share of economic production, individual husbands would no longer pay individually to support an individual wife in exchange for sex. Men (and working women) would pay communally for all women (and any consequential children) via the government, and sex would be incidental. For the first time in human history women were truly free from men, and it was thanks to this “second social contract.”
The Third Social Contract — already being rapidly adopted by the current young women of gen Z — involves the use of the internet as an ATM. Insert nudes, attention, or even just a warm smile; extract resources from the thirsty men on the other end.
This is what the rejection of Biblical sexual morality has wrought. Take your daughter’s phone away.
Political Incorrectness and Truth (article)
Speaking of the rejection of sexual mores, Karl Denninger writes a poignant piece of his own on the economic ramifications which arise as the result of same.
This is a 101 course on the laws governing the sexual marketplace. You know how in the past you didn’t have to be a nutritionist to eat healthy? But now everything has gotten so complicated that you have to learn more about the same laws of biochemistry that have been in effect for 6-10,000 years than grandpa did, just to navigate the grocery store effectively?
This is like that. But for intersexual dynamics.
It’s a must-read in its entirety, but I’ll quote a few snippets at length.
The “natural order” winds up with the huge majority of the males getting nothing or nearly-nothing while the females get all the sex they want — that is, enough sex to reproduce .
Humans formed social constructs to address this problem — and for damn good reason. Having the men running around constantly trying to kill or exile one another and then murdering all the children of the previous male, which happens frequently among animals too, is considered immoral — and that’s being kind. Genghis Khan anyone? He literally raped his way across continents and has more genetic material expressed in humans today than anyone else to have ever walked upright on two legs.
That social construct humans put together took into account that women are wired to want “one man” but there is no physiological reason for it to be the same one at any given time (e.g. they have every physiological incentive to “trade up” at every opportunity) while men are wired to want to screw as many women as possible. Both of these natural physiological facts are immutable but you can design incentives to make them unattractive to follow through on. Emphasis in original
The so-called “sexual revolution” intentionally destroyed all of the social constructs that had been put together over thousands of years of human history. It was sold to women as “freeing them” from their half of the bargain which was seen as “unjust” and many men foolishly thought it would work out well for them too.
What both women and men were sold was a knowing lie. Emphasis in original
Study after study has shown that women rate 90% of the men as “less than average” in attractiveness and wouldn’t consider going on a single date with more than 10% of the men they meet . That sounds pigheaded but it’s nothing more than expression of how women are physiologically wired. The same studies show that men are much less selective in terms of who they’d be willing to go out with but in terms of how they see attractiveness, not so much. Indeed irrespective of a man’s age within the “breeding band” or his own appearance and wealth virtually all prefer the extremely-cute 20 year old! Again, they’re not pigs; this expression of preference is nothing more than how men are physiologically wired.
So are we surprised at what has happened when all of the social constructs that bound women to men and vice-versa were intentionally destroyed in the name of “ feminism ” and the “sexual revolution “?
A 20 year old attractive woman gets all the men; she has more [sex] available to her than she knows what to do with. She feels great — for the moment.
The somewhat-attractive 20 year old woman also gets a large number of men; she too has many choices one for each day if she’d like. She too feels great — for the moment.
The 6-pack abs dude gets more [sex] than he knows what to do with. Great for him, right?
And the 1%er with money gets all the [sex] he knows what to do with no matter what he looks like. The evidence for that is easy to find too; go anywhere there are nice expensive boats and see all the fat, balding 50 year-olds with a 20-something 36DD chick in a bikini sunning herself — and that’s not his daughter either. Great for him too, right?
But what about the bottom 50% of guys? Hell, how about the bottom 80 or even 90 percent? You know, the dude with a regular old job and a Chevy — no Lambo, no boat, and no six-pack abs.
They get none; exactly zero of the above women will go out with them. Such a man is allegedly too “boring.” There are plenty of dudes that have one or both of the six-pack or lots of money so….. all the rest of the dudes wind up going to whack off to porn on the Internet.
What about the bottom 50 — or 80% of women?
Well, at 20 they might get some, probably all they want is on-offer, but remember — men are being told they can have it all too, and so they’ll get laid but they too have been told they’re a princess and can have the six-pack stud, so they have no particular reason to be loyal. As soon as the somewhat better looking or richer guy comes along they’re suddenly “unhappy” and…. well there you go.
Then time goes on a bit.
The 20 year old woman who used to have a lot of dating (read: sexual) options is now 30, and then 40. She has had lots of sex but she’s never happy because there’s always richer and better-toned available. Why should she settle? She hasn’t, in short; there’s always a better one right around the corner, in the bar, at work, whatever. Well, she turns 40 and….. oops. Mr. SixPack now screws the 20 year old! Why wouldn’t he — remember, he is supposed to be “sexually liberated” too! Why take less — as he sees it — than he can get?
Women have a few years of very high sexual market value as “price makers” and then it starts declining, and that market value declines fast. If she wants kids that problem gets serious around the 30ish year mark if she wants 2 or more, and in the mid-30s even if she only wants one . Maybe one of the dudes who was “boring” but has a nice, steady job runs into her 20 years later. She turned him down 20 years before; he was neither cute or rich enough and he remembers her choosing to screw the burly dude with the six-pack — or the guy in the $5,000 suit with the Lambo buying $200 shots — that night in the bar. Why would he believe how she truly feels has changed now? Emphasis in original
And we wonder why cynicism about the opposite sex is so high. We don’t work together anymore — that would necessitate coordination requiring a clear hierarchy, and the mere thought of that is offensive to our radical egalitarian minds. Rather, we engage in race to the bottom where each sex tries to cheat the other, offering less benefit in exchange for more cost.
How’s that working out for us?
Apropos of the above, Christian women who have imbibed the feminist life-script are pricing themselves out of the marriage market, then blaming men for not wanting to do a deal.
Analogy time.
I have an old truck. I’ve been offered up to $2k for the thing, but haven’t taken those deals because I value a running, paid off vehicle over most alternatives. My price on that truck only starts at what the truck is worth as a unit, to which is added the cost of my time shopping for something new, the stress of (potentially) bearing debt, and sentimentality issues tied up in the thing. With that factored in, I’d part with it for $5k, but that’s well more than any reasonable buyer will give me for it.
Now, if I valued slick new wheels and non-hand-crank windows more than I value keeping my truck, I’d be inclined to lower my sights. As it stands, I’ve priced myself out of the car market. But is that the fault of would-be buyers? Of course not — those who have the means will find a way to buy anyway, even if not with me.
What we don’t see is a movement by the most desirable prospective husbands complaining that they were never able to marry. The “No Marriage Proposals” Canard — Dalrock
The fact is that most of the Christian (and otherwise) women bemoaning their lack of a husband in their 30s are in the position to do so because they did not prioritize that search in their younger, prettier years . If we acknowledge, as per Clarey and Denninger above, that youth and beauty trade higher than aged and, er, diminished beauty, then we are forced to conclude that a woman’s options will necessarily shrink over time.
Per the article:
I meet them constantly at parties and other social events – beautiful, smart, single Catholic women who just want to find a good man to love and honour. Yet this pool of women seems to keep getting bigger, while the number of Godly, marriageable men is swiftly dropping.
“this pool of women seems to keep getting bigger”This is because single women will aggregate together — it’s not like they are busy putting the kids down for bed, an act which removes the pool of married women from view at “parties and social events,” creating a selection bias.
“the number of Godly, marriageable men is swiftly dropping”This is because the hot-ticket men are leveraging their looks, charm, and success (valuable to women) to attract and pair off with beautiful women who are as young as is socially acceptable (valuable to men). There is no 35-year-old-marriageable-man factory that just needs to kick into overtime to meet a growing demand. That guy had to start at 0 and age from there like all the rest of us. In which case he was probably already marriageable in his 20s, and got snatched off the market by some woman with her act together, meaning he never became a marriageable 35-year-old, but rather a married 35-year-old.
Now it is certainly true that, as this article says, societal virtue has fallen, and brings a decline in the volume of virtuous (by which I here mean practicing, devout Christian) men in society. Yet, as many men will tell you , there has also been a commensurate decline in the number of virtuous women.
So what gives? If there is still some level of parity, numerically, why don’t all of the few remaining virtuous women pair up with all of the few remaining virtuous men?
The needful truth is this: the Age of the Spinster is here precisely because of what Clarey and Denninger lay out. As per Clarey, the Second Social Contract allows women to survive, and even thrive materially, without a man. If they are going to give up this freedom for a life of commitment, only one-heckuva-guy will do. Much like my truck allows me to get around, and therefore my incentive to sell it for scrap has to be goosed by an unreasonable sum of money. Meaning that it’ll never sell. As per Denninger, because of the breakdown of what we might call the one penis to one vagina rule (1p1v), even average looking young women are receiving sexual attention from cream-of-the-crop men. During the days of 1p1v, Mr. Perfect 10 would find Ms. Perfect 10 and make her Mrs., and that would be that. The Ms. Plain Janes would get the message that Mr. Perfect was off the menu, and select from their remaining options, or abstain — though, as per point 1, there was more incentive to go ahead and pick back in the days when air-conditioned offices weren’t an option for providing for oneself. Nowadays Ms. Plain Janes think they are contenders for the Mr. Perfects. Then, when one day all of the Mr. Perfects (and the Mr. Oh You’ll Dos) have disappeared with the women who were ready to play ball during their youth-n-beauty days, you get articles like this one. Share this: