2 Free Movie Tickets When You Donate Blood

2 Free Movie Tickets When You Donate Blood

Free Product Samples No Shipping Costs 2 Free Movie Tickets When You Donate Blood October 9, 2019
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Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times

Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times Technical information Date 420s BCE
Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra ‘s genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5 . Contents [ show ] Description
Athenians said that after the plague , food was short due to an increase in desperate hunters and a lack of farmers. One hunter wanted to fish but feared sharks . Dialogue Kassandra offering to kill the sharks Kassandra: I picked up your message on the board. What’s happening? Man: Not much food around lately. Since the plague, there not enough farmers, and too many desperate hunters. I’m going to try for fish. Kassandra: Sounds sensible. Man: There’s sharks in these waters, though. I’m not equipped for those. But you seem well-armed. Kassandra: So I should kill all the sharks. Man: Yes, all of them must die.
(Accept – “I’ll handle it.”) Kassandra: I’ll help you. You have my word. Man: Thank you, misthios. I couldn’t do this without you. Kassandra: Leave it to me.
(Leave – “I’m not interested.”) The man rewarded Kassandra upon her return
Kassandra killed the sharks and returned to the hunter. Man: You’re back. Have you killed them? Kassandra: I took care of them. Every last one. Man: Great work. Take this as thanks, misthios.
(Join Crew – “You should join my crew.”) Kassandra: I have a good crew, but we’re missing someone with your talents. I want you on board with us. What do you say? Man: Never considered myself a seaman… But an adventurer? I’ll join you.
(Leave – “Thank you.”) Kassandra: I always finish what I start. Outcome
Kassandra killed sharks throughout Greece and returned to the hunter to collect her reward. References Main Quests Chapter 1 – The Final Push – The Wolf of Sparta – Onwards to Phokis Chapter 3 Abandoned By the Gods – And the Streets Run Red – Athens’s Last Hope Chapter 7 Dinner in Sparta – We Remember – A Fresh Start Cult of Kosmos The Delian League – The Eyes of Kosmos – The Gods of the Aegean Sea – The Heroes of the Cult – The Peloponnesian League – The Silver Vein – The Worshippers of the Bloodline Atlantis Besieging Bandits – Cave Crusader – Fortress Fallout – Lacerated Leaders Kephallonia Islands Hungry Gods – Merciful Gods – In the Footsteps of Gods – Shark the Vagrant – A Fight with Talos – Mercenary Work – Lumbering Along – A Small Odyssey – A Ship Came Sailing Kythera Island Idiot Hunt – Purple Pain – Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae – Place in the Kosmos – All Bonds Will Break – Atoll Order – Pick Your Poison – The Handmaiden’s Story – In a Rush Lakonia Family Values – Confiscated Messara The Grand Minotour – Bravely Ran Away Petrified Islands Chip on Your Shoulder – Hostage Situation – Caged and Enraged – Clothes Make the Daughter – The Elixir – Revenge of the Wolf – Shroud of the Bear – Son of a Fisherman – Waiting for Galarnos – Qamra, Medicine Woman Phokis A Pirate’s Life – Crewless – Photios’s Pre-Tirement – Age is Just a Number – The Daughters of Artemis – Helping a Healer – Sins of the Past – The Unkindest Cut – Fortress Fallout – Lacerated Leaders – Cave Crusader Pirate Islands Making Friends – Heart of Stone – Red in the Wreckage – We’re Not Thieves – We’re Treasure Hunters – A Chest Full of Drachmae – Recruitment Drive Silver Islands Character Side Quests Agapios Prince of Persia Daphnae The Dunce Conundrum – Another Kind of Poetry Demosthenes A God Among Men – Left to Dye Eppie Kyra with a Cause – Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money – Goddess of the Hunt Leiandros Old Friends, Old Problems – Farm in Flames – Markos’s Fate Mikkos Barnabas Abroad – Throwing the Bet – Gutter Runner – The Drachmae of Romance – Kallipateira Phidias The Thaletas Way – Paint the Sand Red – Hearts of War Xenia Birds of a Feather ( Rumored Feather Location ) – Sacred Vows ( Rumored Bracelet Location ) – She Who Controls the Seas ( Rumored Conch Shell Location ) – Throw the Dice ( Pan’s Flute – Apollo’s Lyre ) – Priceless Treasure Tombs and Ancient Stelae Tomb of Alkathous – Tomb of the First Pythia – Artemision Tomb – Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax – Tomb of Eteokles – Pheidon’s Tomb – Agamemnon’s Tomb – Giant Heroes Burial Ground – Alkaios Tomb – Tomb of Brizo – Tomb of Polybotes – Tomb of the Forgotten Hero – Tomb of the Daughter of Atlas – Waterfall of Styx – Tomb of the First Champion – Destroyed House of Oinomaos – Tomb of Orion – Tomb of Eurypylos – Parmenon Tomb – Abandoned Tomb – Tomb of Orpheus – Stony Sepulchre Ainigmata Ostraka Ashes to Ashes – Bottomless Lake – Fatal Attraction – Hound Docked – Record Sunshine – Happy Hour – Pressed for Time – A Finger Tip – A Specific General – Red Scent – Heart and Sole – A Deal for Freedom – Beneath Theseus’s Dreams – Elbow Greece – Goat’s Gruff – Killer View – Backstage Pass – Odor in the Court – War Eagle – Pride of Place – Smoke Signal – Blue Eyed Beauty – Upon Typhon’s Crown – The Floor is Lava – Two of Clubs – An Arm and a Leg – Rock and Roll – Turning Tides – Stone Cold – Procrastinate Now – Stubborn Mule – Needle in a Haystack – Grave Discovery – Estate Envy – Marbled Morale – Till Death Do Us Part – Soldier to Shoulder – Mapping Out – Rightful King – Strange Disease – Sweet Tooth – Hobby Horsing – Farming Coin – Prophecy Prevention – Centaur Field – Bridging the Gap – Pigsty – Fire in the Belly – Stadium Love – Made in Abyss – Tastes like Chicken – Foggy Memory – Procession of Bones – Helios’s Greeting – Showboat – Dye Dye Dye – Belly Flop – Hungry for Misadventure – Star-Crossed Lovers – To the Edge of the World Impact Side Quests Left for Dead – There Goes the Neighborhood – Falling on Deaf Ears – Infantile Revenge – Dare to Desert – Grieving Widow To Be – Rival Lovers – Competing Admirers – Trouble Follows – Sent by Brasidas – Wasted Devotion – Honey Eyes – The Real Killer Timed Side Quests Message Board Quests Bounties Bounty on an Athenian Ship – Bounty on Athenian Soldiers – Bounty on a Bandit – Bounty on Bandits – Bounty on a Daughter of Artemis – Bounty on a Follower of Ares – Bounty on a Mercenary – Bounty on Merchant Ships – Bounty on a Politician – Bounty on a Spartan Ship – Bounty on Spartan Soldiers Contracts

It’s Not the Size that Matters – Luke 17:5-10

Readings for today:
First Reading – Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
Psalm – Psalm 37:1-9
Second Reading – 2 Timothy 1:1-14
Gospel – Luke 17:5-10
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
It should come as no surprise to anyone who has listened to me preach over the years that I am a fan of books – anything from the classics to biographies to historical fiction and fantasy. One book series I enjoyed very much growing up was the Anne of Green Gables series (okay, really, just the first three books, because I grew up watching the Megan Follows Anne of Green Gables miniseries). Anne (spelled with an E) was an orphan who was adopted at the age of 11 by a middle-aged brother and sister. Anne breathes life into her community and sees the world from a different view than others. She finds enjoyment in the little things, she sees beauty where others see ordinary, and has unwavering faith in people and in the good in the world. One quote that has stuck with me in particular is “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Anne lived on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Their climate is a little different than ours, but they still experience the four seasons. There is something magical about the month of October. Maybe it’s because I like the crisp air of fall, maybe it’s because I like fall clothing so much, or maybe because I like change and by October I am ready for summer to be done, but whatever the case, I am glad too that I live in a world where there are Octobers. After not experiencing really any change in seasons from last summer until now, I am even more grateful for it. It’s a little thing, having joy in the changing of the seasons, but sometimes the little things really are the ones that matter.
In our gospel text, Jesus is talking to His disciples about faith. He says, in response to them asking for their faith to be increased, “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” [1] Jesus is speaking in a metaphor. Could this happen? I don’t know. Maybe. God does crazy things that we can’t always explain. But realistically? Probably not. Using this literally has the danger of turning faith into magic. It can also set people up for completely inaccurate beliefs of if only you had more faith, and then this bad thing wouldn’t have happened, or if you would have prayed more, this bad thing wouldn’t have happened. That’s a dangerous rabbit hole to go down that has killed the faith of so many and seriously distorted who God is and why good and bad things happen to people, Christian or not. For those who live in a black and white reality, believing that you and your faith are specifically the causes of tragedies or unfortunate events that sometimes you have no control over, that is painting a false picture of God and how God works in the world. Are many things that happen to us directly correlated to our own decisions? Absolutely they are. But some things aren’t. And claiming that if a person just had more faith, they could have prevented a crisis in their life, is more than likely not the truth.
The disciples were asking Jesus to increase their faith. They thought that if they had more faith, they could do the things that Jesus was telling them about, like in the first four verses of Luke 17 where Jesus tells them to forgive someone whenever they repent, and that it is better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause another to stumble. But what Jesus was getting at was not that their faith needed to be increased so much; rather, He was encouraging them to take heart that God can work good and work wonders in even the smallest glimmer of faith.
I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons why I like Anne of Green Gables so much is that she found joy in the most mundane of things and situations. She was a bit of a drama queen, and tended to over exaggerate a bit, but she still lived life with reckless abandon and found things in which to rejoice. She came up with glittery names for a pond, for a cherry tree, for a grove, and so many other things, opening up others to the opportunity to see things they had seen so often before in a different light. She kept people on their toes. She made things interesting, in the non-Minnesota definition of interesting. Part of what Jesus is getting at in talking about faith the size of a mustard seed is that you don’t need to have some huge declaration of faith to be faithful. You don’t need to be able to literally move the mountain or the mulberry tree with your wizard-like faith. What you need is the faith to face the mountain, even when it seems unclimbable. That faith to get up in the morning and to find something good about the world, even if it is small. That motivation for life, even if it seems ridiculous to the rest of us.
In March, I had the opportunity to travel to Naples, Italy to attend Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training for Trainers. It was a week long intensive class where I learned how to instruct the two-day course, teaching others how to recognize the signs of someone who has thoughts of suicide, and how to talk with them and get them to connect with life. One of the things that we teach is how to listen to someone’s story without judgment and find that spark that may keep them wanting to live. One of our instructors, who was a retired pastor, talked about the time he spoke with a parishioner who was planning to die by suicide, and what kept her connected with life and wanting to live another day was that she was scheduled to make cookies for fellowship hour that Sunday. Some might find it ridiculous. But it was something small that kept her going another day, something small that would allow her to find something else small to keep going after that Sunday. God works miracles through the smallest of actions, through the smallest seed of faith. You don’t need to be able to hike the mountain that day. You don’t need to plant the tree in the ocean that day. Maybe that faith that you have moves you one step closer. A lot of times, I feel like we have this need and desire to make everything we want happen at once, and if we don’t see results quick enough, we want to quit. Diets and exercise are like that, sometimes cleaning the house can be like that, or working on a new project, or healing from an injury, or trying to move forward from the end of a relationship, or when dynamics in a relationship change and we just want to be through the tough part and not deal with the stuff that can cause pain, or annoyance, or is difficult. We don’t have to do it all in one day. We just need that small grain of faith to find the good, to face the mountain, and to take the next step. We can seek to find the joy in the mundane, in the things that we stop noticing because we see them all the time, in the challenging times, and in the times that are almost unbearable to deal with.
Maybe the journey we have to travel is one that we know will be painful. And maybe thinking about the end result is where we find the joy, how we keep going. For Christ, the journey to the cross brought Him to many people who heard His word and message. It also brought Him pain, torture. And while He asked for the cup to be passed from Him, He also asked for God’s will to be done, and He followed through. He did this because the end result was worth it to him – our salvation. If we cannot think of anything else to get us through a tough time, we can think of the grace we have been given through Christ. And we can trust that God has sent His Holy Spirit to walk with us. We don’t need to believe false things that if we only had more faith that God would have spared us from whatever hardship we find ourselves in. We can hold to the promise that the faith we have is sufficient enough to face the day, the challenges ahead, and that God is with us. We can also find the small things that will bring us joy, the small things that will keep us going, whether it be baking cookies for Sunday morning, our family, our friends, knowing that October is here with all of it’s cool, crisp, Halloween and beautiful color-induced goodness, or that it is only 80 days (as of Oct 6 th ) until Christmas. Whatever that small thing is, hold on to it. Let yourself find the beauty in the small, insignificant stuff. Trust that the faith you have will help you face that mountain, and that God is with you.
© 2019 Stephanie Christoffels. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.
[1] Luke 17:6, NRSV (All Scripture comes from the NRSV unless otherwise noted.)

How to Score FREE and Almost Free Souvenirs at Walt Disney World!

It’s no secret that a Disney World vacation costs A LOT of money! There’s the cost of the hotel room, theme park tickets, food, and all the other little things that add up. And of course the kiddos (and grownups) will want souvenirs, leaving you to wonder: How can I make everyone happy and not break the bank on souvenirs?
Arendelle Aqua Minnie Ears
Believe it or not there are FREE — yes, FREE — goodies all around Disney World that not only make great souvenirs, but will make kids of all ages happy! And today, our good friends at Small World Vacations are sharing their tips and tricks on how to score some FREE (and almost free or at least inexpensive) souvenirs at Walt Disney World.
Where Can You Find FREE Souvenirs at Disney World? Freebies at the Theme Parks When you think about Disney World you don’t often think about getting things for free, but you’ll actually find a lot of great little trinkets and surprises that are totally FREE ! You’ll find a lot of these items in the theme parks, but a few can also be found at resort hotels.
If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, or anything else be sure to pick up a Celebration button from guest services at each of the theme parks (or at the front desk of your hotel). And be sure to wear your button during your trip — sometimes extra pixie dusted magic happens!
Grab your Celebration Button!
Getting autographs from characters is always a fun part of a Disney trip, but instead of buying an autograph book , bring a T-shirt, hat, picture frame, or pillowcase from home and ask the Disney characters to sign it for a unique autograph. (Of course, an autograph book is a popular option, but they’re not free!).
In Epcot, each World Showcase Pavilion has a “Kidcot” Fun Stop where kids can get a little card and stickers in a cute “luggage” Ziploc bag. A Cast Member from that country will write on the card or stamp it as if it were a passport, and kids can use the markers at the craft station to color their cards. If they collect all 11 World Showcase country cards, they’ll get a Mickey postcard.
Kidcot Fun Stop Mexico Card
As you’re traveling to the theme parks, remember to ask for a transportation card from the bus drivers, Monorail driver, or boat captains. There are 27 cards in total and they feature a different mode of transportation and character on the front. The back of each card is filled with stats all about that particular mode of transportation – try to collect them all!
Monorail Transportation Cards
In Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find a fun scavenger hunt called “A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas.” Pick up a free treasure map and talisman at The Crow’s Nest and follow the clues to solve a mystery. Once you collect all five cards in the game, you’ll get a sixth card signed by Captain Jack! You can also get a a free Beauty and the Beast themed bookmark when you participate in the play at Enchanted Tales with Belle .
Scroll down for an Exclusive, Special Offer from Small World Vacations! Cast Members at character meet and greets, gift shops, and food stands will also have free stickers available that they’ll be happy to hand out — all you’ve gotta do is ask!
When you’re visiting the the Magic Kingdom, you’ll want to visit the Main Street Firehouse to pick up free Sorcerers of the Kingdom Magic cards and map . Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive scavenger hunt for the entire family — but you can still get the cards even if you aren’t doing the scavenger hunt. And if you’re attending a holiday party at Halloween or Christmas, you’ll want to stop in for a party-exclusive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card !
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards
Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, if your young padawan is lucky enough to be chosen for Jedi Training in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ask for a Jedi Certificate as a keepsake.
If you’re dining at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios remember to ask your server for a driver’s license! (You can also ask for a license at the Tomorrowland Speedway in the Magic Kingdom).
At Disney’s Animal Kingdom the kiddos can participate in the Wilderness Explorers program and keep the free activity handbook, pencil, and stickers. If they complete the experiences in the handbook they also get a special prize!
Wilderness Explorers in the Animal Kingdom
And one of our favorite freebies is the Festival Passport you can pick up at the Epcot festivals! You can pick these up at various locations throughout the festivals and track your eats, sips, and more.
2019 Food and Wine Passport
Each festival has its own passport filled with booth menus, information on the festival, and stickers, and they make a great souvenir!
Freebies at Your Disney World Hotel Theme parks aren’t the only places for free stuff — you’ll also find some fun freebies at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel!
When you arrive at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort you’ll be treated to a free colorful handmade Hawaiian lei which is always fun to wear as you dine at ‘Ohana !
Do you have a collection of pens and note pads from your hotel rooms at Disney World? We won’t judge — they do make fun souvenirs! And, some of the lounges and restaurants also have fun coasters that you can take home — maybe to use at your next get together? Who wouldn’t want to set their drink on a coaster from Oga’s Cantina ?
Oga’s Cantina Drinks and Coasters
Several of the Disney World hotels also offer free tours and classes, including a free character sketch class at Disney’s Art of Animation and a culinary tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge . And some hotels also offer a map of the hidden Mickeys at the hotel — be sure to ask at the front desk! There’s a great hidden Mickey hunt at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge that you’ll want to try!
Inexpensive Souvenirs That You’ll Want to Check Out While there’s a lot of great FREE stuff at Disney World, there are also some great inexpensive souvenirs that are easy on the budget.
Stop by Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square or Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs and pick out a Christmas ornament that’ll remind you of your vacation. Add a extra dose of magic and get the ornaments personalized with the year of your visit.
Deck the Halls Ornaments
In the theme parks, stop by the Pick-a-Pearl stand in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion (or the one located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort). You never know what size pearl you’ll find inside the oysters that the Cast Members open for you — it’s a fun surprise for the whole family!
Want to read more about free souvenirs? Click here to check out more freebies at Disney World ! You can also try your hand at pin trading — which can be inexpensive if you keep your collecting to a minimum. It’s a good idea to bring older pins from home to trade with Cast Members to keep the cost down. Disney also has collectible patches that you can buy to sew on clothes, bags, and more!
DVC Patches
There are a lot of Disney snacks that make great (and inexpensive) souvenirs including lollipops , Mickey Krispy Treats , and character cookies . These are also a good last-minute purchase if you have a lot of Disney Dining Plan snack credits to use up! Try not to eat them all before you get home.
Mickey Rice Krispy Treats at The Confectionary
Other fun and inexpensive souvenirs include hand-cut paper silhouettes created by an artist on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom, a first haircut certificate from the Main Street Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom, and even pressed pennies !
If you’re going to collect pressed pennies, you’ll want to bring a roll of pennies and a roll of quarters so you’re not digging for change when you get to the pressed penny machines.
Pressed Penny machine
Those are just a few of our favorite free and inexpensive souvenirs you’ll find at Disney World! What’s your favorite free (or almost free) souvenir at Disney World?
Worried about spending too much money at Disney World? Check out this video the worst ways to spend your money at Disney World!
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EPS for Groupon, Inc. (GRPN) Expected At $-0.01 | Finance Recorder

Investors sentiment increased to 1.06 in 2019 Q2. Its up 0.12, from 0.94 in 2019Q1. It increased, as 25 investors sold Groupon, Inc. shares while 45 reduced holdings. 22 funds opened positions while 52 raised stakes. 343.70 million shares or 0.88% less from 346.75 million shares in 2019Q1 were reported. United Service Automobile Association has invested 0% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). 10.49M are owned by State Street Corp. 7,055 are held by Cubist Systematic Strategies Lc. Qci Asset Mngmt Ny has invested 0% in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Axa reported 0.03% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Mackay Shields Ltd Liability Company holds 0.01% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) for 560,800 shares. Nordea Invest Management Ab holds 0.01% or 1.21M shares. Bluefin Trading Ltd Liability Corporation holds 0.01% in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) or 16,100 shares. Legal General Public Ltd Liability reported 185,298 shares. Segall Bryant Hamill Ltd Liability Corp invested 0.01% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Tudor Investment Corp Et Al reported 90,285 shares. Parametric Portfolio Limited Liability has invested 0% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Dimensional Fund Advsrs Ltd Partnership stated it has 0.02% of its portfolio in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Comerica State Bank has invested 0% in Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN). Bank & Trust Of America De holds 3.04M shares.
Since August 30, 2019, it had 1 buying transaction, and 0 selling transactions for $129,000 activity.
Analysts expect Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) to report $-0.01 EPS on November, 6.They anticipate $0.03 EPS change or 150.00 % from last quarter’s $0.02 EPS. After having $-0.02 EPS previously, Groupon, Inc.’s analysts see -50.00 % EPS growth. The stock decreased 2.36% or $0.065 during the last trading session, reaching $2.695. About 3.88M shares traded. Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) has declined 34.51% since October 9, 2018 and is downtrending. It has underperformed by 34.51% the S&P500.
Groupon, Inc. operates online local commerce marketplaces that connect merchants to clients by offering goods and services at a discount in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and internationally. The company has market cap of $1.53 billion. The firm provides deals in various categories, including events and activities, beauty and spa, health and fitness, food and drink, home and garden, and automotive; and deals on various product lines, such as electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, toys, household items, and apparel, as well as provides discounted and market rates for hotel, airfare, and package deals. It has a 224.58 P/E ratio. It offers its deal offerings to clients through Websites; search engines; mobile applications and mobile Web browsers, which enable clients to browse, purchase, manage, and redeem deals on their mobile devices; emails; affiliate channels; display advertising; and television and radio advertising.
More notable recent Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) news were published by: which released: “Groupon, Inc. 2019 Q2 – Results – Earnings Call Slides – Seeking Alpha” on July 31, 2019, also with their article: “Groupon (GRPN) to Report Q2 Earnings: What’s in the Cards? – Nasdaq” published on July 30, 2018, published: “Groupon: Right Story, Wrong Price – Seeking Alpha” on July 09, 2019. More interesting news about Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) were released by: and their article: “Groupon: No Value – Seeking Alpha” published on September 09, 2019 as well as ‘s news article titled: “Should Investors Buy into Groupon’s Potential Yelp Acquisition? – Nasdaq” with publication date: September 13, 2019. Receive News & Ratings Via Email – Enter your email address below to receive a concise daily summary of the latest news and analysts’ ratings with our FREE daily email newsletter.