2020 Polestar 1 second drive review: Electrified exotic is awesome, not for everyone

2020 Polestar 1 second drive review: Electrified exotic is awesome, not for everyone

Beauty, thy name is Polestar 1. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
“Wow, that’s a gorgeous car?”
” Polestar , huh?” “Is it fully electric?” “Oh.”
That’s the initial reaction I got about a half dozen times from passersby while zipping around the San Francisco Bay Area in the 2020 Polestar 1. It was a mix of curiosity, attention and, well, disappointment. Those bold enough to ask the price added sticker shock to that list.
But the Polestar 1 doesn’t deserve that disappointment. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting vehicles that I’ve driven this year. Its performance plug-in hybrid powertrain is surprisingly robust and flexible.
Meanwhile, the chassis construction and tuning are nothing short of an engineering marvel. Yes, the niche explored here is quite acute, but the limited-edition Polestar 1 is exclusive enough for that to not be too much of a problem. Powerful plug-in hybrid
During his early drive in a prototype back in June, Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens described the Polestar 1’s powertrain as sort of like an Acura NSX’s hybrid system flipped backward, which — with the addition of a bigger battery pack and charging hardware — about perfectly describes it. Up front is a 2.0-liter twin-charged — that is, supercharged and turbocharged — inline four-cylinder engine that’s mated to a small integrated starter-generator (ISG) motor and an eight-speed automatic transmission.
At the front wheels alone, the powertrain produces 326 horsepower and 321 pound-feet of torque. But wait, there’s more. At the rear axle you’ll find a pair of 85-kilowatt electric motors — one for each wheel — bringing a combined 232 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque to the party.
At full chat, with all three powerplants singing in harmony, the Polestar 1 has a total system output of 619 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque, with close to a 50/50 torque split and weight distribution. However, Polestar has tuned the 1 to rely more heavily on its rear electric motors under most circumstances, giving the coupe a slight rear bias — at least, until the battery pack reaches a critical level (more on that in a minute) or the driver selects either the Hold or Charge driving modes, which rely on the front-end gas engine to maintain or add to the battery’s state of charge. I found Hold particularly useful for long stretches of boring highway cruising where the gasoline engine and a front-wheel drive bias are more efficient, allowing me to save my precious rear-wheel, electric power for fun, twisty roads or urban driving.
Polestar flexes the 1’s electric hardware by showcasing the bright orange high-voltage power cables through a plexiglass window in the trunk. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
Speaking of electric power, the 1 is packing a trio of the large batteries that Volvo uses in its conventional T8 PHEVs, here split between a center tunnel unit and two stacked units along the rear bulkhead for an overall capacity of 32-kilowatt-hours and overall electric range of 69.5 miles on the European WLTP cycle.
To charge that big ol’ reservoir, the Polestar 1 can take advantage of 50-kW DC fast charging, which gets to a roughly 80% charge in under an hour. On an 11-kW AC charger, a full charge takes about 3 to 4 hours. Of course, once the battery is drained, the hybrid system up front extends the range to 540 miles per tank of petrol, so you can actually do some proper grand touring in this two-plus-two GT coupe. Carbon fiber construction
Now, 3.5 motors (yeah, I count the front ISG for halfsies), plus all the batteries and electronics, adds a lot of weight.
To help mitigate mass, the Polestar 1 uses carbon fiber on almost all of its body, saving roughly 500 pounds versus steel construction. Even so, this is a hefty boi that tips the scales at 5,180 pounds. The 1’s biggest weapon in the fight against its large moment of inertia is the 738 lb-ft of torque that its powertrain can supply with the twitch of a toe.
However, there are a few more tools in its belt to help match its turning and stopping ability. An additional carbon fiber dragonfly brace added to the rear undercarriage further stiffens the 1 versus conventional cars and SUVs , helping the coupe’s torque-vectoring motors and adjustable Olins coilover suspension — which Polestar engineers lovingly refer to as Swedish Gold — to better do their thing. The coilovers use dual-valve passive damping with manual adjustment knobs located under the hood.
Clicking one way or the other allows owners to stiffen or soften the ride up to 20% from the already excellent stock tune. In a matching golden hue, Akibono six-pot aluminum front brakes and four-pot rears peek between the spokes of the 21-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero performance rubber. Production-ready polish
The Magnesium White Polestar 1 you see here is technically a preproduction model, but Polestar tells me this is the final production spec. Overall, the car has solid fit and finish both inside and out, with tighter panel gaps than the “verification prototype” EIC Stevens saw earlier this year.
The prototype’s divisive text graphics are smaller — now boasting the carbon chassis — but true production models will feature clean flanks. My test drive started in downtown San Francisco, where I was able to get a taste of the fully electric urban driving. Even with just the rear motors motivating it, the Polestar 1 felt nice and peppy pulling away from lights and climbing the city’s fairly steep grades.
The 1 slipped silently and confidently right up to highway speeds as I made my way out of town and into the hills.
The 1’s wheel-to-body proportions hint at its performance pedigree, while the bright gold brakes behind those 21s are anything but subtle. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
Dropping the 1 into its Power mode, which unlocks the full performance potential of both ends of its powertrain, I pointed the Polestar at one of my favorite Bay Area hill climbs and mashed the throttle. The result was an odd combination of amazing electric acceleration and exciting engine sound — the best of both worlds, really. Polestar seems to have worked out the transition between electric and hybrid power in the last few months because my example shifted modes and gears seamlessly.
Within a few corners, the 5,180 pound curb weight was a distant memory. The chassis felt smaller and nimbler than the specs led me to believe, with a direct, point-and-shoot feel to the steering that had me grinning and giggling through bend after bend. Conditions were dry allowing for more grip than Stevens’ previous, soaking-wet drive in Sweden, so I can’t say if the traction control has been refined much, but there’s plenty of grab at the tires’ wide contact patches and the Polestar 1 made excellent use it throughout the day, rotating nicely and predictably with the application of throttle. Beyond the battery
Polestar set up the day’s drive up to include a quick recharge at lunchtime, which I had to miss for filming purposes.
Not a huge deal, since the Polestar 1 is a plug-in hybrid able to roll on for hundreds of miles on gasoline power once the battery is drained. However, the 1 becomes much more conservative with its rear-wheel electric assist when its massive reservoir of electric potential is depleted, relying more on front-biased hybrid gasoline operation.
The approximately 70 miles of battery range should cover the average commute, a morning blast through the hills or even a short track or autocross session, while the gasoline engine makes sure you can keep on going if need be. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
With 321 twincharged lb-ft of torque on tap, it’s still a damn fast coupe with the ICE taking center stage, but relative to the 700-plus lb-ft of athleticism I had experienced just a few minutes prior, the reduction in performance is noticeable. Highway cruising feels perfectly fine under hybrid power — the Polestar still passes confidently with smooth gear changes — but the weight all of the electronic components begins to reassert itself up hills, off the line and around corners.
I can see why Polestar wanted to squeeze in that midday plug-in; the whole car just feels a tad more sluggish without that electric shove. Popping the hybrid system into its Charge mode uses the gasoline motor to actively juice the battery pack, restoring a few miles of electric range or full-tilt performance, but it’s not particularly efficient. You’re better off just finding somewhere to plug-in for a bit.
Still, I like the flexibility of the plug-in hybrid system, since you can carry on indefinitely after a quick gasoline fill-up. An expensive, exclusive proposition
There is, however, another huge “but” to consider when evaluating the Polestar 1: price. The 1 comes in at a haggle-free £155,000 before a £1,500 destination fee. There are, blessedly, almost no options to pump up that price tag.
Buyers only have to choose between six paint colors, two interior schemes, two exterior trim options and three wheel finishes. The only extra cost option is a £5,000 matte clearcoat, which you may as well get at this point. In for a penny…
The sticker shock is real, but I think the price is justified when you consider exactly what you’re getting. There’s over £10,000 worth of hardware beneath the wheel arches alone, between the Olins suspension, Akibono brakes, wheels and tires. The rest of the powertrain and platform are architecturally similar to the one in the Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered , but with three times the battery — the most expensive part of any electrified car — a second rear-axle electric motor and nearly 250 more lb-ft of torque on tap.
We’re already looking at about £100 grand based just on the running gear, and that’s before we even get to the a low-volume, hand-assembled, carbon-fiber chassis, which has got to be stupid expensive.
I wish Polestar showed off the 1’s carbon fiber construction better. As is, the graphics and door sill trim just don’t do enough to give this admittedly still very beautiful coupe enough exotic curb appeal. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
The hand-assembled nature of the Polestar 1 means the automaker can only build about 1.5 vehicles per day, limiting it to very low volume sales. There will only be 1,500 example built and sold globally, so the Polestar 1 owner’s club will be a fairly exclusive one.
However, I’m not sure that’s as much a draw for buyers as Polestar thinks it’ll be. The hardware and technology hidden beneath the Polestar 1’s sharp creases and dramatically retro proportions definitely justifies the high cost of entry. However, the question still remains whether this — a plug-in hybrid in an increasingly EV world — is the hardware that buyers actually want? Looking forward
It is a marvel of engineering and an impressive ride full of thrills and tech.
When I wasn’t grinning ear-to-ear as I thrashed the Polestar 1 around corner after corner, I was enjoying just nerding out over how it worked and the sheer attention to engineering details present almost everywhere I looked. However, for all but super-rich collectors or well-off automotive Suecophile, this ain’t it, chief. There is a niche for high performance hybrids — I certainly appreciate ’em — but I think the Polestar 1 not being a pure battery electric vehicle is a pretty big con for buyers in this £100,000 electric car space.
After all, these are folks who are probably cross-shopping the Porsche Taycan , Tesla Model S and eventually Audi’s E-Tron GT , among others. Polestar’s target market at this price range are likely looking for an electric car , not an electrified car. Carbon fiber or otherwise, hybrid cars are a half-step for these forward-looking folks and I don’t think they’re interested in a gasoline-powered ride.
The Polestar 1 is a tough sell, both EV buyers and traditional performance enthusiasts.
Sound familiar? We heard similar protests when Honda launched the new-generation NSX performance hybrid. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow
On the other side of the coin, traditional sports car buyers comparing the 1 to the plethora of traditional performance cars in this price range — your AMG GTs , Bentley Continentals and Audi R8s , almost none of which look like hotted-up S60s — are likely to be put off by the hybrid’s perceived complexity versus their tried, true and less-expensive V8s and V10s. It’s a shame, because the Polestar 1 is so damn good, but it’s sort of stuck between an eco rock and a performance hard place.
That said, I’m much more excited about the upcoming Polestar 2 , which will be less expensive, more accessible and perhaps a better choice for most people interested in the Polestar brand’s promise of electrified performance with Volvo DNA.
With its more unique Android-powered cockpit , commuter-friendly crossover/sedan form factor and full battery-electric powertrain, it should make a lot more sense for a broader range of buyers.
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51 Places to Visit in India Before You Turn 30

51 Places to Visit in India Before You Turn 30 51 Places to Visit in India Before You Turn 30 November 4, 2019
51 Places to Visit in India Before You Turn 30
There is a fun bucket list of the best places to visit in India before you turn thirty. They are not just destinations but also crazy experiences that will go down the book of your memory lane. From treading on Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji to a bike ride through Ladakh , trekking through the valley of flowers in Himalayas to surfing in Orissa, here are some insane experiences. 1. Chadar – The Frozen River Trek
How often does one boast about walking on a frozen river in a dreamlike destination? Stamped as one of the most thrilling experiences for an adventure aficionado, the Chadar trek route connects villages in the Zanskar valley deep in the mountains with Chilling and the frozen Zanskar River.
Bringing back the vigor of younger days, the once-in-a-lifetime experience will make you come across breathtaking sights. It also gives you the much-needed nudge to be physically fit before you even get there.
Know more about the “Land of High Passes”! 2. Camping in The Arid Desert of Rajasthan
Twenties is the time to step out of your comfort zone and do something exciting like staying in a desert in Jaisalmer . Challenge yourself by camping among the endless stretches of sand. As you camp in the rustic tents, on the horizon is nothing but the unbridled view of sand and sky. Night brings in its own allure as perched on the royal divan, you relish in Rajasthani cuisine under the twinkling starts and revel in the entertainment provided by the local people. How to reach: Jaisalmer is very well conected from Jaipur and you will find lots of flights to Jaipur for Rs.1000. 3. Trek to Dudhsagar Falls
Instead of taking the normal route to Dudhsagar Falls, how about trekking up to it? This trail brings along some exciting adventures. Depending upon your fitness levels you can walk on the railway tracks (where you have to be weary of the trains passing by and make sure you are not hit by one), cross the Mondovi River or tread through bountiful jungles. Visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls The entire journey is rewarded with the breath-taking sight of Dudhsagar Falls. As the name suggests you will get to witness the sea of milk gushing through the rocks. On days of no rain, you can also take a dip in the pool below, but at your own peril. How to reach: There are lot of flights to the Dabolim Airport in Panjim under Rs.1,500. From Panjim, you can hire a taxi to Dudhsagar falls. 4. Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh
With bursting of vitality and eagerness, twenties is the best time to indulge in adventure sports. Ride the mystical waters of Ganges with rafting in Rishikesh . It is the most famous place to play this sport. For, you get to raft upon fierce frothing water pouring through rocky terrains and green stretches. If you are looking for something thrilling, you can go for bungee jumping in Rishikesh . To experience the landscape of this mysterious place you can also go camping and undertake other adventure sports and visit some scenic places of Rishikesh How to reach: You can take a flight to Delhi, Rishikesh is just 242 km from Delhi. There are a lot of local buses and cabs to reach Rishikesh. 5. Manali to Leh on Bike
Take on a riveting but equally challenging bike expedition from Manali to Leh . The journey is a paradise for true blue bikers. Offering one of the best routes to ride in the world, this magnetic highway stretches over 475 kms and is a must experience before your thirties. As it is here you get away from the craziness of life and reflect within. Admire the beauty of nature as you get the serene views of snow-capped mountains, untamed roads, barren brown terrains, sparkling turquoise lake, cascading streams and breath-taking landscapes. Tours: Manali to Leh – Bike, Bicycle, Jeep Expedition Packages Checkout: Manali-Leh-Manali Jeep Safari 6. Visit Coorg, Scotland of India
It is said that man truly comes of his own when among pristine nature. For this, head to Coorg, known as the Scotland of India. It is at this cool hill station that you get the unbridled sight of green stretches and experience serenity. Topping the experience is the intoxicating aroma of the coffee plantations permeating the air. How to reach: Best way to reach Coorg is to take a flight to Bangalore which will cost you around Rs.2,000 and then take a taxi or public transport. 7. Trek to Markha Valley
View unsurpassed sights of the Himalayas with the ambitious trek to the enchanting Markha Valley. Since the altitude here is quite high, it takes some days to acclimatise to the climate and you need to be your fittest. Popularly called the ‘tea house trek’, it is here you tread through one of the highest peopled plateaus and get great views of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Along the way, get inspired by interacting with nomadic clans and experience serenity by touring a quaint monastery. Most Recommended Tour: Markha Valley Trekking Adventure 8. Go for a Scuba Diving Tour in Andaman There is a reason why Scuba Diving has become so popular among youngsters in Andaman . As you plunge into eleven to fifteen feet deep into the turquoise beach, you are transported to a hidden water kingdom. Swim along the diverse vibrant fishes and witness the breath-taking sponges and coral life that you never knew existed. Check out these amazing offers on hotels in Andaman and Nicoba r and let yourself relax in cozy and secure spaces. 9. Roopkund Trek, Himalayas
Become one with nature and experience serenity with the Roopkund trek, Himalayas. This trail provides an all-encompassing experience and visions of snow, ice, gushing streams, untouched forests, delightful stretches of meadows and scenic camping places. Need we say more? How to reach: There are just domestic flight in Uttarakhand. So you can take a flight to Dehradun which will cost you Rs.1,000 if booked in advance. From there you can take a cab or a local bus. 10. Wildlife Adventure Trip at Corbett
For a crazy, daring wildlife experience head to Corbett , Uttarakhand. It is a home to many endangered tigers. You can drive through the thick jungles by a jeep safaris. For the gustier, exclusive elephant safaris are available too. Tours: Best tours in Jim Corbett National Park 11. Trek to Kudremukh
Test your fitness levels by trekking to Kudremukh , Karnataka. The rewards of this hikes are many. Fitness apart, it is the sights that make you want to climb higher. With steep hills and valleys, depending upon where the sunlight falls, the landscape turns a different green. When you reach the top and are embraced by the fog spreading on the mountain peaks, you feel that you have reached heaven indeed.
Packages: Best tours of Kudremukh 12. Trek to Valley of Flowers Still hung over with fairy tales of childhood? Take a trek to the Valley of Flowers . It located in Himalayas of the Uttaranchal and is just that, vast stretches of vibrant flowers such as Brahmakamal, Blue Poppy and the Cobra Lily spread across the valley. Such is the divine beauty of this place that it seems to have popped straight out of a fairy tale story. And yes, this hike requires you have a great deal of stamina too. How to reach: Take a flight to Dehradun which will cost you Rs.1,000 if booked in advance. From there you can take a cab or a local bus. 13. Sandakphu Trek
Sandakphu Trek, the highest point of West Bengal. It is from here that you get the view and experience of the all-embracing nature. However, trek to the top is quite a tedious one and requires you to be in the pink of health. Best Tour: Trekking Adventure to Sandakphu 14. Paragliding in Solang
Best age to experience crazy adventure, head to Solang for Paragliding . Experience the bursting thrill as you breeze by and get the panoramic sight of green mountains, valleys, expansive sky and snow-capped ranges. paragliding here is a must do activity in Kullu valley . How to reach: The nearest airport to Solang Valley is the town of Kullu , you will get lots of cheap flights to Kullu if booked in advance. As Solang is very well connected with the Kullu you can easily take a bus or a cab. Explore more activities at kullu namely: Heart throbbing river rafting in Kullu! 15. Srinagar to Leh Bus/Truck Ride
Twenties is the age where you have the enthusiasm and patience for bus or truck ride. To get a feel of the rustic enrapturing sights that Srinagar and Leh offer , it kind of would heighten your experience if you took a rustic wagon like a bus or a truck. Trust us, you will have a whole different impression of this place altogether. 16. Quad Bike Expedition in Goa
There is a lot more to Goa than basking by the lazy shores. Take a ride on the adventurous side with a like-minded group. Through the Quad Bike expedition, explore the rugged terrains, wilderness of the forests and other landscape delights that this place has to offer. Tours: Best tours in Goa 17. Munnar, Periyar and Thekkady wildlife Trip As you have the energy go on endless destinations, how about touring three fascinating wildlife places? Nestled in ‘God’s own country’ of Kerala are three breath-taking places of Munnar, Periyar and Thekkady. A wildlife trip to these best places to visit in India is a must, for it is here that you are overwhelmed with the remarkable sceneries and fauna of the land.
Tours: Best tours in Munnar 18. Boat Trip to Andaman Andaman is a heaven for beach lovers with its silver sand and turquoise waters unlike any place else in India. For those who have the stomach for it (which is normally when you are younger), a boating trip to this place from Kolkata or Chennai is quite an experience in itself. For two or three days you will feel like a voyager on an expedition, riding the pristine waters. Tours: Best tours in Andaman 19. Sikkim Sightseeing Trip Find peace in the spectacular sights that nature and man can provide at a younger age. For Sikkim is a paradise of beauty . From intricate and aesthetic monasteries in Gangtok to the lush Chopta Valley, the mesmerizing Lachung to Himalayan Zoological Park, the delightful places to visit in Sikkim are innumerable. Tours: Sikkim Tour Packages at Thrillophilia. How to reach: You can take a flight to the Bagdogra Airport of West Bengal which will cost you around Rs.3,000. You can take a cab or a local bus from there to Sikkim For Best Places to visit in Gangtok, Click here 20. Visit Cherrapunji, Tread on Living Root Bridges
What seems like a vision belonging to the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’, the Living Root Bridges at Cherrapunji is simply surreal. And yes, this bridge is actually made out of live living roots branching out from gigantic trees. As you cross over, you are overwhelmed with the sight of thick winding roots, beautiful gathering of rocks and clear water below, all amidst a mushroom of overarching and towering trees. Appreciate the marvels of nature before you turn thirty. 21. Drive Through Forest of Bandipur
Take a drive through wilderness, through the heart of the jungle of the dense Bandipur forest . Open only during specific hours of the day, this would be an unforgettable experience in your twenties. As, while go along narrow, winding roads, you might just spot elephants, monkeys and deer and if lucky, a wild cat on the way. Also, get spooked by the plenty snake holes around. Safari: Bandipur Wildlife Safari In Chamarajanagar 22. Experience Sunburn in Goa
Twenties is the time when you can let loose and party endlessly for days and nights. Go where the finest musicians and DJs converge to one of the hippest places in India. Experience the crazy Sunburn festival in Goa that is heralded as the biggest electronic dance music festival in Asia. Under the open skies, and amidst scenic surroundings of Candolim Beach, grove endlessly to heart-thumping music along with thousands of youths across the globe. How to reach: There are lot of flights to the Dabolim Airport in Panjim under Rs.1,500. Checkout : Best Things to do in Goa 23. Witness an Airshow
Loved the insane air stunts in the movie Top Gun? Witness something very similar at the Aero Show that takes place in Yelahanka, near Bangalore that has close to twenty seven countries participating. Cheer among the huge crowds as the as the exclusive range and aircrafts take-off, plummet, summersault and do a whole lot of awesome areal tricks. 24. Experience Konkan Railways
What is so great about the Konkan Railways? It is the enrapturing sights that you get to see along the way. Through this journey you get to see the grand mountains of the Western Ghats, the several waterfalls that trickle through, limpid rivers and green stretches. Also, relive childhood and screech as you pass through the innumerable pitch black tunnels. Something that is better done before your thirties. age source. 25. Experience Rann of Kutch and Gir Forest A seasonal salt marsh amidst the famous Thar Desert, when at Rann of Kutch, Gujarat you feel that you are in the middle of no man’s land. For around you is nothing but the arid terrain of the desert providing a one of a kind experience. Checkout : 4 Days Tour To Rann Of Kutch Do visit during the kite festival where the skies come alive with vibrant and oversized kites. The biking tours to this place are quite popular too. Once in Gujarat, do not miss the Gir Forest either which is the house to fierce lions and diverse flora and fauna. How to reach: You can take a flight to Ahmedabad which will cost you around Rs.1,500. You can take a cab or a local bus from there. 26. Cycling in Nilgiris
Embark upon the rather adventurous cycling tour of Nilgiris, one of the longest and largest tour. Not an easy expedition, you have to be bursting with energy and need months to build your stamina for this. Hence, it is best undertaken before your thirties. Push the boundaries of your fitness levels and cycle along fellow enthusiasts for around eight days in the month of December. The ride too is quite a pleasant one with pristine land of thick verdant stretches. Where to Stay: Homestay In Nilgiris With Bonfire 27. Visit a Haunted place
You really think that you cannot get spooked? Instead of watching a scary movie, how about living the horror by going to a haunted place ? Bhangarh Fort is known as one of the scariest places to visit in India. According to folklore, an entire town of people seemed to have been obliterated in a day. Supernatural activities are said to occur at night and no one is allowed here post sunset. The closer you get here, you are overcome with a queasy feeling. It is also said that those who have ventured post sunset have never been found. How to reach: Bhangarh is 85kms from Jaipur. Take a flight to Jaipur which can be as low as Rs. 1,000. From Jaipur take a cab to the India’s most haunted place. How to reach: take a flight from delhi to jaipur 28. Backpack Across Northeast Yes, we have all thought about backpacking across Europe sometime or the other, but how about exploring the exotic destinations that our own country provides? Budget-friendly apart, backpacking is the best way to experience the mesmerising sights of the Seven Sisters States of the Northeast . For once you step in here, you are in a place unlike any other with nature retained from acres of green fields to haunting caves, the largest river island to bridges made of roots, cascading waterfalls to a lot more. Just make sure that you pack along oodles of energy too, as this can get gruelling. Hence, before you turn 30 is the best time to do it on your next tour to Northeast India . 29. Eat at Chokhi Dhani and Take an Elephant Safari in Jaipur
Jaipur is a mystical land appeases youngsters as well. On one hand, you can sink your teeth deep into the delectable local cuisines at Chokhi Dhani. While you are there, you can also learn to appreciate and immerse yourself with the vibrant culture that abounds. Another must do is the elephant safari. Perched high on an elephant you feel like a king overlooking the majestic landscapes of Jaipur. Places to see : Sightseeing attraction places How to reach: Jaipur is very well connected with all the metro cities and flight will cost you Rs.1000 if booked in advance. 30. Kolkata Trip
Called as the cultural capital of India, and often written about in novels, Kolkata is a place that is best experienced in your twenties as there are so many things to do here. Shop at the quaint and bustling narrow bazaars, tour the iconic Victoria Memorial Hall, pray at the Dakshineswar Kali Temple, stroll along the famous Park Street, relish in the local street food…the list is endless. 31. Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur
Get a celestial-like feel before your thirties. Flanked by greenery, are the spectacular sights of Dhuandhar Falls in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur. The mysticism of this place mainly lies in the cascading frothing white waterfalls that appear to emanate a mist of smoke, giving it an ethereal quality. 32. Vaishno Devi Temple Experience a spiritual journey with Vaishno Devi Temple nestled in the Trikuta Mountains, Jammu and Kashmir. Perched on a height of 5300 feet, it is one of the most revered religious places to visit in India . The path to get here is a challenge and will test your fitness along the way. However, the sights offered on the path and when you reach there are simply remarkable. How to reach: Take a flight to Srinagar which will cost you as low as Rs.1,700 and from there you can hire a taxi. 33. Wagah Border
Get a feel of patriotism and nationality at a younger age. Head to Wagah Border which is on the only crossing road border of Punjab and Pakistan. Celebrate along with thousands the extravagant ceremony that occurs here every day before the sun sets. 34. Holi at Vrindavan
Vrindavan, the land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, is the place to be during Holi. For, it is here that the festival is celebrated with much gusto and revelry. Thousands around the world and country flock to this place to get embraced by the burst of colours. The entire town is painted in myriad hues this day. Entrainment troupes perform Holi songs as well. As this place can get chaotic and crowded, it is best to experience this when you have the energy and enthusiasm. 35. Orissa Konark Temple & Surfing Lessons
Witness the magnificence of Indian architecture at the Orissa Konark Temple. This iconic and revered shrine makes a pretty picture with ancient and intricate stone carvings. While at Orissa learn to ride the wonder waves by taking surfing lessons. The earlier you learn this sport the better. It is something that will come handy during later years across the world too! How to reach: There are a lot of flights to Bhubaneswar which will cost you around Rs,3,300. 36. Go to Gokarna and Do Nothing
Twenties is the time where you can get away by doing nothing. Head to Gokarna, a more toned down version of Goa. It is here that you get to reel in the hippy vibe sans the commercialisation and onslaught of people. Relax by the lazy beaches, absorb the scenery of rocky terrains and pristine waters and enjoy by doing just about nothing. A holiday well spent indeed! Flights: The nearest airport to Gokarna is Dabolim Airport in Panjim and flight will cost you less than Rs.2000. 37. Jodhpur to Jaisalmer on Truck/Tractor trip
Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are the lands of opulent palaces, colourful culture and forts that retain the magnificence of the kings. They are also places that have retained the rusticity of nature. Leave the regular mode of transport for the elders. For an off-beat experience, explore on a truck or tractor trip. What to do in Jodhpur: Things to do in Jodhpur 38. Experience Local Trains, Mumbai
The life line of the bustling Mumbai city are the local trains that are constantly brimming with people. If you think that you have it in you to nudge your way across a sea of people then, this is a must experience at least once in your twenties. Sightseeing: What to see in Mumbai 39. Visit Temples and Boulders at Hampi
Experience a slice of history before your thirties by visiting the ancient temples in Hampi. Get marvelled by the architecture and intricate stone carvings that tell a thousand stories. Also, here are natural wonders such as the boulders. These gigantic stones seem to defy gravity and are spread across the land ornately. Where to stay: Night Stay At Hampi Heritage And Wilderness Resort 40. Sunderbans Boat Ride
Experience the untamed nature of Sunderbans with a boat ride. Given the accolade of the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world, this place offers one of a kind views. Through the boat cruise you can witness the fisherman’s cove, a three hundred year old temple, crocodile’s den, deer rehabilitation centre and a lot more. How to reach: There are no direct flights to Sunderbans, so catch a flight to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata. From there you can take a cab or public transport. 41. Visit Varanasi to Experience Chaos
Experience chaos in your twenties to appreciate the quiet in later years. Head to Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world. While the antique edifices and spiritual aura of the place lends a mystical charm, the sheer number of people thronging through the really narrow roads add to the chaos.
What to do: Must do Activities in Varanasi 42. Yak Safari in Ladakh
Okay, so you may have gotten used to the idea of a horse or elephant safari. For an offbeat experience how about something as unique as a yak safari in Ladakh ? The largest animal of this icy desert, these woolly creatures offer a comfortable ride. Explore green meadows, gushing brooks and glacial valleys on this safari. 43. Bombay to Goa road Trips
We are not eluding to the cheesy movie renditions a gang of friends taking a Bombay to Goa road trip. But the truth of the matter is, this is a fun experience to have with your mob of friends who are so important at this age. The scenic views and bonding with your crazy friends along the drive will help you make that transition from the bustling Bombay to the laid back Goa. 44. Finish at Least 5 day Treks Around Your City
Twenties is the time to explore, discover and test your fitness level. Be it Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi, they all offer alluring trekking trails . Avail of this and finish at least five day treks around the city. By the end of it you would have explored more, discovered new best places to visit in India, raised your fitness levels and also lost some weight too! 45. Chandni Chowk Street Food Tour
Benefit from your voracious appetite and metabolism during your teens and twenties. Indulge your taste buds with the delectable street food of Chadani Chok. It offers spicy chaats, mouth-watering kachoris, sweet jalebis, addictive confectionaries and rich North Indian food. Spend the whole day sinking your teeth in the aromatic flavours of this place. Other Places to Explore: Checkout list of other places to visit in Delhi 46. Dasara in Mysore
It would help if you understand the significance of festivals and learn to enjoy them at a younger age. The ideal place to celebrate the grandeur of Dasara is the majestic Mysore. For at this time, the city is beautifully lit up and the entire city partakes in the merry making. A must see is the elaborately adorned elephants on a royal walk. How to reach: Best way to reach Mysore is to take a flight to Bangalore which will cost you around Rs.3,000 and then drive to Mysore. Where to Stay: Best Places to Stay in Mysore 47. Skiing Coaching in Auli
Learning to ski in your younger days comes along with a lot of advantages. Auli is a sought after skiing destination in the snow crusted Himalayan Mountains of Uttaranchal. Providing an all-encompassing view of Mana Parwat, Beethartoli, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and Nar Parbat and covered with conifers and oak forest, it is here that you get to ski on a blanket of inviting snow. What to See: Best Places to visit in Auli 48. Travel in a Toy Train
Revisit childhood by hopping on a narrow gauged toy train. Cheer away as these colourful boogies make their way through winding trails, colourful landscapes, verdant hillocks and emerald stretches. Darjeeling, Matheran, Ooty and Shimla are some of the place that you can experience this. 49. Spiti Valley Trip
Another place that you have to go to appreciate the marvels of nature is the super scenic Spiti Valley, perched high on the ethereal Himalayan Mountains. Since the high altitude here the trip is not suitable for all. Get enamoured by the unique landscapes, quaint and vibrant monasteries along with unique wildlife of snow leopard, wolf, ibex and blue sheep.

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I just sort of…accidentally…the two seasons based on your outline.
Season 5
X-Rated Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (Spoofing Billy Joel’s song, they keep meaning to just have dinner and always end up covered in marinara and flour. Song ends with Rebecca leaving Serranos, white flour hand prints on her ass)
Movin On In – Rebecca and Greg move into a small apartment over Serranos. (70s sitcom theme music)
Inspiration – inspired by poltical intrigue and hijinks at high profile event thrown by Valencia for the owner of the Home Base Franchise, Rebecca finds her two muses in Heather and Valencia. 90’s fem Euro rock influences here.
Comfort Weight – Rebecca and Greg stay in, eat a lot, gain 20 pounds like you do.
Lately- A pregnancy scare causes strife betwee. Greg and Rebecca, thowing into sharp contrast their life goals. Greg wouldn’t mind having kids, Rebecca feels like there’s more she wants to do before that. Influenced by the Last 5 Years/ Modern broadway
License to Steal – Rebecca discovers someone has been attending her rehearsals and has mounted a knock off show before her curtain ever opens. Paula and Darryl fight over the case. Inspired by action movie music
Opening Night – Rebecca is devastated when staffing issues keep Greg from the premier. He tries to argue back saying he knows every line and every song in the show, but meanwhile she can’t even make a pizza. She sings this lonely, down on her luck lament a la On My Own from Les Mis. She gets flowers and assumes they are from Greg until she gets home and sees he’s gotten her a balloon.
Once In A Lifetime – Rebecca gets the offer of a life time to move her musical to LA. This song is a hard rock song sung by a producer. Later, Rebecca does an unplugged version which expresses all the things she’d have to give up.
Settle With Me – Greg surprises Rebecca with a house, including a music room for her, and an empty room for “Someday.”
Denying Gravity – Rebecca knows what she has to do.
West Covina – Rebecca says goodbye to West Covina.
Season 6 –
Casting Couch – Rebecca has a fling with Colin, who she casts in the LA Production of her musical. Porn Music inspired.
Another Opening – LA this time, and Rebecca is surprised to see Nathaniel, who has a bouquet of flowers of the same type as the Mystery flowers from last season (and by season i mean fall.) He admits to being there but overheard her calling greg to thank him for the flowers and didn’t want to mess up her relationship.
Wanton Wontons – Nathaniel takes Rebecca out to dinner (anything but Italian) and they try not to make a big deal out of it. Their Fortune cookies have other plans. (Yes, the fortune cookies sing)
In the Jungle – Nathaniel fills Rebecca in on what he’s been up to at the Monkey Preserve rhe last few years. He does this wearing a tarzan outfit for reasons. This is a phil collins style song, a la the Tarzan movie.
Suits – The owner of Home Base sues Rebecca for their portrayal in her musical. Paula defends her, proving it is a true work of fiction and any likenessea are coincidental. In spite of the legal victory, her musical loses it’s primary sponsor.
Plimpton Presents – Nathaniel rides in to the rescue, becoming the musical’s producer. When Colin loses his voice, he also becomes the leading man. Song done a la the Producers.
Josh gets Married – Rebecca goes back to West Covina for Josh’s wedding and brings Nathaniel as her guest – just friends. Greg sees this and gets drunk. Series wrap on Josh, his wife has a job offer in Hawaii.
For Worse – Greg tells Rebecca he’a leaving West Covina, selling the restaurant, and taking a job at Emory teaching Entrepreneurship . She’s his trigger and he can’t be around her. No hard feelings, but stay out of Atlanta, Bunch. Sad, moody song like “i know i’m not the only one” series wrap on Greg.
Stuck in a Car – Nathaniel and Rebecca get stuck on the freeway and go through all the reasons why getting back together wouldn’t work,but Nathaniel wins her over with some John Legend style reasons they should. They pull off the freeway and have sex in an office depot parking lot.
Obligatory On Location Episode – Nathaniel takes Rebecca to see the wildlife preserve. Moved by its beauty and the romance of the trip, they get married.
Our Real Fake Wedding – devestated that they were not there to celebrate, the ensemble concoct excuses to get Nathaniel and Rebecca to have their legal US Ceremony at the Mountaintop Offices. Pretzels are served .